Want to know if you can detect it for a few days?What are the detection methods?

Generally speaking, the aunt did not come, and a female friend who prepared a pregnant woman liked it to have a baby’s performance, which cannot be generalized.How many days can I test?What are the detection methods?

How many days can I be measured?What are the detection methods?

1) Early pregnancy test strip test (HCG test)

Early pregnancy test strip test is simple, can I test it in a few days of pregnancy?Generally, you can judge whether you are pregnant by detecting HCG in urine on the 8th to 10th after pregnancy.If the test results are positive: two red strips appear, one is located in the control area C, one is in the test area T. Congratulations to you to remind you that you are pregnant.

2) Blood test (HCG) test

If you want to be diagnosed with pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for further examination. Blood testing (HCG) is the earliest way to know the results of pregnancy.How many days can I test?Generally, you can go to the diagnosis for about 10 days after conception.

3) Basic body temperature measurement

Some of you want to get pregnant or contraception. When you wake up every day, you will test your body temperature first, and call this body temperature as the base temperature.How many days can I test?Generally, the body temperature before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees, and the body temperature rises by 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees after ovulation, which will last 12 to 16 days, with an average of 14 days.When the high temperature curve of the base temperature is more than 18 days, it is confirmed to be pregnant.

4) B -ultrasound detection method

B -ultrasound is also a more accurate way.How many days can I test?B -ultrasound can only see the pregnancy sac after 5 weeks of pregnancy, and the test rate of pregnancy sac at 6 weeks of pregnancy reaches 100%.

5) Pregnancy for gynecological examination

Even if you have been diagnosed with a gynecology department, you still need to go to a professional regular hospital for a detailed examination after 40 days of menopause.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

1) Pregnancy

Swift vomiting varies from person to person. Some people will appear in the first week of pregnancy, and some people may not be pregnant.Some people will spit out what they like before pregnancy; some people will vomit in the morning when they get up; others will want to vomit all day.

2) tired and sleepy

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is easy to get tired.Some people are sleepy everywhere when they are pregnant, and they are also difficult to get up. They always feel that they don’t sleep enough.

3) Men stop menstruation

How many days can I be measured?When you find that menstruation can’t come, you have to go to the hospital to check it.However, there may be intermittent blood volume in the first three months of pregnancy, so some pregnant mothers know that they are pregnant in March in March.


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