To protect the Dutch pigs, avoid "older women". For more than 8 months, pay attention to the problem of birth.

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There are many names of guinea pigs, guinea pigs, guinea pigs, and Dutch pigs. It seems that it is a giant mouse.Unfortunately, it is really not that it is different from another pet "rat" -the hamster (different subjects in biological classification).In small animals, guinea pigs actually-more-like-rabbit-seeds, the most vivid name comes from the folk-mouse rabbit.

Since there are many things in common with rabbits, taking care of guinea pigs, of course, you can learn from the method of taking care of rabbits, especially in 4 aspects.

Like rabbits, guinea pig’s teeth are also growing in "lifelong system". From the tooth to the molar on both sides, there is no stop in life; there is no cheek sac on both sides of the cheeks;Like rabbits, it is basically a "herbivore".Therefore, its recipes are also like rabbits: a large amount of dried grass is a staple food+a small amount of guinea pig food+fresh vegetables and fruits.

(From this, it can also be seen that the guinea pigs and hamsters are different. The hamster only grows in the front teeth, so it can eat high -proportion of grains.)

The temperament of guinea pigs is very mild, so most of them are like rabbits, sensitive and timid, easy to call.However, according to the experience of some pet doctors, guinea pigs are stronger than rabbits.

Of course, raising guinea pigs should still try to avoid unnecessary frightening or nervousness.For example, a huge sound, a particularly bright environment, etc. will make guinea pig nervous, which will cause some digestive system problems.

According to the experience of some pet doctors, the health problems that the most often encountered are also similar to rabbits, which is the problem of teeth.

In particular, the molars of guinea pigs are tilt on the tongue on both sides. Once the teeth are too long, they will affect their swallowing and cause a large amount of saliva outflow.If your guinea pig baby suddenly spit out, it is time to find a pet doctor to check it immediately.

Such a problem usually occurs. The reason is that the amount of dry grass feed is insufficient, which causes the growth rate of the teeth to tear the speed. The method of solving is to be processed.

Therefore, for the health of guinea pig’s teeth, the master is best to take it to check the lower teeth every six months.And daily diet, it also provides enough dry grass, dried grass, and dried grass like rabbits.

Rabbit is a very capable animal. Frequent fertility will cause female rabbits to suffer from reproductive system problems.So just feeding pet rabbits instead of professional farmers, they will consider breeding problems and prevent rabbit mothers from having too many babies.

The same is true for guinea pigs and must face the problem of birthplace, although the reason is not the same as the rabbit -not only to protect the guinea pig mother, but also to protect the guinea pig father.

This is because, before 8 months old, the end of the pelvic cavity of the female guinea pigs is not complete. The pelvic diameter is relatively loose and easy to produce.After 8 months, the calcified pelvic cavity is not conducive to production.If pregnancy is easy to cause dystocia.This is a bit like a human "elderly maternal" (for an analogy).

Coupled with different guinea pig babies and human babies, they have hair and teeth as soon as they are born. (It’s like Nezha in humans), so the body shape is relatively large to the baby of other small animals.Therefore, female guinea pigs are really not suitable for "elderly women."

This means that if you want the female guinea pig you are raised as a mother, it is best to get them pregnant and give birth to babies at a age of 5-6 months.of.

Once 8 months passed, consider letting them "contraception" and breeding. It would be better if you can do breeding surgery.

There is also the male guinea pig. If there is no ligation surgery like a cat and a dog, when he was old, it may be possible to cause "muscle weakness" around the anus due to excessive "rogen ".Unlucky.

One thing to remind in 1000 years is to remind that there are not many pet doctors who can help guinea pigs to do breeding surgery, so if you want to bring them as birthpasses, you must consult a doctor.Before finding a reliable doctor, the "husband and wife" of the "couple" who are more than 8 months old can help them separate.Old guinea pigs, especially guinea pigs, pay more attention to their individual hygiene.

People who pay attention to guinea pigs should know that the reason why the wild guinea pigs have become extinct. Is the reason for extinction? Is it related to their "problems" of their fertility?Fortunately, as pets, they can also live in all parts of the world by artificially raising them. It is the best love to take care of them.

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