Wei Qing: The atypical foreign relative from slave to the general

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Author: Chen Hua

He did his sufferings from the snacks. He did not have a bad degeneration when there was no dad.After he finished eating the hardships he should eat in advance, his life opened.With his sister’s accident, he became an atypical foreign relative from a slave to a general.Relying on the proud record of the Huns of the Seven Battle, he threw out Li Guang and others from the aristocratic origin.Under the combination of him and his nephew, the Huns who have troubled the Han Dynasty for decades can escape more and far away, and since then, Moan has no king court.He was a husband and wife with the former female lead, and Emperor Hanwu, who was a rabbit, was Lang.He is the outstanding national hero, General Sima, and Changping Hou Weiqing.

Looking at "China in the classics", the author has completed his father’s ambition for Sima Qian’s shame and humiliation, and was moved by the "Historical Records of the Historian’s Singing, No Charm" by Lu Xun’s "historical".Sima Qian lived in the myth because of "Historical Records" and became an idol for the historians of later generations.The earliest historical book I bought by the author is "Historical Records". The wonderful chapters are also familiar with it. I always feel that history should be the case. As a result, when I see some articles with their views later, I always have to exhaust my mind.acceptable.I believe that in this regard, there should be a small number of fellows with me. This is the charm of "Historical Records" and the charm of Tai Shigong.

However, the least understanding of the author is that Sima Qian seemed to have lost fairness to the empire’s view of the empire.Although he wrote "The Biography of the General Guard" in "Historical Records", he also recorded Wei Qing’s pushing merit and Huo Huo’s illness "the Xiongnu is not extinguished, how can you do the family" and the family feelings, but he did not forget to sayWei Qing "was charming by He Rou, but there was no name in the world." At the same time, Huo Qubing only cared for himself, and ignored the lives of the soldiers.In this case, the Han army was hungry to win the battle, and the Huns were too vegetable. It was better to wash and sleep early, so as not to let the Han army fight the grass valley.

The author believes that Sima Qian wrote like this: First, because of the class contempt, Wei Huo’s background is not good, they are all slaves and illegitimate children, so that Sima Qian is looking down on a famous serious scholar.Li Guang is very optimistic, even if he always defeats the battle; the second is that because the anti -war complex is sullen, the Chinese literati always ideals are too serious. They think that they will be served with morality, and others will come back thousands of miles.As soon as others fought, they said that they were poor soldiers; the third was because foreign relatives despised and worked, and Wei Huo all made the traditional scholars very scornful because of the light of foreign relatives.

We cannot barely have a modern and equal idea of Tai Shigong for more than two thousand years, so there is no need to be true for him to avoid current customs.As long as we know that in the era when the laws of the jungle are all over, we cannot defeat the attacking generals, even if we have noble origin.Only the three armies will be brought, and the generals must win.As for how he became a general, is it so important?

Below, the author comes to say the glorious history of General Sima Da Da, Changping Hou Weiqing from slave to general.

Strong teenager who grows in suffering

Wei Qing’s character Zhongqing, the year of life is unknown.If he calculates from his biological father, he is from Pingyang County, Hedong County (in the southwest of Linfen, Shanxi).Wei Qing’s childhood was unbearable. Perhaps it was the tragic childhood that he had sharpened him into the most sharp sword of the Han Empire.

Wei Qing’s mother is called Wei Yan."媪" was a common name for older women in that era, that is, the word "媪" is not her real name, but only the meaning of "old Mrs. Wei".Wei Yan is the maid of the elder sister of the Emperor Hanwu (Pingyang Hou Cao Shou), and a man with a surname Wei (most likely also the slave of Princess Pingyang) has a man and three daughters, the eldest son Wei Changjun, the eldest daughterWei Junxun, the second female Wei young children, and the three daughter Wei Zifu (from which it can be seen that Wei Yan’s surname is actually followed by husband).After the death of her husband, Wei Yan wanted to raise four children. Life was difficult, so Zheng Ji, the official of Pingyang County, who was in the middle of Houfu, Pingyang (then called Bo Zhongshu Ji, basically called it according to the ranking, that is, Zheng Lao San).Tong, the spring breeze was pregnant for a time, and the next male baby gave birth in October, the general of the famous Biaoqing history Wei Qing.It can be seen that if the genetic perspective, Wei Qing should be called Zheng Qing.

