Want to fart crazy after pregnancy?Look at these embarrassing changes during pregnancy, feel so painful

My girlfriend, before pregnancy, vowed that I would be the most fashionable pregnant woman in this street in the future, but after pregnancy, I changed like a person.I am willing to go out.I only learned that I knew that some changes in her body after pregnancy made her feel distressed.If you think about it, no matter how careless people are facing these embarrassing changes below, it is inevitable that they will feel difficult.


A lot of saliva

In the words of my girlfriend: "This saliva is the same as having a big water. Wow vomiting, it is simply the water that has not flowed when I still have a baby."Of course, this is exaggerated, but I can clearly feel the distress caused by this saliva.

Why do you love so drool during pregnancy?

1. Stomach acid and nausea and disgusting during pregnancy. In fact, it is also because of changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, which causes a decrease in gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension. The cardiac sphincter is relaxed. The acidic content in the gastric content will flow back to the lower part of the esophagus.

2. In addition to the impact of these hormones, such as the acceleration of metabolism in pregnant mothers after pregnancy, it is also the cause of the saliva secretion of salivary glands.And some nausea and vomiting stimulation during early pregnancy can also cause increased salivary gland secretion and increased saliva.

Suggestion: Pay attention to keeping oral hygiene and cleaning, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth in time after eating to avoid oral diseases.

Embarrassing two

Frequent urine

Today is the sheets wet at home, and tomorrow will become the tables and chairs of others.In the words of my girlfriend: "Whoever makes me laugh now is to have revenge with me. The old lady is sneezing now, just laughing, and this is as wet as the faucet."By the way, she used to describe the scene of my aunt who came to visit her blood collapse during this way ~

So why do you have frequent urination?

1. Frequent urination usually occurs in the early pregnancy, because the bladder is compressed by increasing the uterus, and frequent urination will occur.

Suggestion: In order to avoid embarrassing situations, you can take the pad with you.



"No farts, stretching the heart. No fart squeeze, exercise the body", although this is true, but for girlfriends during pregnancy, she really makes her old.Eating a connecting fart, going out of the door, the fart’s fart is amazing.Husband was embarrassed to stay around, let alone himself, he couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground.It’s like being in the ocean of the fart ~

Why do you love fart so after pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen hormones will weaken the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant mothers, and the gas generated by the gastrointestinal tract will increase.So farting becomes more free from control.

Suggestion: Exercise more to speed up the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract.Eat more vegetable dietary fiber, which can help solve the problem of constipation and flatulence.Try not to eat foods of beans and dried fruits.Drink less carbonated drinks.

Looking at these things that make pregnant mothers worry, I have to say that pregnancy is a test for every pregnant mother.Maybe you are usually perfect, but because of some small changes during pregnancy, you have a feeling of being beaten back to the original shape.But it doesn’t matter, we all remember the little guy in the stomach, and when he remembered it, he could tell him.Mom can abandon everything for you, nothing else, just because the mother loves you.

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