Want to take contraceptives, but afraid of affecting future fertility?Analyze these 3 types of drugs for you

For women who do not have a fertility plan for the time being, if you want to do a reasonable room, you should do a good job of contraception. In this way, you can avoid accidental pregnancy. Otherwise, you will be pregnant without a fertility plan.It will be harmed, the uterus is damaged and healthy, and the difficulty of going to be pregnant in the future will increase.Therefore, we must realize the importance of reasonable contraception.Some women want to take contraceptives to avoid accidental pregnancy, but they are afraid that subsequent fertility will be reduced. What should I do?

1. Emergency contraceptive pill

The type of contraceptive pill is different, and the impact is different, and the impact on subsequent women’s fertility is also different.If you use emergency contraceptives, there are more dosage than other drugs at a time, although it can achieve good contraceptive effects.

However, some ingredients inside will affect women’s ovarian function, interfere with endocrine, and fertility function will also be affected in the case of endocrine abnormalities.In order to maintain health and effective contraception at the same time, it is best to take other means. Emergency contraceptives should not depend on long -term dependence, otherwise it will increase liver pressure.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pill

Short -acting contraceptives are also a common type. It is more suitable for long -term use. As a conventional contraceptive method, correct use can not only achieve good contraceptive effects, but also small side effects.obvious.

As long as you are preparing for fertility, you can prepare for pregnancy after stopping the medication, which can often resume normal ovulation, which will not affect the fertility ability, and of course it will not affect fetal health.It can be seen that women want to have normal fertility and maintain a healthy state. Using contraceptive pills must also choose the right type. Of course, it must be based on the premise of reasonable medication.

3. Long -term contraceptive pill

There is another type of contraceptive pills that is long -acting contraceptives. Long -term contraceptives include more types, and long -term effects. Once the medication can be used for a long time, it is more convenient than other contraceptive methods. HoweverFew women now adopt this way to contraception.

The long time of long -acting contraceptives has a long period of time and has a large amount of drugs, and the efficacy is relatively fierce, so it can achieve long -acting contraceptive effects.Some people often use long -acting contraceptives, and drugs may be residial in their bodies, and subsequent fertility will have an impact.If you often use long -acting contraceptives, you should stop taking the medicine for more than half a year in the future. Choose other safe contraceptive methods. The body can completely recover normal to prepare for pregnancy, otherwise it will have an impact.

It can be found through the above content that the impact of different types of contraceptives is different. Although contraceptives can play a good contraceptive effect and avoid the impact of female accidental pregnancy, the different effects of drug types are different.frequently used.”””””

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