The Wei Yan’s house, who was very hard for the four babies, had another mouthful of eating. It was really impossible to raise, so he could only send Xiao Zhengqing back to Zheng Ji’s house.I do n’t know that Zheng Lao San is a master who does n’t know about gold inlaid. He has no pity for this unexpected son, but just let him help the house to put sheep at home.Zheng Ji’s other son never looked at this father’s illegitimate son, and always shouted like a slave.Zheng Qing spent the years in the family of Zheng Ji’s father, but also sharpened his arduous personality and good physical fitness, which laid a foreshadowing for his later thrives.After Wei Qing was developed, he did not recognize his father like Huo Qubing, but there was no difficulty for his father and brother.Zheng Ji has been the country of Zhao Guo, and the eldest son Zheng Qiguan went to Henan Taishou.Their father and son actually became the fifth ancestors and sixth ancestors of Zheng’s Zheng family, the famous Puyang Zheng.

Because of the warmth in the biological father’s house, Zheng Qing remembered the embrace of the mother and the elder brother of the Wei family.So he resolutely left his biological father and returned to his mother when he was in his teens.The mother was very happy with the return of the son, and the elder brother Wei also regarded him as a loved one.As a result, Zheng Qing simply obtained Wei Yan’s consent to change his name to Wei Qing and become the brother of Wei Zifu.Then, the classmate Wei Qing became a slave of Princess Pingyang’s house happily.

Others are safe when they are riding slaves, but Wei Qing is a rider but uses all their minds to improve their equestrian.When he put sheep in his biological father’s house, he had exposed to some people who escaped the war and fled to Pingyang. He heard that they talked about how brutal the Huns, how to loot, and how to kill people without blinking.It’s too weak to teach the Huns.Therefore, he secretly vowed that when he grew up in the future, he must practice riding and have the opportunity to kill the Huns.The Xiongnu did not expect that a doomed to the Xiongnu Star in the future has shifted his grievances on the father and son of Zheng family from a certain moment.Whoever let the Huns kill the evil too heavy, God is going to send someone to collect them.

Although the days of riding Yingyu are low, they can be with their family, and Wei Qing has a very solidity and happiness.During this period, he had the best relationship with the third sister Wei Zifu, and he was more kissed than his elder sister with his father.And this became the first arm assistance he later stood out.

Lucky noble genius general

In the spring of 139 BC, Emperor Hanwu drove to Princess Pingyang’s home.Princess Pingyang is actually a very thoughtful woman. She is very envious of the intimate relationship between her father Han Jingdi Liu Qi and her sister’s princess Tao Chang.The princess of Museum Tao, as his name, continued to find himself for himself after his husband died, and accidentally made a "master".Princess Mangao not only was happy by herself, she also sent a beautiful woman to the emperor’s younger brother, which was the biggest reason she hated Li Ji who liked jealousy.In order to hold the emperor’s brother, Princess Pingyang also trained a group of beautiful kabuki in their own houses, and was always waiting for the brothers’ driving.The young and beautiful Wei Zifu is the best in Kabuki.

Emperor Hanwu Liu Che and Princess Mang Tao’s daughter Chen Ajiao had been married for many years. Without a son -in -law, this Miss Gui was very temperament. Liu Che was very upset, so she happily agreed to her sister’s invitation and went to Houfu, Pingyang.

Emperor Hanwu dreamed that he had never thought of the palace, but he actually picked it up. Not only did he hold the beauty, he also recruited the future imperial celebrity.

After Emperor Hanwu was fortunate to be Wei Zifu, he brought her back to the palace.Then, there was no more than any time, because Emperor Hanwu forgot to forget the Wei Zifu as soon as he was busy.Until 138 BC a year later, Emperor Hanwu saw Wei Zifu again. The dreams of the two sides revisited it.Embarrassed.This made Emperor Hanwu overjoyed. From then on, he took care of Wei Zifu, and he deliberately arranged Wei Zifu’s younger brother Wei Qing to go to Jianzhang Palace as Langguan.

You know, most of the Langguan in the Han Dynasty were the children of the nobles, and the rider such as Wei Qing was definitely unique.Therefore, Wei Qing did not receive little eyes during the duty period. Only Gongsun Ao believed that Wei Qingcai was outstanding, and he was definitely extraordinary and had a thick intersection.

When the Wei family changed his destiny because of the pets of Wei Zifu, the queen Chen Ajiao jumped out.Chen Ajiao was used to the life of the nobles who finger. Even in the face of Emperor Hanwu, the emperor’s husband, in her opinion, she was still the little cousin who played behind her butt.Besides, she can lose to others, but now she has to lose to a slave child, which makes her noble and fragile heart be able to bear it?

So Chen Ajiao found his mother and cried.Princess Museum of Tao distressed her daughter and came up with an idea.One day, Wei Qing, who was about to go to Jianzhang Gong, was suddenly caught by a group of people.These guys couldn’t help but say, they punched and kicked, and said that they would kill Wei Qing as the queen.Most of the colleagues in Jianzhang Palace dare not sound. As long as Gongsun Ao is righteous, he will rescue Wei Qing with several brothers.

