Unmarried in the system first, talk about my experience

(This article comes from the reader’s contribution)

I am a female, 29 years old, compiled by municipal institutions.This is the background.

Recalling at this time last year, I was still immersed in the blame of "unmarried first pregnancy", and I was so emotional.Today, I will use Ye Zi’s platform to say my experience.


I met at the party of my friend at the beginning of last year. I was in City A. He was also from City A, but worked in City B.

At that time, I was 28 years old, and he was 29 years old. We were all young, and I determined the relationship in the louder of my friends.

Then you know, anyway, the relationship is stable and the wedding is getting married, and we soon reach the last step.

Unexpectedly, there was an unexpected situation. One day in March last year, I suddenly discovered that the aunt hadn’t come for a long time. I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick and two bars.happened.

I took a photo and sent it to L. His performance was to be pleased.He was very happy and said he was going to be a dad in advance.

But we immediately faced very realistic problems. One was to quickly receive the permit and the wedding was advanced; the other was that the house had not been done yet. The old house of his family needs to be renovated, where the child is born.

L promised that I would get back the project after I was busy. During that time, he was so busy because of this project. He often worked overtime until midnight, which took about half a month.


Unexpectedly, the plan can never keep up with changes.

Just when I was ready for the hukou book, I was looking forward to that when L was about to come back, his city B was closed because of a mask.

He called and told me that he couldn’t come back temporarily, and he had to respond to the unit’s call to sink the community to be volunteers.When the situation improves, I rushed back to see me for the first time.

At that time, I had been pregnant for more than 7 weeks. I had a fetal heart bud in B -ultrasound. I had no choice but to continue.

In the unit, after all, unmarried is not a glorious thing after all, I didn’t tell my colleagues in this matter.

But the physical condition could not be concealed. Soon some female colleagues found that I became lazy and lethargic, and walked slowly.

Someone came to ask me what happened to me. I can only say that I was uncomfortable and dizzy.


Just when I was anxious to wait for L to come back to pick me up to get a certificate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I unfortunately received a work task -accompanied a college female professor to the two suburbs of the city for investigation.

Our unit has a cooperation agreement with this college. There are cooperation projects in these two suburbs. This investigation is a regular work and the progress of the investigation.

It takes about 2 days to investigate, and I have to sit in the car for a long time every day. Some places are still townships.

I went home to tell my mother. Her old man had a good opinion on my unmarried before pregnancy. When I heard it, I said that I couldn’t go. I was very dangerous just as soon as I was pregnant.

I murmured in my heart, thinking of the head pain in the unit who likes to say three and four. If you show the cards so early and the certificate has not yet received it, it will definitely become the object of discussion.

When I was worried, the female professor I needed to accompany at night called and agreed with me to agree with me.

We have made a deal before, it is an acquaintance.

When I was impulsive, I told her that I had just discovered that I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to talk to my leaders too early.

The female professor is very righteous. She said that she was also over, and she was not easy to understand.

She took the initiative to say, don’t go at home, just take it at home. I will take the driver myself.

After listening to her, I am grateful.Anyway, the driver is not our unit. As long as she does not talk about leaking, I will not show the stuffing when I am not married.

In this way, I touched the fish happily for nearly two days.

Worried that the leader was suspicious, I forwarded the on -site photos sent by the female professor to the leader from time to time, pretending that I was working with her seriously, and everything was seamless.


Just when I thought I successfully concealed the sky, I still had an accident.

The next afternoon, the leaders I was in charge called me. The professor’s mobile phone probably had no power. I wanted me to invite her to the unit. After the investigation, our leaders asked her to dinner.

After that, I simply asked me to give her the phone and ask her to answer the phone!

I just woke up at the time, dizzy, was scared, and I didn’t know how to deal with it at all.After a minute of cold, the leader quickly realized the abnormalities and asked if we were not together.

The next day, I went to work and took the initiative to explain the facts.The leader had a face, and asked me why I was going to sneak and slipped.

I was originally a sensitive person, and progesterone was even more obvious, shocked and scared. When I opened my mouth, I cried and cried while crying with the leader who was pregnant.

After I finished speaking, he was stupid. For a moment, his face was complicated and dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t say what to scold me.

In retrospect, the male leader should have a turbulent heart.

Originally, the anger was exploded, and she had discussed to clean up and punish a lazy female subordinate, but never expected to wait for such an unexpected answer.

When a female subordinate said "I am pregnant", the male leader can’t wait to scare and run away, for fear that others think that the child is his own!


After such a trouble, the leader did not dare to punish me. It was just a female leader who was in charge of personnel work. In a way of talking, he had educated me repeatedly.

On the surface, she cared for it, but I also understood the subtext.

First, you should not lie with the organization, and yangfeng is against the yin.

If you have difficulties, you should take the initiative to explain that the organization will make another arrangement, which will not be difficult.Lying and lazy nature are different.

Second, you must quickly get a certificate and get a wedding before the marriage.

This kind of public unit, this kind of thing is not good.At the latest, you have to take the certificate and get the wedding before the child landing.

Third, the unit forgive me is a pregnant woman, so I won’t do it, but it is not an example.I hope I think of the precepts and take work seriously in the future.

This incident was quickly spread in the unit (I understand it, the biggest mouth in the unit is the leader).

Some good things were incredible when they heard it. After all, I was still introducing the objects to me a few months ago. I came to confirm whether I was really pregnant.

But in the face of all inquiries, I do n’t have any, I just want to dilute the treatment, and I do n’t want to have exterior branches.


Two weeks after the storm, city B was unsealed, and he also fulfilled his promise to return to City A. After the expiration of the isolation period, he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate with me.

I was already pregnant for almost 10 weeks when I got my marriage certificate, and the stones in my heart finally landed.

Next, the overall smoothly, renovate the house, get a wedding, and raise the fetus.

At the end of last year, I successfully gave birth to a 6 catties of daughters. At present, L is looking for a relationship to be transferred back to City A. If the family is smooth, we can reunite with a family of three.

Okay, after the matter is over, let’s say a few times.

The first is that girls should be awake and can be intimate (also an important means to detect men’s ability), but pay attention to protect themselves, and avoid unmarried pregnancy.

Especially girls in the system.The atmosphere in the system was originally closed. If you are not pregnant, you will face the situation of asking leave, which will cause various discussions.

The second is not trying to use one lie to cover up another lie.

In retrospect, I was really stupid, no wonder the leaders were furious after discovery.

If I had the courage to admit pregnancy at that time, and asked for a substitution to take the task, there would be no later storm.

Third, don’t get pregnant like me.

Especially after the two people had just exposed to contact, they knew that they were not deeply understood by the men’s family and character.

I was lucky, and I got pregnant unexpectedly with L for a few months, but then what he did was a responsibility and did not disappoint me.

But in retrospect, I was afraid of it. If I met a bad man full of lies, and even a family who had a family who made me "be a primary three", I waited so long at the time, wouldn’t it be very passive.

Pregnancy will undoubtedly disrupt women’s lives. This incident cannot be done at will. Be sure to make a thorough plan to avoid accidents and disrupt the pace of life.

(Author of this article: JXX, Ye Zijun deleted a little. Original articles, plagiarism must be investigated)


I am Ye Zijun. I have been fighting in the system for more than ten years. I talk about workplace experience and teach you to avoid pit.Follow me and make you grow faster!

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