Use these two toothpaste as much as possible after pregnancy, which is not good for you and the fetus

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Do you often feel this? After pregnancy, it feels limited everywhere, and sometimes even brushing is limited.I bought a toothpaste that I had always liked, but as soon as my husband saw the ingredients of Chinese medicine, he would not let it be bought.

In fact, it is important to choose toothpaste to choose toothpaste.Sometimes without brushing your teeth, you can cause swelling and pain in the gums, and your mouth becomes very uncomfortable.However, the wrong choice will cause vomiting when brushing your teeth. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to choose the right toothpaste.For the health of the baby, pregnant mothers must not choose these two toothpaste:

1. Drug toothpaste

Due to pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body will change, and various periodontal diseases will occur.Coupled with the vigorous fire, it is more likely to produce odor in the mouth. At this time, many pregnant mothers prefer toothpaste with fresh breath.

However, the general effect of toothpaste in this category is clearing heat and detoxifying, anti -inflammatory and hemostasis, so it usually contains the ingredients of the drug, and some also contain antibiotic components, which will harm the pregnant women and the fetus.

2. Fluoride toothpaste

This toothpaste should be the most common in life, and many toothpaste contains fluorine. This toothpaste can inhibit the growth of tooth decay.If it is used for a long time, it will have a serious impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Especially for pregnant women, because of the relationship between pregnancy, it is easy to swallow the toothpaste foam, which will cause damage to pregnant women and fetuses.

What toothpaste is suitable for pregnant women?

1. Choose a dental protection toothpaste for pregnant women with fluoride non -fluorine formula

Earlier, we said that due to the increase in hormones in women during pregnancy, gum bleeding, edema, hypertrophy, etc., especially the first three months of pregnancy.At this time, it is better to choose some fresh, non -fluorine formula -free formula for pregnant women with vitamin C.

2. It is best to use pure plants to clear the heart and elegant toothpaste

This type of toothpaste is not only fresh and well -smelled, but also helps pregnant mothers to improve the oral condition, and it will not exacerbate the situation of pregnancy.

If you still know what you know, you can share it if you can’t use the toothpastes in pregnant mothers!

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