Emperor Hanwu could not help but be furious after hearing about this.The goodwill in his heart and the goodwill of his aunt and his two little guesses with Chen Ajiao suddenly dissipated.Some people say that men are lower body animals, and emperors are the best in lower body animals.Emperor Hanwu didn’t want his sexual blessing life to be strangled, even if this person was his aunt and cousin.

Emperor Hanwu, who was on his head, immediately ordered Feng Wei Zifu as his wife, Wei Changjun was a servant, and Wei Qing was the prison and serving.Gongsun Ao, who helped the knife at the critical moment, was also expensive, and later became the Han army general.At the same time, Emperor Hanwu rewarded Wei Qing for several days, and the number exceeded a thousand dollars.This is clearly showed to my aunt and cousin. The meaning is clearly saying that I am the emperor, and no one I can see can bully her.

In this way, the woman of the Wei family suddenly rose, and Wei Junxuan married Taizi Gong Sun He. Wei Shao (Huo Que’s mother) dragged the oil bottle to marry Chen Ping’s descendant Zhan Shijin.

Chen Ajiao’s careful eyes, but did not expect to stir up the strong rebellion of Emperor Hanwu.This is actually very well understood. Emperor Hanwu, who was bloody at the time, was unsatisfactory at the time.EssenceAs his closest person, Chen Ajiao couldn’t worry about him, but he was petted and proud, making him uncomfortable when he was angry outside, and returning to the harem.Will Emperor Hanwu feel easy to feel?Mother and grandmother can’t move themselves. Isn’t it okay to find his wife?In this case, the gentle and pleasant Wei Zifu naturally became the object of Emperor Hanwu’s heart.Hey, the emperor is sometimes very difficult!

After Emperor Hanwu and Wei Qing came into contact with Wei Qing for a while, he found that Wei Qing was definitely a crewed material.Emperor Hanwu said that he did not want to pursue the technique of Huang Lao in the early Han Dynasty, and wanted to make a difference, Wei Qing read the Confucian classics with heart.Moreover, he also read the books and carefully pondered the cavalry tactics.In Changlin Garden, the knights of Wei Qing also have eyes and eyes, which is impressive.This made Emperor Hanwu understand a truth. Seeing that people could not only see their appearances. Most of the guys with red seedlings were observed by various rules because they were defended.At this time, when the Han Empire was facing the military and political talents, it was not easy for God to be poor.

In this way, the young Wei Qing accompanied Emperor Hanwu through the first years of his long emperor’s career. From 138 BC to 129 BC, Wei Qing was promoted from Jianzhang Supervisor to Taizhong Doctor and became the emperor.Big red, power is dragging.In the 130s BC during this period, Chen Ajiao, who was in the blue plum horse with Emperor Hanwu, was retreated to the Nagato Palace for being abolished by the queen of the queen because of "confused the witch".Emperor Hanwu was actually very tolerant of his cousin).In the third year after Queen Chen’s abolition, that is, 128 BC, after giving birth to three princesses for Emperor Hanwu, Wei Zifu gave birth to Emperor Hanwu’s eldest son Liu Ding, so he was established as the queen.

After more than ten years of forbearance, Emperor Hanwu finally was full of wings and could use his authority.

In 130 BC (in 129 BC), the Huns suddenly sent troops to south, and Bingfeng pointed directly at Shanggu County (the governor is now in Hebei Huai).The young and promising Emperor Hanwu decided to fight against the Xiongnu from the four roads: Wei Qingbing, who was renewed to the general of the car, came out of the Valley, and the general of the general Gongsun Ao was out of the county (the governor of Shanxi).(Governor’s northeast of Toto, Inner Mongolia), General Xiao Riding Li Guang came out of Yanmen County (right jade in Shanxi).

The four generals led the 10,000 cavalry, but they did not expect that they were not completely different.

Wei Qing led his first show alone, which was very different from his previous practice in Changlin Garden.Wei Qing, who was dying and cautious with soldiers, did not dare to care about it. He was calm and calm along the way. Although he was deeply dangerous, he was in danger. In the end, the Han army was like a navigation blessing, and he magically found the Huns’ sacrifice.EssenceAlthough this is a must -keeping place for the Huns, because the Han army had never been killed, the Huns caught off guard and were killed by Wei Qingjun all the way, killing more than 700 levels.Wei Qing returned from victory, but the two Han army in the other three roads failed, and there was no merit all the way.Because of the victory of Wei Qing, Emperor Hanwu Jin Ji was the position of Guan Neihou.

Readers must not think that just kill the significance of this victory at the Huns.For a long time, in the Battle of the Han and Hungarian, the Han Army mostly adopted a defense, and occasionally it was difficult to achieve decent records.Now that Wei Qing is beheading the enemy and returns to home but the casualties are not large, indicating that the Huns are not invincible.In this sense, Wei Qing’s victory is indispensable.

