Wang Yibo and female netizens pregnant?

Let’s talk about Wang Yibo’s female netizens who got into pregnancy!

A few days ago, a female netizen who ID of "Han Han QVQ" posted in the Li En comment area for help, saying that Wang Yibo had a relationship with her. Now she is pregnant.Essence

Subsequently, she and Li En added WeChat, but did not say any substantial content.

On the contrary, Lehua quickly issued a statement to rumor this melon, saying that it is necessary to adopt legal means ~

After that, the operation of this female netizen was more fascinated. She posted two posts in a row, which seemed to be a statement in connotation.

At the same time, she also posted a code map. When netizens thought it was the "real hammer evidence" in her hand, this picture was picked up not only with watermarks, the original picture was still the promotion of a certain scene.Poster ~

Now Wang Yibo’s fans have scolded this female netizen one after another, and the female netizens have opened appreciation to make money.

In addition, she can find that she will find that in January and March, she will try to cue Wang Yibo in January and March!

At present, this melon has become more and more confusing ~

… There is one to say, although fans think that Wang Yibo is the last virgin in the entertainment industry. The entertainment circle who is innocent and unknown for men and women, but in fact, people who can mix the circle are not so simple. Before their debut, he and Meng MeiqiWell, after his debut, he went close to Bai Fumei and other Bai Fumei, and his private life was not a piece of white paper.

Also, he also had a lot of relationships with a certain age female star. Regarding this, there was also a melon of a minor male artist and female star crew. Of course, several parties have rumored~

As for the melon this time, it is indeed not true. This "qvq" is a high probability that it is a bit seriously ill. It deliberately touches the porcelain to make a profit.

And Wang Yibo is now in a special identity. His every move and Lehua’s stock price are directly linked. SO, the company will definitely clarify for him. In a short time, fans don’t have to worry about his collapse.

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