Urgent!What should I do if I am infected with new coronal virus after pregnancy?

A hot search news aroused the attention of the Guangfa crowd, and a 36 -hour newborn new crown detected the positive.As soon as the news was released, it caused everyone’s speculation. Will the new coronal virus spread through the maternal and baby vertical transmission, which directly leads to newborns infection?

Maternal and baby vertical transmission refers to the mother’s body to the fetus (infant) child through placenta, birth canal, or breastfeeding.Some viruses can infect the fetus through placenta, such as HIV, rubella virus, etc.When some viruses are produced by pregnant women, the fetus is in contact with the secretions and blood of pregnant women when the fetus is soft -produced, which is infected, such as condyloma acuminatum, herpes virus, etc.Some viruses are infected with newborns through milk when breastfeeding, such as hepatitis B virus.

At present, it is found that the new coronary virus has 85%homologous with the 2017 SARS virus. However, according to the data of previous SARS virus infection, it has evidenced evidence to exclude the maternal and infant transmission of SARS virus.However, the data of the SARS virus cannot exclude the new coronary virus, and the maternal and infant transmission will not occur. It can only be used as a reference.

How to prove that mother and baby spread vertically?In addition to checking the pharynxue for newborns, it also needs to be determined from the part of the mother’s body from the umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, milk, etc.If the mother and baby spread vertically, then the newborn will be spared, and it may produce positive indicators.Fortunately, the virus is not found in all umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, and milk.

Because there are few cases of new women in the new crown, in the research data of Academician Qiao Jie, less than 20 pregnant women currently have the ingredients of umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, and milk. A few cases are negative.The newborn who confirmed the diagnosis after 36 hours of birth on the Internet. In this day and a half, it may be greatly increased after leaving the mother to contact the source of the infection.Therefore, whether the newborn is spreading vertical dissemination of the mother and baby or was infected after birth, and it is no longer completely distinguished.

We can get such information from the summary of Academician Qiao Jie. Although the new coronary virus can be transmitted through the maternal and baby vertical transmission, it is not determined, but from the current small data, the infection rate of newborn infection is low.The diagnosed newborn and most of the infected children have only mild lung inflammation.At present, from the perspective of the infected people, the new crowning condition of the elderly, the basic disease, and the long -term chronic lung disease is easy to worsen.The proportion of women and children in the infected crowd is low.Don’t be afraid.

This is the most concerned issue for pregnant women. Generally, virus infection has a small impact on the fetus in the third trimester, and the teratogenic rate will be relatively low.If pregnant women are regularly checked during pregnancy and are healthy, the descendants will be screened, diagnosed and treated as early as possible after birth, and general prognosis will be relatively satisfactory.

Do not shrink in front of the condition. If such problems occur, do not choose to induce labor as soon as possible after panic.It is recommended to consult an expert at the first time, don’t give up any little life easily!

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