The handsome Changsheng commander who fled alone

With the primer of the first battle, Wei Qing’s vision of the Xiongnu has become more open and the means are richer.In the autumn of 128 BC, without waiting for the Xiongnu to plug food south, Wei Qing once again got the soldiers from the soldiers.This time, he led 30,000 cavalry, drove in, and killed thousands of the Huns all the way, so that the Huns robbers tasted the taste of being killed.The news came, and the people who have always been bullied by the Huns cheered excitedly.

In 127 BC, in order to retaliate against the Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu invaded the Valley and Yuyang again.The Xiongnu first broke through the western Liaoning (the governor’s prefecture is now in Yi County, Liaoning), killed the eunuch of Western Liaoning, and defeated the veteran and Yuyang Taishou Han Anuo, forcibly plundering more than 2,000 people in the Han Dynasty.

Emperor Hanwu saw the Huns blatantly calling himself.As a result, he sent a veteran Li Xi to attack from Dai County, while Wei Qing led the army to pound the Henan land (Heng area), which has been in the Huns for many years.Wei Qing and Li Xi cooperated closely and adopted the tactics of "roundabout sideways" to go west to Gao Yan (in the Banner of Hangjin, Inner Mongolia), and cut off the contacts of the Huns and Aries king in Henan in one fell swoop.EssenceLater, Wei Qing led the elite cavalry and went south overnight to directly attack the west of Longxian.Lou troubles, who have been active in northern China for many years, have never been in the blow of Wei Qing.

The Han Army not only achieved a lot of debut, but even the living Huns caught thousands of people.What is more important than these merits is that the Han Dynasty once again controlled the river -style area, setting up Shuofang County and Wuyuan County in the river -style area where waterweeds are fat and dangerous, and migrated 100,000 mainland people to settle here.Zhai Workers.With the two counties of Shuo Fang and Wuyuan, the Huns wanted to quietly come to Chang’an, and they had to consider the danger of being broken.For the Han Dynasty, the use of these two counties accumulated forces, as a former out of the base, even more smoothly.

The Han army won the greatest victory at the smallest price.As the biggest contributor of this battle, Wei Qing was named Changping Hou, with 3,800 households.The Ministry of Wei Qing, the father of Su Jian (the father of Su Wu) and Zhang Ji Gong, followed the merits, and were named Pingling Hou and Kishou Hou, respectively.

Emperor Hanwu, who had tasted victory in the joy of victory, strengthened his crackdown on the Huns in the subsequent years.In the spring of 124 BC, when the Huns were the thinnest, the Han Army, who was full and drinking, once again sounded the march.The car ride, Wei Qing, led 30,000 cavalry and set off from Gao Yan.Wei Wei Su Jian served as a guerrilla general, Zuo Ni Shi Shi Li Jun Ren Qiangqiu, and Taizu Gongsun He was the general of the rider. On behalf of the country, Li Cai (Li Guang cousin) was the general car general.At the same time, the big luggage and Kishitou Hou Zhangcong sent troops from the right Beiping County (Ningcheng, Inner Mongolia), and jointly pinched the Huns together.

This time Wei Qing’s main attack direction was the King of the Huns.The "virtue" of King Youxian is the translation of the Xiongnu "Tu Yan", which means that he is smart and capable.According to the customs of the Xiongnu, Zuo Xian is the same as King Zuo Xian.Even so, King Youxian and King Zuo Xian, King Zuo Gu, and Kings of the Right Valley are known as the "Four Points".Generally speaking, King Youxian ruled the west of the Huns and happened to coincide with Wei Qing’s offensive direction.

The goods of Wang Youxian always believed that there was nothing to do with the West. The Han army came here to come here. Therefore, he did not prepare for it. Even when Wei Qingjun hit the door, he still drank in the big account.

On that day, the night was high in black, and the Xiongnu people had already rest, and King Youxian was drunk.After hearing the news of King Youxian, the news was in front of the big account, Wei Qing pressed the excitement of his heart and did not rush to launch an attack. He had to wait for the Huns to sleep a little more.Pain can reduce the casualties of the Han army.As a general who was born in society, he knew that his life was impermanent and never wanted to hurt a heavy battle.This is also where he was welcomed by the Han army.

In the coldest late night in the spring, the Han army silently waited for the order of the attack.It wasn’t until the night was deep and the sleepiness struck that Wei Qing calmly ordered the attack.Those who were still drowsy before waking up immediately, the horses that had already fed the consequences, then flew up, and rushed to the Xiongnu camp in front of them.

