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When I was a kid, newspapers, magazines, television and radio were our lighthouses, and the library was our star.At that time, our memory was better than physical strength. There was no cloud storage, only brain circuits.

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In a blink of an eye, it has been 38 weeks+1 day. In the words of the little girl, there are more than a week, and netizens have to meet. If you think about it, you still feel that it is not so real.

I have never mentioned pregnancy in the circle of friends and public. Only when family members and a few friends and classmates know that the company’s colleagues are also in seven or eight months.Good news shared.

On the one hand, I do n’t want everyone to feel that I am pregnant. On the other hand, I also want to welcome the baby’s arrival step by step, so Mr. Zhou and I hope to be a little low -key.

Time is really fast. 9 and a half months pass by, and every day is full of work, I feel that I have not fully prepared to welcome a new life to our world.

Therefore, today I want to use an article to review the days of pregnancy. As a sense of ritual, wait for the baby to be born, let the baby see how much the family welcomes her.Although Ma Ma is not very competent, he is welcome to welcome you in your own way.

In August last year, I just learned that the day I was pregnant, I was really blind. One was not within the scope of the plan. The other was that although I had always wanted to have a lot of babies, I did not expect that TA was so sudden.

I called Mr. Zhou as soon as possible, and his excitement on the other side of the phone I could feel it across the phone.I drove to pick him up. As soon as he got on the car, he kept looking at me. He kept laughing and laughed. He didn’t talk about his mouth, and didn’t speak. I said "what to do". He happily said, "I want to be a father."

I didn’t make a decision in my heart that day.We ate outside, and I was a little half a half push, but he didn’t hesitate to the whole process, and told me firmly, "Everything is the best arrangement."

After dinner, he said that he would take me to watch a movie. At that time, "Hurry to take my brother away" was released. He said, "Just watch this".A huge slide, and a big ocean ball pool, both of us were stunned, this is also a coincidence.

Except for the two of us, there are only two people, which are basically the same as the charter.At the end of the movie, we were going out of the screening hall. Mr. Zhou took out his mobile phone and said, "I want to make a video."As soon as I finished shooting, Mr. Zhou cried.I haven’t noticed that I am going to leave, but I turned around and looked at it. Mr. Zhou was crying.

I have never seen him crying.When I saw Mr. Zhou, who was crying into a tearful man, I really didn’t control tears.I said, "Why are you crying? I can’t cry." Mr. Zhou cried and said, "I’m going to be a father."

In intentional or unintentionally, Mr. Zhou and I often talk about what the baby is called. It is still a bit early when he is famous. Just think about the name first. I thought about several names before and after.I was not very satisfied. One day, I suddenly popped up in my head, and told Mr. Zhou, or it was called "Queen".

Later, the Oscar was awarded immediately. According to Mr. Zhou’s practice, he had to brush the Oscar nomination film in advance.So we watched "Bohemian Rhapsody", telling the story of the queen band.When the classic song "We Are the Champions" and "We Will Rock You" sounded, Mr. Zhou and I were extremely moved.The most important thing is that the whole film is talking about a theme, "We Are Family". When the lead singer experiences glory, but when he lost himself, the other members of the band stood behind him firmly and told him "We AreFamily.At any time, we are a family. As long as there are family members, there is no difficulty that cannot be defeated.Behind you, your family will always support you.

After that day, we strengthened the nickname to give the baby. I hope that one day, when she asked us why we called her "Queen", we will tell her because "we are family", my mother and dad will always be youThe strongest backing, you are never alone.

Throughout pregnancy, the baby was very distressed by my mother. I did not have any reaction during pregnancy from beginning to end, and there was no pregnancy response in the early pregnancy.Coupled with five months, the father -in -law moved from Xi’an to Beijing and took care of me. The father -in -law drove the delivery every day. The mother -in -law cleaned the house every day to cook. When I was 8 months, my mother also came to Beijing.Taking care of it, I didn’t worry about it at all.

Every day, Mr. Zhou is responsible for feeding me on time to feed me Runkang. During the third trimester of pregnancy, I responsible for doing fetal heart monitoring every day; the inspection of the birth check is also responsible for the time for appointment, and takes me to check the check -in.Read all kinds of points, and then convey it to your in -laws. You ca n’t eat this. You have to control your diet. Next time you have to check it on an empty stomach, etc., in Mr. Zhou ’s words,“ My wife is responsible for living ”.

Regardless of whether it is a confinement center or a series of things that I need to use for all kinds of baby supplies, and after buying a baby, I have not worked. I am a bother, and the list is listed.

I have to say that my mother is really incompetent on the coming of the baby.Therefore, Queen must remember how willing grandpa and grandma to pay for you. The whole family is greeting your arrival. In the future, you must be good for grandparents and grandma.

I have been thinking about what kind of gifts can I prepare to give it to my baby who is about to be born.If you think about it, you still feel that being a role model for your baby. Perhaps this is the best gift for my Queen.

So at the end of last year, I reported "get a university". The three -month course was exactly before and after due to due date. Therefore, when I register, the reason for my registration isThe birth gift for the little princess made her learn to learn with Ma Ma, and she also wanted her to enjoy learning throughout her life.

It is also from the end of last year. I want to bring my baby to sort out some thoughts every day to let Queen see that although Ma Ma has grown up, it is still working hard.So starting on December 31st last year, I tried to take out two hours a night to insist on writing and update the public account. Today, I have updated 116 articles without interruption.A few days ago, I was still discussing with Mr. Zhou. On the day I unloaded the goods, what should I do? Mr. Zhou said, "I can only come to my writing."

It is precisely because of the support of the family that the baby’s distress can make pregnant mothers focus more on work and study.Working normally every day, work, and throughout pregnancy, the company is also steadily moving.All of this, Ma Ma just wants the baby to see that Ma Ma can’t do it on your body, and Ma Ma can never be with you all the time, making a full -time Ma Ma, but Ma Ma only has one ideaThat is, Ma Ma wants to be your role model. At any time, when you need Ma Ma, Ma Ma can always stand beside you and help you solve your problems, block the wind and rain for you.

Throughout pregnancy, there are still many stories to share, but unfortunately, there is no daily diary for pregnancy.Even if you remember the flowing account, how worthy of missing.Therefore, it is also reminded to prepare for pregnancy. Be sure to make a diary every day. When you look back at your baby, it is more meaningful.

In order to make up for regrets, I want to remember the days when the baby has not been born, remember the days of pregnancy, depending on those times into the text, and wait until the baby grows up and recall it together.

Pulling out for two hours a day, you can only write less than 3,000 words. This is the first one ~

Author: Founder of Shenhe Guoshi Wushuang Film and Television Workshop & CEO;

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