Use two crickets to help her dredge the fallopian tubes to successfully conceive.

After using two crickets to help my friends and daughter dredge the fallopian tube successfully, I realized that it was not medicine but human greed that blocked the revival of Chinese medicine …

I returned to my hometown on vacation the year before the winter, and I couldn’t help but sigh on the road on the road. There were many life sycamore trees on both sides of the road in front of my childhood.The street lights are lined with high -rise buildings. I enjoy the dividends of the progress of the times, but I also endure the passage of the times of the times. Many people and things have become more blurred.

As soon as I turned on the road, she met a childhood friend who hadn’t seen for many years. She was no longer young. I still recognized her at a glance. After seeing my brief doubt, she reacted.once

She asked me, "I heard that you are a doctor?" I nodded "Yes, I learned Chinese medicine". She sighed in a bad breath. "Chinese medicine prescribes a bunch of strange medicines."

I am very puzzled why she had such emotions. After asking, she learned that her daughter had been married for three or four years, but she couldn’t get pregnant. Because there was no child, the old man of the man’s family was quite dissatisfied, and the relationship between the husband and wife was greatly affected. The family was also greatly affected.There are endless contradictions. The hospital examination said that the cause of infertility was that the daughter’s fallopian tube was blocked, but it did not improve significantly after treatment.

Later, I met a Chinese medicine team outside, saying that it was specially treated with infertility and 100 % power, so she took her daughter to see the doctor, and then the person who claimed to be a Chinese medicine prescribed a lot of Chinese medicine to her daughter.Treating it, the money took medicine, but there was no effect at all, and could no longer be contacted by those Chinese medicine medicine. Later, I learned that the group of people spent a lot of places to sell the medicine at high prices in the guise of Bai Ling.I never believe in Chinese medicine anymore

After listening, my heart was mixed. Western medicine flourished in China, Chinese medicine gradually declined, and the road to revival was far away. Is it because the skills are not as good as anyone, obviously not the case.Many western medicines that are surrounded by surgery and high costs, where the problem is, just in these unsatisfactory people who are profitable, they are cheating under the name of Chinese medicine, making money, corrupting Chinese medicine reputation.

"If you believe in me, let me see your daughter. The field I am best at is the problem of treating female infertility. I can help her conditioning, and I don’t need to spend so much money." I frowned slightly.Finally chose to believe me, take me to see her daughter

After dialectics of the consultation, I gave her a square angelica, vinegar tadpoles, Wulingzhi, Puhuang, Sanling, Curdia, Lutong, saponin thorns, crickets, fragrant affixes, Ding Ding, Banzhi Lotus, because sheThere are also symptoms of abdominal pain, adding a few flavors of Chuanzi, tulips, woody, and black medicine. I told her to take it twice in the morning and evening after decoction.

My friend was surprised after seeing the prescription: "Why are there Ao Jia, two crickets? Can this stuff be eaten?"

Seeing her semi -doubtful, I explained her in detail:

"The inflammatory tubes are mostly due to gynecological inflammation, abortion, or accidentally invasion of the disease during the menstrual period.

"This medicine can be used to clear the heat and detoxify, and the water is scattered, while the three -edge, Curdia, Wulingzhi, and Puhuang can promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis.With less, coupled with the road pass and saponin thorns, the angelia can nourish the blood and promote blood, so that the attack is not hurt. These medicines are taken together to clear the tubal effect. Your daughter also has the symptoms of abdominal pain., Tulip, woody, black medicine can also relieve qi and relieve pain, just eat it with confidence. "

(Chinese medicine 蚣)

The girl looked at my eyes, "Can I really get pregnant?" I smiled and smiled, "step by step, you have to be confident in Chinese medicine"

It didn’t take long for my friend to tell me that my daughter was pregnant and checked everything. I laughed and laughed. "Now you can believe Chinese medicine."

She quickly said, "I believe, of course, I believe that Chinese medicine is useless, the scammers are not Chinese medicine."

This spring friend sent me a picture of her daughter holding her child. In the photo, the girl smiled happily and looked at a lot. The child in my arms was very pleasing. I was infected.

It is never technology that delay the footsteps of Chinese medicine. It is the endless greed of those who want to make money. I often think of my teacher when I first taught Chinese medicine.

The true spirit of traditional Chinese medicine is "I would rather put medicine with dust, but I hope there is no suffering in the world"

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