Traces of years

Today is the first day. My brother is in the distant Shenzhen, and only my sister and I accompany my mother.

But there are our children, two of my sisters, I have three.

At noon is the two lunch made by the sister and wife, a table full of tables, fish and shrimp, which symbolizes fish every year.

After lunch, the younger sister returned to her hometown. Her two children had already been like an arrow. They originally planned to go back at night. Watching the two children’s excitement, she had to temporarily decide to go home.

In the evening, only me and my children, and my mother, and my dad had to go to work.

After dinner, my mother and I sat on the sofa and chatted. My mother talked about me when I was a child, especially the age of food.

I remember to go to the year with my sister a few days ago. On the way, I was still feeling that when I was in high school, I still remembered the food in the hands of others.

Now I think I feel a little ashamed. After I went to high school, I left my parents to go to junior high school in the town. When I returned to school every Sunday, I saw the girls in the bedroom gathered together to talk about what delicious food was in my schoolbag.

Even for a while, I always complain about my mother, because other people’s mothers always prepare a lot of delicious food for their children, such as fritters, oil cakes, and in winter with sweet potatoes.

At that time, we had a girl with a student head in the same class. Every week, we had to take out half of the cakes when I ate breakfast every week.

The sesame cake is our local specialty. On the one hand, it is a yellowish sesame cover, and the other side is also brilliant, and it looks seductive.

The economy at home is not very good. The cakes are not eaten often. It can be said that I don’t know if I eat it once a year.

Looking at the biscuits taken out by the classmate, I was very eye -catching, and slowly and I became a good friend with her.

In fact, this one is rarely talking, and there are almost no friends, and I seem to be the special one.

Later, whenever she ate together in the morning, she occasionally took out half of the cakes and gave me half to me. I couldn’t wait to eat half a cake.

Another time, I went home on Sunday, and when I got home, I saw the hair cake made by my mother. I like it.

I ate a lot at that time at that time. As a result, I was injured, and I didn’t work in turn for a week.

Thinking back now, I felt that I was a little ridiculous and a little pitiful.

In the evening, my mother said that she had a family planning when she was a kid. It was also related to myself. At that time, I should be just two years old.

At that time, my mother had no money and excess food, and she had so many children, and she was bold about in order to avoid family planning.

The old mother said that they had a connection system at that time, and ten households were made in order to supervise each other.

If one of these ten households violates regulations, we must bring away the ten households in the house.

Even the child mentioned that the family planning was about the tiger’s color change. At that time, my brother was two years old. When he saw the family planning, he would hiding in the canal.

One night, when my father went back to his house, he saw that his brother was named after being planned, and a sister -in -law in the same courtyard was just taken away.

Seeing this scene, he hurried to the cave that his parents avoided. At that time, parents had already built another house. In order to avoid the family planning, they had to avoid it into the cave of the old house.

When I heard my friends, my parents panicked. Dad hugged me naked in my arms. Dad wrapped me tightly in military coats.

In this way, my father walked with his friends, and when the mother heard the noise when she went out, she turned into the public toilet on the roadside and waited nervously in the toilet.

Dad walked around and was stopped by the cadres in the village. After recognizing it, they said that Dad was also the target of the plan, and took Dad and me to a truck.

At that time, her mother was with her sister. If they were taken away, they would be induced and ligated.

Fortunately, my mother hid in, and my father thought that he would be fined if he was taken away. If he only took a child, there would be no so many things.

So Dad jumped off the truck and escaped, and gave himself to the aunt he knew, just as the aunt held his younger son in his arms.

Fortunately, there was this aunt. I was taken to the temporary point in the town. I ate my aunt’s milk all night and passed the night.

The next day, Auntie found a relationship and took him back, but in the end, they were fined 400 yuan. At that time, four hundred dollars were already a lot.

My mother said that these old things were full of memories, and I like to listen to them to say old things, not only a memories or traces of time.

Now the country has liberalized the three -child policy. I do n’t want their era. If they are two -tips for boys, they can only give birth to one; if the first child is a girl, you can still regenerate one, and there is a strict time interval.

In rural areas, in order to give birth to one child, people start hiding around after pregnancy, and some people stay in a room for a few months.

A friend of my mother sprained her feet when she was pregnant for her birthday. After sprains, she did not dare to go to the hospital for treatment. She did not dare to go to the hospital after production.

As a result, her thighs had severe thrombosis. When they were sent to the hospital, they were told that they needed amputation. If they went later, if the thrombus extended to the navel, she might have no life.

A generation of people has a generation of people. When we are in a rare year, they will be so emotional when they sit down and chat with our children.

This is years, and what years leave us are those old things.

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