Welcome to the Asian Games healthy 丨 exercise red and black list at all stages of pregnancy, the mothers who will "move" will give birth to baby and recover quickly!

My mother -in -law said: I move less when I am pregnant, move the fetal gas, affect the baby!

The doctor said: The weight growth is too fast. If you don’t move, do you want to give birth?


Is it confused?

Doctors of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital remind: There are many benefits for rational exercise during pregnancy

Do not think that women should move less or even when they are pregnant.

It is said that life lies in exercise. Exercise can: drive away the anxiety and worry of the pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers are glowing, confident and "pregnancy"; control weight, avoid excessive weight growth, stretch marks will not quickly climb their stomachs quickly; Improving the activity volume of the pregnant mother and the toughness of the body. The baby is too "powerful" to help.

Studies have shown that scientific and reasonable pregnancy exercises will not lead to abortion and premature birth. Instead, they can avoid the occurrence of huge children. It will reduce the risk of diseases such as hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes and other diseases, and shorten the benefits of shortening production and increased natural delivery rates.

Early pregnancy

Red list: mild, slow -paced movement, such as walking and local muscle stretching movements.

Black List: It is easy to cause the exercise of rising physical temperature in pregnant women, such as high temperature yoga, Prateti and so on.Mid -pregnancy

Red list: The strength of the exercise is appropriately increased, the combination of aerobic exercise and resistance movement, and some movement of enhanced flexibility.You can choose to swim, aerobic dance, dumbbells, yoga, etc.

Black list: excessive movement (such as playing), impact on the abdomen (such as sit -ups), easy to fall (such as one -foot support) exercise and movement.Late pregnancy

Red List: Appropriately reduce the amount of exercise, suitable for some arms, legs, and pelvic floor muscle stretching movements, such as health exercises, slow dance, etc.

Black list: supine position exercise, long -standing movement.

Frequency: If you cannot exercise every day, you can maintain the frequency of 3-5 times a week, 20-30 minutes each time.

Power: Pregnant mothers can talk to people during exercise, and it is advisable to feel hard when talking.If you feel tired or uncomfortable, stop the current exercise, make appropriate rest and adjustment, you can replace the exercise method if necessary.Those who have no habits before pregnancy can start with simple exercise. The frequency will gradually extend the exercise duration from 15 minutes per week.

During the pregnancy of exercise during pregnancy, through strengthening core stability and promoting the flexibility of the body’s joints, it can achieve the effects of fitness, relaxation, posture regulation, promoting fetal growth and development, and helping to give birth.Effective.


1. Exercise the muscle strength of the bureau, strengthen the self -perception of the body, and effectively improve the vaginal delivery rate;

2. Combined with breathing and core exercises, reduce the bottom damage of the basin during childbirth, and lay the foundation for the rehabilitation of the postpartum bottom muscle rehabilitation;

3. Combination of dynamic and static exercises, relax neurotomy, relieve some pain during pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers can also maintain a good posture and mood, and accelerate postpartum recovery.

For people:

The training of exercise during pregnancy is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Exercise training during pregnancy require professional guidance, and conduct individualized action design according to individual physical conditions, affiliated pregnancy weeks, etc.

During the training, we pay more attention to the experience of pregnant women in the process of muscle stretching. Only by achieving a certain effect training can we truly make the body’s memory memory. It is not as simple as Pose.

Good lesson sharing

Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is a mature institution to conduct a training course during pregnancy. It has a comfortable sports venue, a professional coaching team and a relaxed class atmosphere.Outpatient clinic on the 6th floor of the Pregnant Women’s School, there are experience classes to exercise together every Wednesday ~

If you want more accurate guidance and help, you can also make an appointment with "private teachings" to guide.This refers not to the gym coach, but a professional helper with rich experience in sports coaches to make the midwifers who know how to have a baby to help you, help you with one arm, and make future delivery more controlled and powerful.

How to make an appointment

▲ Hangzhou Women’s Hospital Internet Hospital Exercise "Private Teaching"

There are always some pregnant mothers to remind doctors to control the exercise. If there is the following situations, our exercise method may be restricted:

1. Pregnant women with basic diseases, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, thyroid disease, hypertension during pregnancy, type I diabetes that cannot be ideal controlled;

2. Pregnant women with poor physical condition, such as severe anemia and thin body (bmi <12), etc.;

3. Pregnant women with abnormal conditions during pregnancy, such as incomplete cervical function, multi -fetal pregnancy (three tires and above), vaginal bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy, premature placenta, premature fetal membrane, premature birth history, limited fetal growth, etc.

Restricting exercise does not mean that it cannot be moved. Special methods of special crowds can be referred to doctors’ suggestions.

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