Unloading is right!The Hong Kong actress is full of pregnant photos, and the bumpy couple of pregnancy is for this reason for this

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The 35 -year -old Hong Kong artist Jiang Ruolin married Xiao Weizhan in 2018. After the marriage, the two lived in a low -key life. Unconsciously, the two had been married for almost five years.

However, since the two get married, they all hope that they can have children as soon as possible, but unfortunately, they have not seen the results after hard work. For this reason, the couple are seeking medical treatment everywhere.

Unexpectedly, at the end of last year, Jiang Ruolin finally announced the good news of successful pregnancy, and now Jiang Ruolin’s due date is June.

During the pregnancy, Jiang Ruolin also exposed daily life from time to time, but now she is unloading to take a group of pregnancy photos with her husband. After that, Jiang Ruolin also shared this to the social platform.

In the photo, I saw Jiang Ruolin wearing a conjoined black swimsuit. Jiang Ruolin, who had been pregnant for eight months, seemed to be very thin and thin, without edema, and the state was very good.

As for the upcoming pelvation, Jiang Ruolin admits that she is very nervous. After all, for Jiang Ruolin, she is also the first mother.

In this regard, Jiang Ruolin matched the text: Finally, I have a more serious pregnancy photo. When I come to the last Dazhi Road, let’s record it.Disadvantages.

Jiang Ruolin’s mood is getting closer and closer to the days when she meets her baby, because she is worried that a person like she cannot take care of the baby.

So now when she has not met her baby, Jiang Ruolin is already worried about many aspects, and she even bluntly lives in fantasy every day.

However, Jiang Ruolin’s friends will often encourage her so that she should not think too much, because many things will understand after the baby is born, and now there is no need to be too anxious.

Therefore, with the encouragement of friends, Jiang Ruolin’s mood has become easier. Today, she is more to welcome the baby with a relaxed mood.

For the baby, Jiang Ruolin also expressed her hope that the baby can be more like her husband Xiao Weizhan in the future, kindness, cleverness, and protecting herself.

Jiang Ruolin said: I do n’t know if you will be a god teammate or a pig teammate, but no matter what you do, I know you must be a good father, because you are kind, you make me see the truth, kindness and beauty of this world again.

Finally, for the future family of three, the couple can be described as full of expectations, and the two also have to work together to learn to become a good parent in their children’s minds.

As for Jiang Ruolin’s pregnancy, it is completely exaggerated to describe the word "bumpy". The two can be said to have tried a lot of methods for having children.

Looking at traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, and some soil methods, the trials that should be tried to try are unsuccessful. This is also very distressed by the couple.

Later, Jiang Ruolin had suffered from uterine teasing tumors. At that time, the tumor had grown up to the fallopian tubes that affected her, so Jiang Ruolin did not perform surgery.

At the beginning, Jiang Ruolin only thought it was her own problem, but did not expect that after surgery, she was still unsuccessful. Finally, she discovered that her husband Xiao Weizhan had a problem.

At that time, Xiao Weizhan publicly stated that his sperm was not very active. After that, Xiao Weizhan was determined to exercise to change his living habits. After some efforts, the two finally succeeded.

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