Try not to do this on your hands after pregnancy.

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Yesterday, I wanted to make nails after get off work, and went to a nearby regular nail shop.When I was choosing a sample, I inadvertently found that a pregnant mother passed, and suddenly wanted to ask the boss how much nail art would be harmful to fertility?

The nail owner told me in a tone of a person who came over. When I planned to ask for a child, I gave the shop to others to manage it. I took Chinese medicine for a period of time before starting to prepare for pregnancy.The employees and girls in our store will be abnormal for a period of time. If you plan to ask for children, I will let them rest for a while to prepare for pregnancy.

We are used for green pregnant women. The boss directly said that even if pregnant women can use it, they cannot be used for pregnant women. Don’t think about it, it is a problem that is harmful.So as long as there are pregnant women to be nails, I will remind them that there are no 100 % natural nails, and more or less will be harmful to the fetus.

Nail art is very popular now, and the streets can be seen. Many girls are more enthusiastic.The doctor reminds that nails are good, but the harm to the body is not small.Especially for pregnant women, nails can easily cause abortion or fetal malformation during pregnancy.

Professional doctors say that nail polish generally contains "sorcharodolita" substances likely to cause fetal malformation and abortion.This colorless oily liquid can enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, and accumulate in the fat tissue, which is not easy to discharge.If the residual concentration in the human body is high, it will endanger liver, kidney, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, affecting human endocrine function.

When nails, go to nails and nails, and the skin is close to the moon in the moon, the skin is thin on the nails, and even removed, which will cause harm to the nails itself.The surface layer of the nail has a layer of substance like the surface of the tooth, which can protect the nails and become a barrier.After the surface is thin, the protective effect is weakened, and bacteria, fungi and microorganisms can easily infect the human body.In addition, frequent nails will also make the color of the nails darker and gray, which will eventually lead to the redness and swelling of meat around the nails.If the infection is serious, it will quickly purulent and form methylitis.

There are people who love beauty, but they should be based on health, especially for pregnant mothers.


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