Want to have good skin?Can eat

There are people who love beauty, especially women, who do not want to have a tight, shiny, and bomb -breaking skin?Many women spend a lot of time and money on beauty salons and skin care products, but ignore the most basic key points of diet.Yes, even good skin is inseparable from a healthy diet.Today, I will science to science to a few major dietary nutritional factors related to good skin, and teach everyone to improve their skin condition by eating and drinking.

Drink enough water and skin to "water"

As the age increases, the human body’s moisture gradually decreases. Once the moisture decreases, the wrinkles on the face begin to appear, that is, it begins to aging.Drinking plenty of water every day can hydrate.People are a whole. Drinking water can be brought to the whole body through the blood circulation, supplemented the entire body fluid of the human body, and supplemented the moisture required for cell growth, including skin cells. For a long time, it can be transported directly to skin cells.

The skin supplementation of collagen will "bounce"

1. Reduce collagen to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity

The most familiar with everyone is the benefits of collagen to skin health. It can reduce obvious wrinkles and dryness and increase skin elasticity.Foods and supplements rich in collagen can not only provide collagen directly, but also promote the production of skin protein, such as primary fibrin and elastic protein.

2. Within five years after menopause, the skin will lose 30 % of collagen again

Studies have shown that the content of human collagen reached its peak at the age of 20, and then went downhill, and about 1,000 grams was reduced every 10 years.What’s more noteworthy is that within 5 years after menopause, women will lose up to 30%of collagen due to the reduction of hormones.

3. The absorption rate of collagen in ordinary food is very low

Of course, the daily reasonable diet is the most important, but if you just eat it just because of pork trotters, chicken feet, and bird’s nest rich in collagen … Then you have to say that collagen in ordinary foodsThe rate is very low. This type of macromolecular protein will filter a large part after entering the human body. It can really reach the skin and play a very limited effect.And this type of food contains a lot of fat. It is likely that the collagen does not supplement, but people are a lot fat.

Foods rich in high -quality protein are: meat, beans, eggs, milk.

More "C" skin can be more beautiful

In December 2001, a study published in the medical journal "COSMETIC Science" pointed out that the collagen in the human body is a type of fibrin protein containing a large amount of hydroxyticine and hydroxyline.Lyricine hydroxyticization.The role of vitamin C is to activate proline hydroxylase and lysine hydroxylase, promote the transformation of proline and lysine to hydroxymine and hydroxyline, and then promote the interstitial cells in tissue cells.The formation of collagen.

Generally, the protein consumed by the human body is decomposed into amino acids in the digestive tract, and then the blood is entered into blood, becoming a raw material for fibroblasts.Fiber cells are mixed in connective tissue. It uses these amino acids to continuously produce collagen, and vitamin C is required in this process.

Therefore, the synthesis of collagen requires the participation of vitamin C, increasing the tissue collagen content, and can also protect the normal permeability of capillary and muscle fibrous membranes, smoothing the skin pattern.

In addition, vitamin C can neutralize free radicals, improve skin antioxidant capabilities, and improve the skin’s dullness.

Foods rich in vitamin C are: fresh vegetables and fruits such as green peppers, green jujube, kiwi, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.

Supplement vitamin A skin can be smoother

We will see some women, despite their makeup, but the skin of the legs and shoulders is keratized and dry, and even a small bumps. In fact, these are related to vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency, the typical symptoms of the skin are dry. In the future, due to the keratinization of the hair follicles, the excessive horny hair follicle pimples occur.Lower abdomen.

The pimples are round or oval, with a needle size, solid and dry, dark brown, leaving pit -like depression after removing, non -inflammatory.Due to the decrease in sebaceous gland secretion, the skin is dry and wrinkled, the appearance is similar to the skin of the toad, also known as "toad skin".In severe cases, wrinkles are obviously like fish scales.

Vitamin A is rich in animal foods. The best source is the liver, cod liver oil, whole milk, and egg yolk of various animals.Botanical foods contain only β-carotene (β-carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body, but the absorption and conversion rate of β-carotene is relatively low).

Dietary fiber and probiotics can stay away from skin diseases

Studies have shown that probiotics and probiotic elements can improve skin health and prevent and improve related skin diseases, such as specialty dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, skin damage, and aging skin light.

Foods rich in dietary fiber: miscellaneous grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Foods rich in probiotics: fermented products, such as kimchi, tempeh, natto, miso, etc.

Finally, I wish you all the skin, and you can break it!

Text/Chen Lijuan (Chinese registered nutritionist)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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