Want the baby baby to pay attention!What are the symptoms of Huai Nuobao?


If you are pregnant and especially want a cute female baby, then you have to watch this video!The mothers of the three children will tell you what symptoms are pregnant with girls.

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When the daughter of Huai is also my first child, the sudden holiday was postponed for about 10 days. Generally, it is not postponed. I am happy and scared. We have a baby. I am afraid that pregnancy is a novice for me. After all, it is a novice.what can we do about it?

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Don’t think about it first, the husband bought a test strip for your husband.

It is best to have morning urine. Ten minutes have passed and a surprise is here, oh my god!At first glance, there are two kinds of hearts in my heart. New mothers who have just become pregnant should look at it, so psychological preparations …

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About 45 days, there was an inexplicable uncomfortable. When I opened my eyes in the morning, an inexplicable vomiting rushed to my heart, that is, the retching, is it empty in the morning?No food, this situation lasted for three months. This is the symptoms of eye opening in the morning; what is even more uncomfortable is that after eating in the morning, what is to eat and vomit, not to mention how uncomfortable it is.

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I ca n’t smell the smell of oil fume. I especially like what I eat, because I am pregnant, I do n’t like to eat it.Those who like to eat sour and do not like to eat sweet.

These symptoms slowly disappeared until four months.

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When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I dreamed of flowering at night, dreaming of myself in the mirror, and dreaming of eating peanut rice.This is dreaming at night!

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Next, we said that fetal movement, fetal movement is on the right, and there is a big bag to move, all in the stomach, because it is the first tire, the belly is exquisite, small and round.Come.

When I gave birth to my eldest daughter, the due date was postponed for a week. They all said that the boy loved early and the daughter loved the moon.

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Because the first child is less amniotic fluid, then the whole period of cesarean section did not check the male or female treasure. The first child, haha, boys and girls are just as good.

I am the mother of three children. If you are in pregnancy, what are the comments in the comment area!

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