Top 10 issues that cannot be ignored after the fetal stop, do you know how many?Let’s talk together

From fertilized eggs to mature and healthy fetuses,

It is a wonderful process of the birth of a new life,

If this process is disrupted,

We call this phenomenon called "fetal stopping",

The fetal stopping will hurt the expectant parents,

But you must accept this fact.

For the baby can be born safely,

Many sisters are careful.

even so,

Tailoring is no longer a small probability event.

From a clinical point of view,

In recent years, the incidence of embryonic stopping has continued to rise,

It has a great negative impact on women’s physical and mental health.

In addition to diseases and environmental pollution with traditional cognitive,

A variety of factors such as radiation,

It is also related to more specific diseases.

this time,

From the perspective of precise fetal protection,


"Top 10 issues that sisters need to be solved after the fetus stops,", "

In order to make more sisters "graduate unloading"!

1. Check HCY and folic acid metabolism capabilities

Clinical statistics show,

The probability of Chinese people has a high probability of folic acid metabolism.

This is easy to cause HCY to rise

And increase the chance of pregnancy failure.

Research proof:

Homocysteine (HCY)

Her blood disease has an impact on the embryo,

It is the high -risk factors of placental peeling early peeling, signs of eclampsia and other diseases.

Corcinine level of serum homicide in patients with recurrent abortion

Obviously higher than normal women, the level of folic acid in the body is low,

Folic acid metabolism -related genes have a high rate of abnormal abnormalities,

Depending on patients with different folic acid metabolism risks

Give folic acid for regular intervention,

It can improve the level of serum folic acid,

Reduce the level of same type cysteine,

It is conducive to reducing pregnancy complications and improving pregnancy endings.

If HCY level> 8, it means that folic acid metabolism is abnormal,

You can use methalotic acid, B12, B6,

After the indicators fall down, then pregnancy.

2. Monitor the luteal function

Uacble functional incomplete

The incidence of women with normal fertility ability is very low.

Even if there is it, it is occasional,

And usually with dieting, staying up late, exams

It is related to stress factors such as strenuous exercise.

For infertility groups,

There are literature reported that the incidence of luteal dysfunction is 13.5%, and

The incidence of repeated abortion is as high as 32.5.

People with insufficient luteal function,

Need to give luteal support,

For the role of pregnancy and female female coordination,

Maintain pregnancy.

Over 35 years old, suffering from polycystic/inner heterogeneity/Hashimoto

/Hypothyroidism/APS/High -secreted R vegetarian and other people,

Lbality function is usually not good.

Insufficient luteal function is usually accompanied by

Ovarian function decrease, LH <4 and FSH ≥ 5,

Or testosterone T is low and FSH/LH> 1.

5-8 days after ovulation E2 <100 or> 300pg/ml,

3-7 days after ovulation <10ng/ml,

Suspected luteal function is insufficient.

Sisters with incomplete luteum function,

Can be taken 3 months in advance

Coenzyme Q10, multi -dimensional folic acid,

Drugs such as C/E, sulfuric acid, zinc selenium and other drugs

Perform luteal support!

3. Supplement sufficient vitamin D

Sisters who have had a history of abortion or infertility,

Most of them have performed 25 hydroxyvitrin D tests.

Studies have shown that vitamin D to a certain extent

Affect ovarian physiological function and fertility.

Vitamin D can affect AMH secretion,

And with polycystic ovary syndrome

It is related to the occurrence of endometriosis,

It will also cause a variety of pregnancy complications.

Such as miscarriage, pre -periodic period, gestational diabetes, etc.

From the perspective of fertility

Vitamin D needs to be maintained at 50-60ng/ml.

But most people are 30ng/ml

The passing lines have not been reached.

Sisters who have stopped fetal stopping history,

You need to pay attention to this issue before pregnancy.

If the level is lower than 40ng/ml,

4000-5000IU every day is suitable.

4. Seven items of armor inspection, including antibodies

Before the damage to the armor,

Most of the thyroid -related antibodies have existed for several years.

The most basic method is thyroid function test.

7 of them include:

Pyrenexical hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (FT4),

Free trioxyticine (FT3),

Thyroxine (T4),

Tanodang anti -thyroidin (T3),

Pithernic globulin antibody (TGAB),

Anti -thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAB).

Even if the armor is normal,

The existence of thyroid antibodies

It will also increase the chance of failure in pregnancy,

If there is an antibody, the TSH should be adjusted within 2.

5. Try to deal with the problem

If you have a medium -weight periodontal disease,

These bacteria will enter amniotic fluid through blood circulation,

Severe damage to the fetus.

Studies have shown that those who suffer from severe periodontal disease,

The lighter will trigger the contraction and other reactions,

In severe cases, there can

Or the newborn weight is too light.


Timely to dental caries and periodontal diseases before pregnancy,

Oral diseases such as residual roots, obstructing teeth

It is very necessary for treatment,

Try not to bring it into the pregnancy period.

And if the symptoms of related oral diseases are found during pregnancy

You should seek medical treatment in time.

6. Treatment of enditis and vaginitis

Endometritis is a female reproductive system

A manifestation of low immunity.

The immunity is low,

Bacterial can naturally invade,

As a result, the endometrium is lesions,

Finally, the lesion was caused.

Pregnant mothers have vaginitis,

The baby will have a risk of infection from the mother’s vagina.

In severe cases, premature birth and abortion can be occurred.

If the pregnant mother is infected with rubella, giant cell virus, etc.,

Or suffer from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease,

Viral hepatitis, etc. and during the acute attack,

It may cause fetal stop.

In the third trimester, doctors usually do

Let the pregnant mother check the urine routine and leucorrhea routine,

The purpose is to check the infection of the vaginal and urethra,

Timely intervention,

Even the choice of choice of childbirth,

Pregnant mothers should conduct check -up checks on time

7. Ure adhesion

Uterine cavity adhesion will damage

And infection to destroy the endometrial integrity of the uterine,

Causes the tissue of the palace wall tissue to stick to the uterine cavity lock,

Reduced uterine tolerance.

This changes in this uterine environment are not conducive to sperm storage,

Survival and ability is not conducive to bed in bed,

Placenta implantation and embryo development.

Although some can get pregnant,

But ended with repeated abortion.

There are reports of 192 cases of uterine cavity adhesion,

141 of them infertility,

51 cases repeated abortion,

There is no case of childbirth.

8. The disadvantage of the outside world

If the pregnant mother is during pregnancy

In contact with some harmful substances, radiation, etc.

Both will cause fetal stopping.

Avoid contact with harmful substances,

Such as X -ray, lead, pesticides, etc.

9. Be alert to drug harm

Drugs that are easy to cause abortion are:

Pharmaceuticals with the effect of shrinking uterine flat muscle,

Mission and drugs with strong irritation,

Diuretic drugs can also cause uterine pelvic congestion and uterine contraction.

Some anti -tumor drugs can also cause fetal malformations, causing premature birth

If you are ready,

Take the medicine during pregnancy and then take a cautious attitude.

When you have to take the medicine,

It should be taken into account the possibility of pregnancy, considering the possibility of pregnancy,

Choose a drug that is recognized as safe and has no harm to the fetus.

In particular, we must use new drugs carefully.

10. Little tadpole fragmentation rate

If there is a fetal stop,

Men have to check the DNA fragment rate DFI.

Adjust DFI to less than 20 before preparing for pregnancy,

It’s ideal.

Take 3 months in advance to take methacopic acid

Multi -dimensional, coenzyme Q10,

Omega3, sulfur, zinc selenium, etc.

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