After hearing the sound of thousands of horses outside the camp, some horses opened their sleeping eyes from their sleep, and they were overwhelmed.Some clever people think that there may be something, so I grabbed the coat randomly, opened the corner of the tent, and wanted to see what happened.However, just as they stretched their heads, there was a light in front of them, and then there was no more.These guys lost their first level randomly.

The guardian of King Youxian is worthy of the elite of the battle. They responded quickly. They called the right of the right Xian who were still drinking and reported to him that it was enough to make him burst.The eyes of King Youxian almost did not fall out.However, this product can be regarded as stormy. I know that I ca n’t hesitate at this time, and immediately brought my own love. Under the support of hundreds of guard cavalry, they ran northward.As a nation on the horse back, once Satsui runs up, the Han army is really difficult to catch up.Guo Cheng, the captain of the Han army, chased hundreds of miles, and did not catch up.

Wei Qing did not work hard to run the right of the right Xian who was faster than the rabbit.After some siege and persuasion, in addition to the dead corpse in the barracks of Youxian, the little king captured more than ten, and there were more than 15,000 men and women, and more than one million livestock.There is no doubt that Wei Qing once again refreshed the record of the Han army that he had previously maintained.

I heard that Wei Qing actually fled the Huns and ran away with the tail, and Emperor Hanwu was happy to sleep all night.The next morning, he sent a special envoy to hold a letter. The Pegasus rushed to the Wei Qing Army and worshiped him as a general on the spot and seal 6,000 households.At the same time, he was allowed to control the generals, and he was located above the prime minister.When we read this, we can understand the reason why the so -called "Han is forced to kill" is here.The court of the later generations, who pursued the national policy of suppressing the military officers with civil servants, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the general officers of the dignitaries had to be careful when they met the four people’s prefectures.How can I hide the civil servants in the eggs?

Our big man is different. The general’s army is above the prime minister.

Emperor Hanwu also ordered the three sons of Feng Weiqing to be Wei Yan, Wei, and Wei Deng.In this regard, Wei Qing believes that Feng Feng is too much, he can’t afford it, he resign on the table, and requests to push it to the soldiers.Emperor Hanwu appreciated this attitude of Wei Qing very much. Although he did not seal the three babies to Wei Qing this time, he was later sealed.According to the credit book provided by Wei Qing, Emperor Hanwu rewarded Gongsun Ao, Han Shun, Gongsun He, Li Cai, Li Shuo, Zhao Bunu, Gongsun Rongnu, Li Jun, Li Xi, Dou Ruyi and so on.Li Cai followed the right person, and even closed the battle, but he was much more than the cousin Li Guangqiang who brought him to the battlefield.

In the spring of the second year, General Wei Qing commanded Gongsun Ao, Gongsun He, Zhao Xin, Su Jian, Li Guang, and Li Jiuliu to lead the sixth road army. Starting from Dingxiang, he entered the north for hundreds of miles.And back ".After the war, the entire army returned to Dingxiang to rest, and one month later, it came out again and won more than 10,000 Huns.

This battle could have been done, but there was an accident.The three thousand cavalry led by Su Jian and Zhao Xin encountered Shan Yu’s main force. After some killing, Zhao Xin became a traitor.This product was originally the Huns. Now returning to the embrace of the Huns, it naturally gets attention.As a result, the goods turned around and waved the butcher knife to his comrade Su Jian. Su Jian, who was so weak, could bear it. He could only desperately kill the siege and fled to the Han army camp alone.

Seeing Su Jian, who was all blood, the staff thought that he was beaten and humiliated.I did n’t know that Wei Qing said that Su Jian ’s defeat was caused, and he was able to escape to the camp, which showed his heart to the Han Dynasty.Besides, Su Jian, as a general, is disposed of by the emperor even if he is guilty. Although he has the right to perform military law, he can kill the general.Therefore, he ordered Su Jian to return Su Jian back to Changan to listen to the emperor’s disposal, and finally kept Su Jian’s life.Having said that, if Su Jian was killed this time, what would happen to Su Wu who was the shepherd in the future.

In the first half of this battle, the second half was very good, but in the second half, because of Zhao Xin’s anti -Water Su Jian soldiers, he could only count on the merits.However, a few of them came and a few happy. When Wei Qing lost his headache because of Su Jianbing, his big nephew, only the eighteen -year -old Huo Qubu annihilated 2,000 Xiongnu with eight hundred, incidentally, the first of his elders.The level is also brought back.Xiaohuo was immediately watched as the champion of his uncle who grew up, and in the near future, he grew into a star star who had a name with his alertness.

In the spring of 119 BC, after several years of preparation, Emperor Hanwu mobilized the powerful logistics supply corps to ensure that Wei Qing and Huo Qubing led 50,000 cavalry to expedition to the Huns.

