Unlike the fake belly in other plays, the pregnant belly of "Dear Child" is really terrible

A woman’s tired appearance was clearly displayed in the mirror, and the woman repeatedly rubbed the spotted pattern with her hands.The next second, the camera was opened, and a huge belly compared with her thin body, forming a visual impact."Dear Child" opened in such a scene, and the slightly darker tone, real and slightly depressed is the feeling of many people watching the drama.

In just a few episodes, the plot has developed rapidly.It was a happy thing to have a new life in the family, but this family gathered the contradictions because of the child’s affairs.Can’t do a good pair of qualified parents, the days have long been able to live.In many film and television works, the protagonist is generally used to make pregnancy with a fake belly, but many unsatisfactory crews are visible to the naked eye.

But in "Dear Child", as soon as he came up, he gave a close -up alone, and even the stretch marks on the stomach were very real.In order to give birth to a child, a woman will be full of spots on her face. The stretch marks on the stomach will not be able to disappear for a long time., No one can accompany it, you can only go through yourself.

Ren Suxi accurately grasped the details of the delivery process simulated by the staff. When performing production production, it was not a "painful roar" but "holding the breath".In the process, it hurts to follow one Nuo "" The sense of substitution is too strong, you can feel the pain of fertility across the screen. "

"Dear Child" filmed these details, it was cruel and real. This is why mother love is always great, because the mother has exchanged for the child’s life with her most cherished, and even there is even some.His mother was exchanged for the child’s life with her own life.The acting skills starring Qin Hao and Ren Suxi also made the role successfully stand.

Ren Suxi’s acting skills are very strong. Whether it is the "immersive child" drama, or the drama of the divorce banquet with Xiao Lu’s property after the divorce, it can make the audience feel the "倔" of the role in minutes.Such a strong person is so fragile and panic in the face of various issues of his daughter. This kind of comparison has no need to say much.

However, we must also see that "Dear Child" is not perfect.In the individual plots, forcibly manufacturing drama conflicts, piled various extreme situations on Fang Yinuo, so that Fang Yinuo’s entire fertility process is only annoying, and there is almost no presence of happiness brought by parenting. This is out of objective.

The drama "Dear Children" did not deliberately high -rise people, and to deliberately sensational, making people feel unreal.It feels like to record the most real things and real people around us with the lens.It was originally revealed a sense of depression to the extreme, but the source of this emotion is because the play is too real, which is a qualified life drama.

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