Two 16 -year -old teenagers raped and killed the shop owner, the murderer said that when she was 13 years old, she became a father.

The 20 -year -old Xiao Jiahong was anxiously waiting for his father and 7 -year -old son in Guizhou Province’s minor crimes.Five years ago, Xiao Jiahong, who was only 15 years old, was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide, robbery and rape.

Xiao Jiahong became his father when he was 13 years old, and he committed serious crimes when he was 15 years old. What caused his tragic life!

The Xiao family was born in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province in 1998.His family lives in a self -built three -story building in the urban -rural binding department. His parents have three children together, and the Xiao Jiahong ranks second.Originally, this was a happy and harmonious family, but the death of the Xiao family’s red mother gradually collapsed.

Xiao Jiahong’s mother became ill after her younger sister’s sister. In order to treat her illness, she carried a lot of debts in her family, but in the end she did not restore her life.After the death of Mother Xiao, in order to repay her debt as soon as possible, Xiao Jiahong’s father had to go out to work to take care of Xiao Jiahong, his brother and sister to his grandparents.

Although the family lived a bitter life, they always had hope.However, in 2008, Xiao Jiahong’s father was suddenly arrested and prison. This change once again broke the peace and brought a greater blow to the originally fragile family.

Father Xiao was originally working out, but because of the temptation of money to make money, he had become a drug dealer and was sentenced to thirteen years.The sudden change caused a huge impact on the ten -year -old Xiao Jiahong and aroused his rebellious psychology.Although his grandparents opposed, he dropped out of school into society.

Xiao Jiahong’s grandparents were old and did not have enough energy to discipline him.Coupled with the blow of his son’s imprisonment, they felt weak, as he was making trouble.When he was young, Xiao Jiahong naturally experienced many hardships and setbacks.

Because his mother died, his father was imprisoned, and Xiao Jiahong was always bullied at first, but he always used his fist to fight back.Over time, he has developed the habit of solving the problem with violence.Without adults’ persuasion and discipline his behavior and cognition, his behavior has become increasingly bottomless.

In 2010, the 12 -year -old Xiao Jiahong met a girl a few years older than him. Two adolescent teenagers began to interact and have sexual relationships.They did not consider contraception when they were young, so when the girl was pregnant, they were panicked.The girl has been pregnant for three months, and they don’t know how to deal with it, because they are only teenagers.

The only thing they confirm is that they cannot let adults discover, otherwise they will be troublesome.Xiao Jiahong asked the girl to hide in her own house for a while, and Grandpa Xiao and Grandma Xiao did not find abnormalities.However, things will be revealed after all.

Soon after, the girl’s parents learned about her pregnancy.The minor daughter was pregnant with children, how can they give up?They rushed to the Xiao family and asked Grandpa Xiao and Grandpa to give it a statement.

When the two elderly people witnessed this scene, they didn’t know what to do.Of course they are unwilling to let their children abortion, because this is their grandson.So they even proposed to let Xiao Jiahong marry the girl.The girl’s parents were even more angry when they heard it: "Just by family like you, do you want to marry my daughter? Don’t dream!"

EssenceHer parents looked at her daughter’s big belly, but helplessly, she finally agreed.Therefore, Xiao Jiahong, who was only 12 years old, married the girl and became a father at the age of 13.

After Xiao Father, who was serving his sentence in prison at that time, learned of this, he was full of regrets.If it weren’t for his impulse to commit illegal acts, how could he be put into jail and made his son lack discipline?If it wasn’t for the lack of normal education, how could Xiao Jiahong do such an unusual thing?

In addition to regret, Father Xiao’s heart also had greater concerns and anxiety.The young Xiao Jiahong himself is still a child, so he got married and had children. Can he cope with the sudden pressure and responsibility?Will he make greater trouble because of this?

Father Xiao’s concerns about this matter is reasonable, but the actual situation far exceeds his expectations.

At more than 6 pm on April 19, 2013, the Liupanshui Police Station received a report from the masses, saying that a small shop found a female body.After the police rushed to the scene, they found that the victim was lying on the ground, naked all over the body, and was chaotic around.

The victim is the owner of the shop. She has a fatal trace on her neck, and there is still a trace of sexual assault. In addition, the shop also loses the property.Police initially determined that this was a cruel and bad robbery case.After further investigation, the police quickly locked two suspects.

What is incredible is that the suspect was turned out to be two 15 -year -old teenagers!One of them is Xiao Jiahong.Father Xiao’s concerns became a reality, but the severity of the crime of Xiao Jiahong far exceeded his imagination.

What hate happened between Xiao Jiahong and the owner of the shop, causing him to take such a cruel action?It’s hard to imagine that the source of all this crime turned out to be only 200 yuan.

