Week 14: Listen to what the experts say

At this time, the fetus can already do a lot of things in the mother’s belly, such as frowning, making ghosts, and oblique eyes.Maybe he is also sucking his fingers, scientifically proves that these actions can promote the growth of the brain.

Growth of baby

The faces of the fetus at 14 weeks look more like an adult, with a length of 75 to 100 mm and a weight of 28 grams.At this time, the fetus grows fast.Now the baby’s skin is covered with a thin layer of fine fluff. This layer of fluff will disappear after the baby is born.Unique fingerprints have appeared on his or her fingers.If the fetus is a girl, there are about 2 million eggs in her ovaries now, and only 1 million at birth. When she grows up, there will be fewer and less.Essence

At this time, the fetus can already do a lot of things in the mother’s belly, such as frowning, making ghosts, oblique eyes, maybe he is also sucking his fingers, etc., scientifically proves that these actions can promote the growth of the brain.

Changes in uterus

Now the number of leucorrhea secreted by expectant mothers has increased vaginal and cervix secretions, containing lactobacillus, vaginal falling epithelial cells and leukocytes.Pregnant women’s estrogen levels and reproductive organs directly affect the amount of vaginal secretions.During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body is high, pelvic cavity and vaginal congestion, and the increase in vaginal secretions is a very natural phenomenon. Normal secretions should be white, thin, and no odor.At this time, you should pay attention to keeping the outer pussy. Panties should be used with cotton fabrics and insist on cleaning every day to avoid using stimulating soap fluid.If there are many secretions and abnormal colors and traits, you should ask a doctor to check.

Change of expectant moms

Frequent fatigue, nausea, and frequent urination have been reduced in early pregnancy.Now the uterus of expectant mothers has increased, and the abdomen is bulging, which looks obvious.

Daily health plan for prospective mommy

After pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman gradually increased, the center of gravity moved forward, and the direction of the stress of the body also changed. The sitting, standing, and deeds were different from before pregnancy. The activity was restricted.In order to ensure that pregnant women can be healthy, successfully complete pregnancy, and avoid accidents, what kind of activity posture should pregnant women maintain?

Here, we listen to what the experts say:

What is important during pregnancy is to avoid back bending.Because sex hormones during pregnancy can eliminate the muscles of the whole body and soften them, do not bend over the back when doing housework, and do as much as possible to do housework such as scanning.Straight waistboard.Instead of squatting down or kneeling, instead of bending.Don’t weightlifting, because you can’t keep your back straight; wear low -heeled shoes, because high heels will increase your weight forward.

When you get up from the lying position, you must first turn to the side lying position, then turn to the kneeling position, and support the body with the power of the upper limbs and thighs to keep the back straight.

When standing, you must stretch your back and straight. The weight of the fetus must be concentrated on the thighs, hips, and abdomen muscles and supported by these parts. This can prevent back pain and increase the power of abdominal muscles.In front of the mirror that can be taken to the whole body, check whether your standing position is correct.

When the position is changed to a sitting position, the pregnant woman should first support it on the thigh or armrest, and then sit slowly.When sitting in a chair, sit deeply on the chair and lean on the back of the chair.You can sit slowly first, then move backwards until you sit firmly.When sitting with a back chair, the hip and knee joint should be right angles, and the thighs should be parallel to the horizon. When standing up from the sitting position, support it on the thigh with your hands and then stand up slowly.

When pregnant women pick up things, be careful not to compress the stomach, and do not take the posture of tilt the upper body without bending the knee.Bend your knees first, then bend over, and then pick it up after squatting.

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