Toothache during pregnancy cannot be hardened, which causes 4 causes of toothache during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should understand in advance

As the saying goes, "toothache is not a disease, it is a life pain", and about 60%of the pregnant mothers will suffer toothache during pregnancy.Although toothache is not a serious illness, it cannot be underestimated. If it is not handled well, the damage to the baby is still very serious.

Tooth is an important tool for maintaining nutritional intake and requires careful care.Pregnant mothers can not relieve the painkillers of painkillers,

So preventing dental problems is particularly important.Why is it prone to toothache during pregnancy?How to prevent teeth?

Xiao Yi is a person who pays attention to diet, because she always loves sugar when she was a child, always toothache, and she still had two tooth decay after changing her teeth.

So since she is sensible, she protects her teeth.However, Xiao Yi, who was almost four months pregnant, suddenly had toothache recently, and his gums were swollen.I only eat a little every time I eat, and I can reluctantly bear it during the day, and I can’t sleep around at night.

Because during pregnancy, Xiao Yi did not dare to take medicine, thinking that it would be good, but the swelling was getting more and more powerful two days ago.No way, you can only go to the hospital.The doctor said, "You need to hit a few days, toothache during pregnancy cannot be hardened, and it will affect your baby’s development in severe cases."

Toothache during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Four reasons may cause toothache, and tooth care must be done during pregnancy.

① hormone elevation

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen in pregnant mothers has increased, especially the level of progesterone levels, which may cause the gums of swelling blood vessels and induce gingivitis.

If there are gingivitis or tooth decay before pregnancy, it may increase after pregnancy, and the gums may also have hyperplasia, swelling, and bleeding.

② Error concept

Some pregnant mothers mistakenly believe that gum bleeding and caries during pregnancy caused by pregnancy are not paid attention to oral care.This allows a large amount of plaque in the oral cavity, causing periodic periodicitis, and even periodontal tissue destruction or loosening of the teeth.

③ Insufficient calcium

There is no timely intake of calcium in time during pregnancy, but in order to meet the baby’s growth and development needs, calcium and phosphorus will be obtained from the bones and teeth of the pregnant mother, and the tooth of the pregnant mother will become unknown.

④ Excess sweets

Many pregnant mothers usually like to eat sweets, and sweets are good feed for oral bacteria to grow and reproduce.During pregnancy, the pregnant mothers have fewer movements and sleep more, which reduces saliva secretion, causing the cleansing function of the teeth, and exacerbating various dental problems.

Toothache during pregnancy should be treated in time. In order to allow pregnant mothers to have a healthy teeth during pregnancy, avoid toothache, prevent and care in advance, and achieve the following four points:

① Take adequate calcium

Eat more foods containing calcium during pregnancy, such as milk and dairy products, soy products, shrimp skin, etc., to provide the calcium needs of mothers and babies, thereby protecting the health of pregnant mothers.

② Rinse diligently and clean

When it is not convenient to brush their teeth during pregnancy, the pregnant mother must develop the habit of rinse diligently, because this can reduce the corrosion of the teeth brought by stimulating food.Clean your teeth with the help of toothpicks or dental floss, eliminate the residue of teeth and soft dirt, and reduce the chance of toothache.

③ Eat more crude fiber food

Eating crude fiber foods can increase the chewing time, generate physiological stimuli to the periodontal tissue, and help solid the teeth.In addition, rough food has a large friction on the surface of the teeth, which can help clean the plaque on the surface of the teeth and reduce caries.Eat more celery, apples, pears, corn cakes, etc.

④ Eat more vitamin C fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C during pregnancy is lacking, and gums will easily bleed.Eat more foods containing vitamin C, which can make red -swollen inflammatory teeth improve.You can eat more tomatoes, citrus, green peppers, etc.

【Mom Sending】

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have a lot of pregnancy conditions. We must put a mentality and balance the diet. In addition to several foods recommended above, you can also eat 6 more good foods:

Onions, shiitake mushrooms, celery, walnut kernels, honey, cheese.They can help oral acid alkali deserves balance, strong tooth hardness, decreased oral bacteria breeding, and can also help the baby’s teeth develop.

【Topic today】

Pregnant mothers, do you have toothache during pregnancy?

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