According to the plan, Huo Qubing, who fought quickly and fiercely, attacked Shan Yu’s main force, and Wei Qing attacked King Zuo Xian.However, before the Han army was dispatched, I learned from the Xiongnu captive that Yi Zhizhi went to the East.As a result, the Han Army urgently adjusted the deployment, and Wei Qingxi went out of Dingxiang, and Huo Qubing was in the east.

How do you know that Wei Qing’s army was stuffing thousands of miles, but unexpectedly encountered the main force of Yizhi Shan Yu’s headquarters.At present, Wei Qing ordered the former general Li Guang and General Zhao to merge the two armed forces, responsible for the right -wing package.He himself led General Gongsun Ao and General Cao Xiang to fight against Shan Yu’s main force.

It is not difficult to see from the names of these Han Army generals. It is not difficult to see that the most important thing that should be carried on the main force is the former general Li Guangcai. Why did he become a right -wing assistant in this battle?

This arrangement of Wei Qing is actually a arrangement of public and private.In terms of public, Li Guang is not good at directing large -scale cavalry operations.In this regard, Emperor Hanwu looked thoroughly, and specifically ordered Wei Qing to say that Li Guang was a big age. When he fought a big battle, he always fell off the chain. Do not arrange him to play the main attack.In private, Wei Qing arranged for his friend Gongsun Ao to build his career with himself, so as to earn the marquis that he had taken due to things as soon as possible.As for another deputy general Cao Xiang, he is not an outsider. He is the son of Princess Pingyang and her husband Pingyang Hou Cao Shou. It is regarded as the young master of Wei Qing and the pro -nephew of Emperor Hanwu.Wei Qing is a person who knows and enlightenment. Of course, he also hopes to be able to contain some credit to the young master.

In the early Han Dynasty, the distinction between General Heavy and Miscellaneous Generals was not obvious. Many of them were temporarily assigned. Like the first and left, left and right generals, the generals were distributed by the general.However, since the distribution is the former general, it should be charged before, but at the beginning of the fight, Wei Qing adjusted the former general and the general, and finally let Li Guang’s point continue to upgrade.This has been introduced in the previous article about Li Guang’s article, and it will no longer be embarrassed.

Facing the main force of Shan Yu, Wei Qing did not panic, but calmly ordered Gongsun Ao to immediately line up the Wugang car that he carried at any time into a ring -shaped camp to make full defense.At the same time, he ordered the five thousand cavalry to spend the horse in the periphery and Mercedes, so as to attack the enemy, so that he could not attack the Wu Gang car array.Wugang car is a multifunctional chariot that can be transported and helped. Once the iron armor is covered, it is a bit similar to the Western Han version of armored vehicles.

As the main cavalry of the headquarters of Shan Yu, the combat power is definitely a bar.When these guys saw Wei Qing put on a defensive formation, they immediately urged the fighting horse to kill.The Han Army relying on Wugang car array of crossbow, and the Xiongnu cavalry fell into horses.At this time, the sun was about to fall in the mountains, and it was blowing again.The Han -Hungarian army, who was in the fierce battle, couldn’t care about bad weather, but forgot to fight.

During the fierce battle, Wei Qing suddenly found the fighter, and immediately ordered the Han army, the two wings of the two wings to rush up, and used it to copy it in the headquarters.Yilian’s troops may be better than the Han army, but in the face of the sharp weapons and solid car bases of the Han army, they did not take advantage of any cheap, but consumed the sharp gas.In addition, the number of Han army is more than Shan Yu’s heads and horses, so Yi Zhi obliquely worried that he would be covered by dumplings. When the siege circle of the Han Army had not closed, it was a large car pulled by the six -headed mule.Under the protection of his pro -life, the Han army washed away, galloping towards the northwest.

At this time, the wind and sand are still strong, and the fighting of the Han and Hungarian armies is still extremely terrible.An captain of a Han Military Academy caught a noble officer of the Huns and forced to ask, only to know that Shan Yu had escaped in advance by the darkness.After Wei Qing got the report, the busy department will pursue lightly.

At this time, the Xiongnu Brigade already knew that Shan Yu had escaped, and in the face of the Han army, which was fierce than them, they had no war of war and had to run away.Wei Qing killed the enemy in the face, and followed the lightly chase Shan Yu.

Pursuing hundreds of people from the desert of the deserted unmanned desert, the difficulty is not ordinary, and only those who have hit the Universiade can do it.Wei Qing was obviously not so good this time, but the Han Army pursued more than 200 miles all the way. Although he did not find Shan Yu, he found Zhao Xincheng located in Yanyan Mountain (in the south of Mongolia Hangzhou in Mongolia).This is the city built by the second and fifth Zhao Xin, and later became the place of the Huns.Because the Han army came suddenly, the Xiongnu defending in Zhao Xincheng could not resist at all, and could only escape from the desert. Finally, Wei Qing hit the grass valley of the Huns.

