Wang Ji talked about the "actor" profession, saying that this is the most tiring job under the world, which has caused heated discussion among netizens

Recently, 60 -year -old Wang Ji shared a paragraph with netizens on social platforms, but did not expect the comment area to cause dissatisfaction among netizens.Wang Ji said in the video that you have bought a car and found that there is a car. You bought a house and found that many friends around you have a house. Even if you work hard to become a star, you will find that in the end, you will find that the world is the most tired in the world.The job is to be an actor.

In fact, what Wang Ji said is just like emotions. Famous and fortune are not the most important thing. He and his loved ones are well -being. It is the most important thing to meet the talents who love themselves.But her most tiring job in the world is to be an actor but stinging the hearts of many netizens.

As soon as Wang Ji’s remarks came out, it immediately attracted the vomiting and doubts of netizens.Some people say that she does not have back pain standing and sells cheap; some people say that she makes money abroad in China, and does not know gratitude; some people say that she does not know what is bitter, but she will only be arrogant.In short, netizens are so uncomfortable to Wang Ji’s "bitterness".

Why is Wang Ji’s resentment?We can analyze from the following aspects:

The actor is not so bitter than other occupations

There were many stars crying like Wang Ji, who had been crying as an actor. For example, Li Bingbing said that being an actor can only say that every day, she can only say that she can cry for three or four hours. She feels that the most cruel profession in the world is filming.It is not easy for actors to be abrasion, especially some dedicated actors can make a great sacrifice for art, but in the final analysis, the actor is only a profession, which is essentially no different from scientists and sanitation workers.

As Chen Daoming said, some actors are too aggressive. For example, the hand is broken, the injury is injured, soaked in the water in winter, and wearing a cotton jacket in summer.And you are still sleeping in the bed, why not compare?Because that is your career in itself.

Moreover, compared with sanitation workers, the income of actors is higher than most domestic industries. Wang Ji, as a first -line star in his early years, is not needed to say.Li Lingyu, a singer of the same age as Wang Ji, exposed himself, and a performance reached the income of "10,000 yuan", and "10,000 yuan" was equivalent to one billion at the time.With such a high income, no wonder netizens are so uncomfortable about the "bitterness" of the stars.

The actor choosing this profession is voluntary, and it is not forced to be forced

Also like netizens said that if these stars are tired, they can choose not to do this profession. Since they choose why they come out and cry, after all, some workers who are not easy to work are far from star height.

Wang Ji herself also said that she was full of interest in literary performances since she was a child. She applied for the PLA Cultural Regiment at the age of 14, and later entered Beijing Renyi, and then went to the United States to learn performance.It can be said that Wang Ji has been pursuing her dream, and no one forces her to be an actor.

Wang Ji’s emotions may be just a temporary emotional vent, or they may want to convey the philosophy of life, but she did not consider her identity and status, and what impact she would have on others.She may not realize that her words will make many people feel uncomfortable, grateful, and disrespect for other occupations.

Of course, we can’t blindly deny Wang Ji’s feelings and experiences. After all, she is also a flesh -blooded person, and she also has her own suffering and pain.Although Wang Ji has made a lot of achievements in the acting career, she has paid a lot of costs, and even some costs cannot be made up.

Wang Ji gave up a lot of opportunities for the actor’s dream

Wang Ji stayed in Beijing for 6 years in the early years, but he has always appeared in some supporting actors. In Wang Ji’s own words, she feels that staying in the art of art is a bit unsatisfactory and psychological imbalance.Because she did not "get in the end" in the artistic art, Renyi also helped her push off the opportunity outside. In a few years, she helped her push her 44 plays and the opportunity of the Spring Festival Gala host in two years.Coinciding with the "out of the country", Wang Ji, who was in his 20s, gritted his teeth and wanted to decide to go abroad.

Wang Ji has experienced life and career in the United States

Wang Jiyi did not go well in the United States. He didn’t have much money on his body, and his English was not skilled. There was almost no way to go.In order to survive and study, she can only enter school as soon as possible to study.But when she first applied for the University of California, Los Angeles, she encountered Waterloo because her language was gone.

Wang Ji, who was unwilling to give up, began to learn English desperately.During that time, she had only two pieces of bread every day, and even drinking mineral water to charges hunger.Kung Fu lived up to hard work. Wang Ji studied part -time jobs and studied at the training class, and finally admitted to the University of California.

