Warm abortion, uterine effusion, separation of cervix mouth, and those things to keep fetal

Let me talk about my early childbirth road …

When it comes to the word premature abortion, many expectant mothers are very scared. It is common in the early stages of pregnancy from 0 to 3 months.I did n’t think of pregnancy for more than a month. After the same room, I found a faint blood stain. I did n’t perform the case on the next day. I panicked, went to the hospital to test the B -ultrasound, discover pregnancy, and at the same time there was a uterine effusion.

First, we will popularize the problem of uterine effusion. The cause of uterine effusion during pregnancy is divided into physiological and pathological.The physiological uterine effusion during pregnancy refers to periodic bleeding.The pathological uterine effusion during pregnancy includes auraotal abortion (that is, poor bed in bed), poor uterine development (such as uterine malformation, endometrial dysplasia, etc.), insufficient hormone levels (that is, poor ovarian function), infectionFactors (such as pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, etc.) and immune exclusion (including autoimmune and same immunity).

After bleeding, I went to the hospital to check the progesterone and blood (HCG). There was no problem with the test results, so I did not take medicine.

After more than a week, I have always had blood -like secretions. I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, check blood, and the test results were very good.

I have uterine cavity effusion, and the bloody secretions continue to be about a month. Suddenly there is bleeding exceeding menstrual flow, but there is no pain. Go to the hospital for examination of 0.6 separation of the cervix.When the uterine cavity is existed, the cervix mouth gradually closed, and continued to eat musch tablets. Suddenly a lot of blood at home, I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, and found that the uterine cavity effusion was gone.It was relieved.

Do not worry too much about expectant mothers with uterine effusion and cervix. Now my daughter is 5 months old and very healthy. As long as the fetus is healthy, try to rest as much as possible in the early pregnancy. There is no problem ~

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