Understand these things, good "pregnancy" naturally come naturally

According to the World Health Organization statistics, about 830 women die every day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.In my country, according to the statistics of the development of health and health undertakings issued by the National Health and Health Commission in 2021, the mortality rate of maternal mothers in my country is 16.1/100,000, and the risk of pregnancy still needs to be valued.

On February 24th, Sichuan famous doctors invited the obstetrics and gynecology department of Chengdu Jingtong Hospital, Dr. Li Wenlin and Deputy Chief Physician Liang Yilin, the question of the live broadcast, and answered the questions that everyone cared about before, middle, and late.

Reduce pregnancy examination reduces a lot of risks

Never be confused

"Even the oral examination cannot be missed."Dr. Li Wen said that the examination before pregnancy, including marriage examination and pregnancy, is to prevent and perceive the risks facing pregnancy.Preparation tests are mainly aimed at gynecological diseases, especially inflammatory diseases, and some endocrine diseases.Such as urine examination, cervical cancer -proof picture examination, B -ultrasound examination, etc. are necessary.

"Indeed," Dr. Liang Yilin added that pre -pregnancy examination can perceive and prevent many endocrine diseases in advance, especially the relatively high polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition will seriously affect menstruation and cause infertility.Menstrual disorders are not on time and go to the hospital for examination in time.

During pregnancy, where is the size of the embryo, the development of the embryo, the development of the embryo, the complications, and whether the use of health products to ensure that the examination of embryo development is a key issue that needs to be concerned.Different inspections should be performed in different time periods. NT checks must be performed at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy; Tang’s screening is required at 14-19 weeks of pregnancy; four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound will be performed in 22-24 weeks.Essence

During the production period, Dr. Li Wen believes that the current treatment of pregnancy is relatively complete, and the treatment of complications of children and women’s complications is also increasing.As long as the corresponding inspections are done in advance, under the regular and reasonable prenatal protection, the risks will be minimized during production.

Broadcasting wonderful review

Directly hit the 5 major concern

1. What should I do if pregnant women can’t sleep in the later stages of pregnancy?

It is difficult for pregnant women to fall asleep in the later stages of pregnancy because with the increase of the uterus, the burden of pregnant women has gradually increased.During this time, the blood capacity of pregnant women will increase by about 40%, making the heart load very large. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women sleep in their most relaxed and comfortable way. Generally speaking, the left side is better.

2. How can I prevent pets at home and fear that infection of toxoplasma?

Pregnant women are advised not to keep pets after pregnancy.If you have pets at home, you need to go to the hospital to check the toxoplasma antibody in time.To prevent bowworms, we must do a good job of hygienic protection: those who do not eat raw or half of the meat and their products, do not eat fruits and vegetables without washing, do not take care of pet feces in person, and wash your hands in time when you touch your pets.

3. I heard that yoga is good for delivery, is this true?

Yoga in the third trimester is usually helpful for smooth delivery, but the specific effect varies from person to person.Training yoga in the third trimester can stimulate the acceleration of the human body’s metabolism, promote the shrinkage of the uterus, and help speed up the opening of the pelvis.But pay attention to obey the doctors’ arrangements, master the correct method, and not overwork, otherwise it will lead to an increase in the chance of miscarriage.

4. What should I do if I find stones after pregnancy?

During the pregnancy, if there are lulblestones, gallbladder stones, etc. after examination, it is necessary to perform a minimally invasive surgery in time.If you find stones after pregnancy, you should insist on drinking plenty of water. Generally, stones below 6mm, you can discharge yourself through conservative methods.But if there is pain, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

5. I want to "drop the scale" quickly after production, what should I do?

Within 42 days to half a year after giving birth, it is a critical period for body recovery.It is not recommended to consume a lot of nourishing soup during this period, but should consume more high -quality protein.Be sure to exercise appropriately under the guidance of a doctor, and you must not lose weight blindly.Strive for a period of metabolism during lactation, quickly "drop the scale".

Obstetric MDT collaboration mode

Help you "pregnancy"

In this live broadcast, Director Li Wen also popularized the current MDT collaboration mode.MDT refers to the process of multi -disciplinary consultation, which is a process of formulating personal chemotherapy plans for patients by discussing by veterans of multidisciplinary discussions.Applying this model to obstetrics can propose the best solution for the situation of pregnant women to provide the greatest guarantee for the safety of pregnant women.

"BOE Hospital has always been committed to providing high -quality services and professional help for each pregnant woman." Dr. Liang Yilin said that pregnancy is to break through a difficult pass, and the breakthrough of this pass first needs to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.But in addition, professional hospitals and professional doctors should be selected to escort you.The process of pregnancy is not a fighting, but many people collaborate and help.

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