Tired of sleepy during the early pregnancy and being dismissed by the company. How should expectant mothers avoid?

I don’t know when the company’s personnel recruitment, married and rated women, have a higher chance of getting a notice than unmarried and unborn women.The main reason is that the work of married and educated women is more stable, and it will not delay the company’s work because of marriage and child.Another reason is that now people live more and more "delicate", and they find that there are not a few people who resign home after pregnancy.However, some people still have a better future for their lives to live. After pregnancy, they still choose to fight on the front line of work.

I remember that before resigning last year, a female colleague was called sugar, smart and beautiful, responsible for the company’s customer service work, and usually dealt with some big customers.I have been working in this company for more than 3 years. I can say that I have a strong personal ability. I have won a lot of large projects for the company, which is very valued by the boss.When she was married, because the company was just catching the project and could not give her too long vacation, she returned to the company to continue working after only 3 days of marriage.In my eyes is a workaholic. In order to work, the kind of husband can be abandoned.

After a few months of marriage, one day suddenly found that she seemed to have no menstruation. After using the pregnancy test stick test, she found that she had a baby. At that time, the mood was happy and worried.I am happy to be a mother, and I am worried that the arrival of the baby will affect her work.After all, she belongs to a strong woman and a workaholic, but she does not want to resign from home because she is pregnant. She also hopes to make some milk powder for children through work.At that time, she was not in a hurry to tell the company’s leadership, but with the increase of the nausea and retching reaction as the month increased.

This is still tolerated, but she always feels tired, all weak, without mental and not interested, and always want to sleep in the company every day.One day colleagues knew that after she was pregnant, she persuaded her to sleep on the table for a while, and was just seen by the company’s leaders.I found her in the afternoon of the day, and persuaded her to go home to "rest" first, so she was dismissed by the company.In fact, there are many cases of sugar sugar. When you are not pregnant, you will be dismissed by the company after pregnancy.

In fact, it is normal for the situation of tiredness, spirit, and want to sleep in the early stages of pregnancy. It is a normal reaction between 1-3 months of early pregnancy. Generally, it will basically improve after the third month, and it will not affectGo to work.I personally think that as a company, I should have an understanding of such excellent employees and give employees to take care of it. Moreover, the sugar sugar itself does not delay the work in their hands, but the body is uncomfortable.However, I can only express helplessness for this.For the expectant mothers who are still working in the early stages of pregnancy, if you are also facing the situation of nausea, shed, and lethargy, I can only tell you some ways to relieve the surface position and try to stay in the company.

1. Don’t have psychological pressure, tell yourself that this is the normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy.

2. Tell the company to tell the company’s current physical condition and clearly inform them that they can continue to work, and they will improve after three months. Please rest assured.

3. To ensure sufficient sleep outside the work, hurry up when you have time to rest.Of course, if you really can’t bear such a dizzy life, don’t force yourself, you can take a few days of rest and then work.

4. For nausea and retching, you can have plastic bags and washing supplies at all times in the bag to avoid vomiting in the company and the road.

I believe that these points are done well, expectant mothers can still fight on the front line of work and work hard for the baby’s beautiful life!If you are sugar, would you choose to accept persuasion, or continue to work until childbirth?Welcome to your opinion below.

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