Unwanted pregnancy how to do!I didn’t expect it at all!Almost collapsed!

I have calculated the days of menstruation before, but the menstrual period has passed but still did not come!I didn’t expect to be pregnant!

I originally planned to have a child for two years, and the result was so unexpected!When I didn’t know when I was pregnant, the small stomach had been painful when I was near the menstrual period. It felt the same as the dysmenorrhea, and the chest had a painful feeling!I always thought it was a comprehensive symptom of menstrual period, and I thought it was delayed!As a result, it has not come for a week!So I bought a pregnancy test stick to test, showing that the result was two bars!But there is a color that is weak and weak!As a result, I don’t know if it’s pregnant!In addition, the stomach hurts every day, and go to the hospital to testify. The final result is pregnancy!I was excited and surprised at the time!

The doctor said that the child is too young now. After a few weeks, go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to see the child’s situation!Later, when I was 6 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound and draw blood. As a result, the doctor told me that my situation was a threatened abortion!I was scared at the time!I almost cried directly!I thought this must not be!Although I used to think that the process of having a child was terrible, there was even any problem with the small guarantee. My husband said that technology is so developed now, and there are any other guarantees!I also said that if I don’t want to give birth, I can never give birth.But I think that children are the crystallization of love and my husband, and it is also the fate of me and my children!How can you not!

When the doctor asked my child if he wanted it, I said firmly, so!The doctor said it was a bit troublesome, and gave me a fetal medicine!In those days, my mood has always been very low. I am afraid that my children can’t keep it, and I cry many times. I think that the child is here to be fate. When I think that I may not be able to keep, my emotions will collapse!

Later, about one month of pregnancy, I started to vomit!Learn for pregnant women on the Internet, try to make tomato beef, and vomit after eating!I want to vomit when I see tomatoes later!I have left shadows for some foods. I ca n’t eat anything I like to eat now!The acceptance of a lot of odors is also lower, and you will want to vomit when you smell it!For example, the flavor of the oil fume of cooking, the smell of laundry liquid, snack spicy flavor and so on!

My friend said that she was pregnant before, and it would be fine for a week!My mother also said that she had vomited for half a month before. I thought I would stick to it for a maximum of half a month. As a result, I continued the whole pregnancy!I have also asked the doctor what can I do. The doctor said that there is no way for this. As long as you can eat things, you can eat it whether it is sour!I said that the fetal medicine was vomited like this, can the effect of the drug be played?I am afraid that children can’t keep it!The doctor said that it can be stayed for more than an hour, so every time I want to vomit, I endure it. I spit it up at least 7-8 times a day, and I felt like my throat was cut like a knife!

I dare not sleep during the day!Because when lying down, the food feels out of his throat!Sleeping at night can also be spit out before you can sleep!I have to get up to the toilet at night!I really feel too uncomfortable!But this is the case, I still never thought about killing him!Always persist!

I also take medicine during pregnancy!Ground flexion, blood supplementation of calcium, reducing thyroid, and so on!And when you are pregnant for 6-7 months, there is still a phenomenon of bleeding!At that time, I was frightened that I would not be able to keep the child. I went to the hospital immediately. I didn’t know what to do if I felt uncomfortable!Later, I went to the hospital to check it.It is not easy for babies to be born healthy!

I sincerely recommend that if you have sisters who want children, you must do a good job of pregnancy!Start eating folic acid three months in advance and exercise appropriately!Periodic checkups every month after pregnancy, I plan to give birth to a hospital for a hospital, which hospital will be held in the hospital!During pregnancy and maintain a good mentality, you can listen to some relaxed music, appropriately go outdoors, ensure sufficient sleep, avoid staying up late, and do not smoke and drink!Only when you feel comfortable, your baby’s development will be healthier!

This is some of my personal experiences, sharing with everyone, I hope to have a little help!Finally, I wish you all good health!

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