Although successfully admitted to the ideal university, survival and tuition have become the biggest problems.In order to be able to successfully complete his studies, Wang Ji is half -work and half -reading, and has done various underlying work.Such as a waiter, a salesperson, a stall, and so on.In 1989, Wang Ji worked hard after he graduated successfully, but his future was still dark and confused.

In order to survive the job, Wang Ji began a constant life.First of all, I was sponsored by advertising, went to the motel as a registrar, and later won a media company as a journalist.From the day of her to the United States, life has been in a state of embarrassment, and she has relied on working days every day.

Wang Ji sacrificed his son’s health in order to filming

It wasn’t until the boyfriend’s peak arrived in the United States, and the two joined hands with a advertising company that they gradually improved.Wang Ji and Gao Feng met and fell in love with the Cultural Troupe. The tall and handsome peak was Wang Ji’s double dance partner.The two of them had a long time since they were in love, and Feng Feng confessed to Wang Ji on the eve of the college. In 1982, the two came together.

Later, Wang Ji left Beijing’s artistic art and was ready to go to the United States.Before leaving, Wang Ji said to Gao Feng affectionately: "I want you a word, as long as you want me to stay, I will tear the visa immediately." However, Feng Feng looked at Wang Ji, who wanted to show his wings, and finallyAfter hugging, she got her on the plane.

In this way, the two began a three -year cross -border relationship, and the two people who missed thousands of people did not know how many transnational calls had.Later, Wang Ji graduated from college. Although his life was hard, he was still stable.So Gao Feng thought about going to the United States with Wang Ji with all thoughts.

However, Gao Feng applied for 5 visas in succession and did not get it.In desperation, the two decided to reunite in Thailand first, and then Gao Feng successfully applied for a visa from Thailand.At that time, the person who helped them handle the visa business married a Chinese wife and was moved by their difficult and sincere love.As a result, the two finally gathered in the United States after twists and turns.

When the two were married, the wedding was particularly simple, and Wang Ji felt regrets so far.When they got married, they had neither money nor relatives and friends in the United States.So after registering to get married, I went to the Chinese restaurant to eat a brief meal again, and got married.After that, the two began to suffer from each other and support each other, and they were gradually getting better.

Shortly after marriage, the two had the crystallization of love. In 1991, she gave birth to her daughter Gao Liwen.With a career and a child, Wang Ji felt that he finally got his best and began to hang happiness on his face.At the beginning of her good luck, she immediately ushered in the peak of the acting career.

In 1993, Wang Ji returned to Beijing for a business trip, and as soon as he got off the plane, he met Chen Daoming.Chen Daoming looked at Wang Ji, who came back from the United States, and said to her directly, "We are making a show now. I think you are particularly suitable. You go home first and contact me." And this drama is the classic " New York".

After seeing Wang Ji, Feng Xiaogang talked to her in detail the role of the script and "Achun".After Wang Ji finished, he agreed, because she felt that she was "Achun".When everything was ready, Wang Ji suddenly found that he was pregnant half a month after the start of the filming.In order not to delay the shooting of the crew and not let himself miss the chance, Wang Ji finally insisted on shooting the filming with his body.

Although this drama allowed Wang Ji to start the peak of the acting career, it also caused the pain of Wang Ji’s life.I do n’t know if it was too nervous and exhausted during the filming. Wang Ji’s son was very thin after birth. At 1 and a half years old, he was diagnosed with autism, and was accompanied by intellectual obstacles.Wang Ji regretted distressing and blamed that he was suffering from autism because he was too tired when filming.

Now Wang Ji’s son is almost 30 years old, but his intelligence is only equivalent to ordinary children five or six years old. Wang Ji said that there is only cartoon in his son’s world.

Before, Wang Ji also called on everyone to use the word "mental retardation" in life through social platforms, because the word of this word is very harmful and can be replaced by "forever", because these intellectual obstacles are always obstacles.So naive.

Now 60 -year -old Wang Ji insists on filming, and there are many works every year. I am afraid it is related to his son.But on the other hand, Wang Ji had settled in the United States for many years in his early years. There are also rumors that their family has already been a US nationality, or she took the American green card, but in her later years, she returned to China to make a movie to make money.But then Wang Ji came forward to clarify the issue of nationality and responded that she was Chinese.

From Wang Ji’s emotions and experiences, we must know that everyone has their own choices and pursuits, and each occupation has its own hard work and happiness.We are not qualified to judge whether the occupation and life of others are worth or happy.We should respect everyone who work hard and do not use our own standards to measure others.

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