Unmarried, pregnant

A girl was pregnant and told her boyfriend that her boyfriend was anxious to let her kill the child, and the girl was particularly chilling.

The girl couldn’t get it, did it be killed or born?Through the Internet, Lawyer Li Zhaoyang was found.

First, what would happen if the child was killed?

Girl misunderstanding 1: If the child is killed, the medical expenses should definitely be borne by the boyfriend.

The actual situation is that in the case of a hospital’s artificial miscarriage invoice, the abortion fee is borne by both parties, that is, the boyfriend only bear half of it.

Girls Misunderstanding 2: The nutritional costs, misunderstandings, and nursing fees of the hospital need to rest after abortion. Boyfriend should give for a living expenses.

The actual situation is that these costs will not be supported.

Girl misunderstanding 3: If the child is killed, it will cause losses to my body, cause losses to my spirit, cause losses to my reputation, lose virginity, and lose your youth.

The actual situation is that these compensation fees will not be supported.

2. What if you give birth to your child?

Girl misunderstanding 1: The support for the support should be paid by the man.

Real situation: When the child is born, the boyfriend as a biological father must pay the child’s support, including education, medical expenses, and living expenses.The child’s support fee shall be borne by the father and mother.You can raise half of the child’s support for the man.

Girl misunderstanding 2: The support for the man must pay at one time.

Real situation: The man can pay at one time.However, in most cases, the man is weak or unwilling to pay for the maintenance fee at a time. The fare paying fee will be supported. You can pay at one year, pay at half a year, and pay each month.

Misunderstanding 3: The support fee should be paid to the child to graduate from college or even set up a family.

The actual situation is: Payment to adulthood, that is, 18 years old, and although more than 18 years old, they are still studying like high school education.

Misunderstandings 4: Children’s support fee will give me 2,000 yuan per month, or 3,000 yuan

The actual situation is to pay at 20%to 30%of its monthly income.

For those who have legal knowledge and understand legal practice, that is, those who understand how the judicial organs in social life are actually handled, and I attach the legal provisions based on it. Let everyone know it.People in legal life understanding people.

1. Article 21 of the Marriage Law (2001) stipulates: "When parents do not fulfill their support obligations, their children who are unable to live independently have the right to ask their parents to pay for the support fee."

2. The Explanation of the Supreme People’s Court on the Application of Several Issues of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China (1) "(1) (1)" (2001) stipulates that "the" children who cannot live independently "stipulated in Article 21 of the Marriage Law refers toStill accepted in high school and the following academic education education in the school "

3. Article 132 of the "General Principles of the Civil Law" (2009) stipulates: "If the parties have no fault to cause damage, they can sharing civil liability according to the actual situation."

4. "Several Specific Opinions on the Treatment of Children’s Raising Cases of the People’s Court of the People’s Court" (1993) stipulates that "if there is a fixed income, the nursery fee can generally be 20 % to three of the total monthly income of the monthly total income.The proportion of ten. If the nursery fee of more than two children, the proportion can be increased appropriately, but generally not more than 50 % of the total monthly income. If there is no fixed income, the amount of the childcare fee can be based on the total income or the same industry of the year or the same industry of the same year.The average income, refer to the above ratio. "

The above is the content of the girl who is not married and pregnant. If you have any questions, please pay attention to the follow -up explanation of lawyer Li Zhaoyang.

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