In 2011, Xiao Jiahong’s son was born.Compared with the carefree life of his peers under the protection of his parents, Xiao Jiahong has assumed the heavy responsibility of a family.In order to maintain a living, Xiao Jiahong, a 13 -year -old Xiao Jiahong, began to serve as a waiter in a local bar, but was dismissed for a long time due to his age.

He is in a desperate situation and can only earn a little income by playing zero work, but this money is far from maintaining a family expense, so he often borrows money to emergency.

In March 2013, Xiao Jiahong’s wallet was bottomed out again, so he borrowed 200 yuan from the victim and promised to return it soon.However, these 200 yuan became the beginning of the tragedy in the future.

Due to the busy living, Xiao Jiahong forgot to pay for the money for a while.This made the victim very angry, thinking that he was in arrears, so he went directly to him and wanted to solve the problem.

On April 18th, Xiao Jiahong, who was sleeping, was awakened by his grandfather: "Why do you borrow the money of others? Why don’t you pay back to others? Also let others come to our house to find accounts, really shame!"

Xiao Jiahong felt very impatient and replied: "I forgot." His perfunctory attitude angrily angrily made Xiao’s grandpa. He lost control and gave Xiao Jiahong a slap.This slap triggered a chain response, not only made Xiao Jiahong and Grandpa quarrel, but also made him resentful to the victim.

Xiao Jiahong rushed out of the house angrily.The more he wants to get angry.It’s just 200 yuan. Is it necessary to make trouble?Moreover, he didn’t plan to pay back!As a young man, he will never endure this grievance, so he wants to teach the victim.

He called his good brother Xiao Di, hoping that he would come together to help.At first, Xiao Di felt that he did not have to move his liver, but under the request of Xiao Jiahong repeatedly, he finally agreed.In an interview afterwards, Xiao Di said that Xiao Jiahong was his best friend who did not want to destroy the friendship between them.

However, it was this so -called "love" pushing the two of them to the abyss of the crime, and at the same time, the life of an innocent woman was taken away.

That night, Xiao Jiahong and Xiao Di came to the shop shop.They pretended to buy items and knocked on the door of the shop.The victims saw that they were acquaintances, and let them come in without much thought.However, as soon as they entered the door, they immediately locked the door and controlled the victims with force.

They assaulted the victims and abused their words.In addition, Xiao Jiahong also snatched 300 yuan in the victim’s wallet and 600 yuan in the bra, and brought the victim to the second floor with a fruit knife to rape her.

The victim was emotional due to insulted, strongly accused the two of them crimes, and insisted that they would call the police to investigate their responsibilities.Under the many threats of Xiao Jiahong and Xiao Di, the victims gradually realized their dangerous situation, so they began to soften and ask for mercy.

Xiao Jiahong and Xiao Di left the shop, but they were still worried that things would be exposed, so they returned to the scene of the crime.They found a belt and killed the victim.The two people who killed their mouths had completely lost their sense, and they didn’t realize what they were doing.

The two people who dropped out of school early have no legal awareness. They don’t know how bad their behavior is, and even after being arrested, they think they will only be sentenced to one or two years.However, the reality is cruel, and it also gives these two young people a heavy lesson.

Xiao Jiahong was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide, robbery and rape.Xiao Di was sentenced to seventeen years in prison for the crime of intentional homicide and robbery.

They regretted it.In the Ministerial Congress of Guizhou Province, the seven -year -old son of the Xiao family pointed at the staff and asked: "Dad, who are these people?"

"These people are all dad’s teachers."

"Why do you have so many teachers?"

"Because Dad made a mistake, they needed to teach Dad to correct their mistakes."

No one believes that the soft -hearted young man in front of him had committed such a serious crime.In an interview with a reporter, he made a deep self -reflection: "When others borrowed money in good faith, you not only do not know how to be grateful, but also cause harm to others.The victim was sorry, and she was sorry for her family. "

"Although I will face a long period of sentence, I will definitely abide by the rules and regulations of the prison, do my best to correct mistakes, and redeem my fault."

There is no doubt that Xiao Jiahong’s life has gone through grief, and it can be called a tragedy in the first two decades.However, Xiao Jiahong, a victim of life, could not grow up healthily, but caused harm to others and became a hateful victim.This is really heartbroken!

In Guizhou’s juvenile criminals, 30%of people have embarked on the wrong path due to lack of family discipline.Parents do not fulfill their responsibility for raising. This is their fault; without education, they will eventually become the tumor of society.We should pay more attention to the physical and mental health of single -parent and left -behind children. Don’t regret it until the incident occurs.

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