Wei Qing took a whole night in Zhao Xincheng and let the soldiers full of meals. The next day, the Han army who raised the stubborn Han army burned all the grains that could not be taken away before they won the class.

In this battle, the Ministry of Qing Dynasty captured more than 19,000 people in the headquarters. These people were all the housekeeping costs of Yi Zhi. With so much damage, Yi Zhi’s oblique heart would definitely bleed.

On the way back of the army, Wei Qing met Li Guang and Zhao Yiqi, who failed to support the lane of the way.If Li Guang can rush to make up the knife in time, the casualties of the Huns will be even greater.However, Li Guang did not have a chance to seal because of the seizures of the road.

Huo Huo, the main force of the Battle of Mobei, had no shot. As soon as he shot, the Huns bleed thousands of miles.The commander of the heavenly talented cavalry first played Zuo Xian’s king and almost became the commander -in -chief of the light. Then he drank the Ma Beihai and sealed the wolf.After this battle, the Huns did not dare to foothold in Monan and were forced to migrate to the northwest.

Although the Battle of Mobei won, the loss was not small.The 140,000 war horses returned to the Central Plains, tens of thousands of soldiers, and tens of thousands of soldiers.The Great Han Empire can say that it is not enough to supply the inventory to supply soldiers.Emperor Hanwu was forced to set up martial arts to raise military expenses.Of course, these losses are worth it compared to eliminating the vitality of the Huns.

After the Triumph returned to the DPRK, Wei Qing did not get a reward of Zeng Food.The ministry will not be specially rewarded except for a few people.Emperor Hanwu only seal the two of them as General Sima and General Da Sima, respectively in order to recognize Wei Qing and Huo Qubing’s disease.At this time, Wei Qing, Xunye Zhenglong.

The Pillar King of Pillar Kingdoms in a stable landing

Wei Qing and Huo Qubing are a pair of belief that they believe in each other, and they are not ashamed as some people say.At that time, Li Guang committed suicide for his unwillingness to face military law trials.In this regard, Wei Qing fully understood and no longer investigated.I do n’t know that Li Guang ’s son, Li Gua, is a buns. He has to find Wei Qing theory and even kill Wei Qing.This was a death in the army, and Wei Qing did not count.

However, as Li Gan’s boss, Huo Qubing, who was also bloody, could not stand the uncle that he had been bullied by himself. When he hunting in Shanglinyuan, he suddenly shot Li Gan.Because of the shelter of Emperor Hanwu, Huo Qubing escaped.In this regard, Wei Qing was also very moved.Later, Wei Qing also took care of Huo Que’s brother Huo Guang.In this way, Wei Huo became one and became the most dazzling star in Central Korea.

Wei Qing is strict and gentle.His strictness is awesome, and his warmth is close.At that time, Liu An, the king of Huainan, planned to rebel, and was afraid that the general Wei and Youth will be the unified soldiers to suppress.What kind of person he had asked the counselor Wu Qing?Wu was said to listen to his friends who followed Wei Qing to find the Huns and said: "The general is well known for its military, can recruit a war, and work rules, keep etiquette, and order strict. No one dares to be rude in front of him.Together, when he cared for soldiers, when the camp was in the village, the soldiers did not drink water, he would never drink first. The army returned, and he was always the last rivers.It is difficult to compare with the ancient famous generals. "After listening to this, Liu An was silent and said in a long while:" The courtiers are easy to deal with.

There was a bars in the middle of the DPRK called Ji Dan, and when he saw that the ministers kneeling to worship the generals in accordance with the instructions of Emperor Hanwu, he was just a gift.Some people advised him to explain his due respect to the general of the general according to the promise of responding to the emperor.He did not know, but said, "The general is the kind of person who is not respected because of someone who is doing a gift?" Wei Qing heard that he was not angry, but he became more respectful to him.He asked questions.It can also be seen that Wei Qing is definitely not a villain who has to be mad.

Just when Wei Qingru was in the sky, his sister Wei Zifu was petting.Emperor Hanwu is a super long -standing master, and naturally he will not be fond of one person.At that time, he was able to throw one side of the Chunfeng of Wei Zifu, and it can be seen that he was by no means a person.With Wei Zifu’s fall, Prince Liu Jian becomes nervous. This is also the common problem of all princes in history. I hope that my father is longevity and afraid of his father’s longevity.EssenceAfter Emperor Hanwu realized his son’s troubles, he took the initiative to find Wei Qing and said that he was too capable. He hoped that there was a quiet prince like Liu Ding to inherit his huge family business.

