Toothache during pregnancy?The doctor said that it would affect the baby’s health in severe cases, in severe cases

Xiaomei often feels toothache during pregnancy. She used to offend this disease before. Generally, she just take some medicine, but she has to endure the medicine during pregnancy, so she has to bear it.The episode of the early pregnancy was enough to make her uncomfortable. Now the symptoms of toothache are not good, and her appetite is even worse.

Later, I found a dentist, and the dentist helped it to deal with it soon.Doctors say that oral problems during pregnancy may also affect the baby, if severe, it may cause miscarriage.

Indeed, oral diseases will breed bacteria, and these bacterial toxins may enter the blood circulation system of expectant mothers, and affect the normal healthy development of the baby through the placenta.Studies have shown that the premature birth rate (less than 32 weeks) suffering from periodontitis (less than 32 weeks) is 5-7 times that of normal pregnant women, and the mortality rate of low -weight babies or babies during the feasting period will be 15%higher than those who are normal than those who are normal ~30%.

It can be seen that the oral problems of expectant mothers during pregnancy cannot be ignored, but they should prevent problems before they occur!

1. Hormonic effects

During pregnancy, the choricular hormone in the mother’s body increases rapidly, and the endocrine system will change greatly, causing the capillaries of the gums to bend, expand, and weaken elasticity, resulting in poor blood circulation, and increased permeability of the blood vessel wall.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, it is easy to cause problems such as gum bleeding and swelling, causing gingivitis.

2. Smart teeth inflammation

Due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the original inflammation of the gums is aggravated and acute. Therefore, expectant mothers with wisdom teeth are vulnerable to toothache, but they are not suitable for extraction during pregnancy.Especially in 3 months and 3 months before pregnancy, tooth extraction can easily cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion and premature birth.

3. Sequelat of the early pregnancy reaction

Many expectant mothers are prone to nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, and brushing can stimulate the oral environment and exacerbate pregnancy discomfort during pregnancy.Therefore, in order to avoid uncomfortable symptoms, many pregnant mothers will lazy without brushing their teeth.

But at the same time, pregnancy vomiting will increase the acidic substances in the mouth. If you don’t pay attention to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth, the oral cavity is in an acidic environment for a long time, and the gums of the teeth are also prone to illness.

4. Changes in living habits

During pregnancy, the amount and number of mothers will increase, especially foods that prefer sour and sweet flavors.Living habits, especially the changes in dietary rhythm and taste, can accumulate a lot of food residues in the mouth. If you do not get timely cleaning, the bacteria will breed violently and cause oral problems.

1. Oral examination before pregnancy, prevent problems before

Since I know that toothache during pregnancy is difficult to cure, when planning to be pregnant, expectant mothers should go to a professional dental department for detailed oral examination 3 to 6 months in advance, such as removing long or inflamed wisdom teeth, etc.Essence

2. Brush your teeth seriously during pregnancy, often rinse your mouth

After pregnancy, no matter how severe the reaction during pregnancy, expectant mothers cannot ignore oral hygiene, and must brush their teeth twice in the morning and evening.In addition, after pregnancy, you can also wash your mouth with warm water or pregnant women’s mouthwash to reduce the acidity in the mouth and protect the health of the teeth.

3. Adjust dietary preferences, protect gum health

Pregnant mothers can eat more at dinner, so as not to eat again in a short time because of hunger.If you are really hungry between the two meals, you should also choose eggs, milk, etc. to supplement your physical strength.

At the same time, pregnant women should avoid eating acidic foods such as plums, lemons, tangerine peels, etc., so as not to be severely eroded by the teeth and cause teeth sensitive.

4. Once the pain occurs, go to the hospital for treatment in time

Once the gums are discomfort during pregnancy, expectant mothers should go to the hospital for treatment in time to solve the problem as soon as possible.Do not hold the mentality of the past and drag small problems into a major problem.

When going to the hospital for a doctor, you also need to tell your doctor that he is a pregnant woman or is preparing for pregnancy to take zero -risk or low -risk treatment.

All in all, oral problems during pregnancy not only affect the diet of pregnant mothers, but also affect the healthy development of the fetus. Moms must pay attention to it!

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