Thousands of skin care products are thrown away when you are pregnant?The common skin care problem of expectant mothers, the answer to see here

Ms. Gu, who was just pregnant in July, was very heartbroken. Because of her pregnancy, her family insisted that she would not use any skin care products containing chemical components, so all the bottles and cans she used before pregnancy were tidy up and thrown away.When I came to the hospital for a check -up day, I did not have to apply sunscreen. I only wore a sun hat. Ms. Gu belonged to a sensitive muscle. After returning, the arms and ankles were red and slightly rash.Instead, it is "lost".

For pregnant mothers, while pregnancy brings joy, it will also be accompanied by some skin problems and skin care: Can the previous skin care products be used?The skin is getting darker and darker after pregnancy?Greasy?The pores are rough?Which ingredients need to be detoured?How should I scientifically skin care during pregnancy?

Maybe nine of the ten expectant mothers are not allowed to be accurate. After all, the discussion of this topic around him can be called a debate.

"What skin care products do you use when you are pregnant! Just eat and drink well!"

"Skin care products basically contain chemical components, which will be absorbed by the fetus and endanger the health of the baby. For my cub, it is still the safest to face the sky."

"I only use pure natural, especially plant extraction, and a few leaves should be added to the packaging to look refreshing … This naturally looks eye -catching, sounds comfortable, and smells Hei fragrance. It should be right.The skin is very friendly! "

Regardless of whether there is any doubt or a view, there is a way to Mom Berry Mom College!

On September 13th (Sunday), Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital wants to come up with a beautiful mother during pregnancy, and get out of skin care during the autumn of pregnancy.What can not be used; and at 10 am on September 27th (Sunday), the expectant mother took the baby to do it together. Natural materials, safe and non -irritating lipstick DIY, you must not miss it!

Correspondent Zeng Qingjiang

[Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News]

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