When he heard the WeChat of his father who reposted his father, the prince finally settled down and continued to standby.With Wei Qing, this uncle -level god sitting, those guys who are ready to fall into the well can only be washed and sleeping.

When Wei Qing was no longer young, he ushered in a dusk.Wei Qing’s former owner, Princess Pingyang, is said to be Koff’s life. First, he killed the weak and sick Pingyang Hou Cao Shou, and let the second marriage husband, Ruyin Hou Xiahou, died in front of him.Now someone tells him that Wei Qing has no wife, just like her.Princess Pingyang had seen the handsome look of Wei Qing when he was young, and he was also very willing, but after all, he was his own slave. Can this marriage crossing the original class be happy?

At the time of Princess Pingyang, someone came to say: "Princess, you must not look at people with old eyes. Now Wei Qing is not only the first person in the emperor’s most trusted army, but also the chief of Pinghou Hou Hou HouEven his three sons are Liehou, and even he is still your son’s boss, you and him are really good! "This person may have a saying, that is, the personality of Wei QingThe princess must be an obedient and good man.

Princess Pingyang felt that the man was right, so he entered the palace to find the queen Gu Zifu to talk about the matter.Wei Zifu told the Emperor Hanwu in this matter.Therefore, in 115 BC, Wei Qing was ordered to marry Princess Pingyang as his wife.The couple of the middle -aged couple became exemplary couples in the aristocratic circle in the years later, but unfortunately their dusk love came later.

Princess Wei Qingshang, who is in charge of military power, and the prince of the prince, is only the same in ancient and modern foreigners.How can he reassure the emperor?In addition to the daily low -key, there is absolutely no interference in the scope of power, Wei Qing is not an adoptive, and there are no other personalities except the officials assigned by the country.In this regard, Huo Qubing is the same as that of his uncle. His famous saying "The Huns are not extinguished, why do you do home", and the "home" also has this meaning.The "home" of the champion Hou is not a three -family family of modern people. It is equivalent to the home of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Dr. Qing, which can raise private forces.Seeing Wei Qing and Huo Qubing never cultivated the "private forces", can Emperor Hanwu be happy?Can fight and obedient, the key is that there is no ambition, which king does not like?This is also an important reason for Wei Qinggong to have no prestige, and he has always been with the monarchs of Emperor Hanwu.

As for some people say that Wei Qing’s superior pets are all relying on skirt relationships. The earliest relying on her sister, and later relying on their wives, it would be too underestimated to look at the cruelty of power disputes.Is Emperor Hanwu who killed fewer relatives for his own power?Even his eldest son did not escape his father’s hunting, let alone in -laws?Besides, when Wei Qing really became the emperor’s towering trees, Wei Zifu was already losing love. How can it affect the emperor’s decision?Therefore, Wei Qing can become the evergreen tree of the Empire Army, relying on the strength plus product, so that the emperor should use his hands and use it with confidence.This is the secret of Wei Qing’s undefeated.

In 106 BC, Wei Qing, who had made a great achievement in the Great Han Empire’s strong world, finished his glory from a slave to a general, and died in front of his brother -in -law and the emperor Hanwu.Emperor Hanwu was sad, and he said "Lie".According to the law, "with martial arts, and the deeds of respecting the karma", the test of Wei Qing’s life skills is indeed tailor -made.Not only that, Emperor Hanwu built a shade -shaped tomb in the northeast of his thousand -year -old Floor Maoling to commemorate Wei Qing’s brilliant achievements to highlight Wei Qing’s martial arts.This has also become an unwillingness of future generations.

In 91 BC, the disaster of changing the future witchcraft of the Han Empire did not come.His close party feathers are implicated by tens of thousands of people, including Wei Qing’s descendants.Some people have recorded "Han Book" that "Wei’s Destroyer" inferred that Wei Qing’s descendants were destroyed.

In fact, otherwise, the so -called "Wei family is destroyed" is just all those who have been in power in the relatives of the Wei family, such as Queen Wei, Prince Wei, Princess Zhuyi, and Princess Yang Shi (the daughter of Emperor Wei Zifu and Emperor Hanwu), the prime ministerGongsun He and Wei Qing’s eldest son Wei Wei followed the melon.It can be seen that the accuracy of Chinese humanistic characters is accurate. If it is really destruction, it will use "death" or "clan".As for Wei Qing’s younger son, Wei Deng, either because he was young or he did not afford to eat, he was not implicated.

In the period of Emperor Han Xuan, when the relatives came, the grandfather of the Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty was replaced by Emperor Han Xuan, and he received 500,000 money.The descendants of Wei Deng derived the famous scholars in the late Han Dynasty. The beautiful man Wei Wei came from Hedong Weixi.However, at this time, the Wei family had completely washed away the dust and became a Confucian family.

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