Those who love "snoring" should be careful of 5 kinds of diseases.

Snoring, this is embarrassing in public, sometimes coming.

Some people are particularly easy to hiccups. They have to hiccups when they are full. They also have to hiccups when they are hungry. They will snoring when they are nervous.

Don’t think that snoring is just a physiological reaction, there is no practical function, and some "hiccups" may be providing you with a "life -saving signal".

"Life Times" interviewed experts telling you the hidden health secrets behind hiccups, and taught you a few tricks to stop.

Interviewed expert

Peng Dantao, Director of Neurology, China -Japan Friendship Hospital

Liu Xiaowei, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Gong Yongtai

What kind of "hiccup" is your "hiccup"?

The hiccup we usually say is divided into ghost and hiccups in professionalism:

▶ The sound of the ingenuity is "hiccup", dull and long, and the interval is long. The main reason is that the stomach is qi, and the qi is reversed from the stomach."Full".

▶ The sound of the hug is sounded as "uh", sharp and rushing, emitting from the throat, and at the same time, it is accompanied by trunk vibration and shrugging. It often occurs suddenly. It will hit several in connects.

Some other factors in life can also cause snoring, such as eating too fast, taking easy bubbling drugs, emotional anxiety, fast drinking water, smoking, drinking air drinks, chewing gum, repeated swallowing movements, excessive ventilation during exercise, etc.Essence

In addition, patients who take di metacrales or other hypoglycemic drugs for a long time are also prone to snoring.

What needs to be reminded is that there are two types of biological and pathological, regardless of whether they are sturdy or hiccups.

The qi is accompanied by heartburn, acid reflux, pain, black stool, etc., which may be pathological and need to go to the Department of Gastroenterology as soon as possible.The frequent or duration of hiccups may be a sign of certain diseases.

Continuousness is an important basis for clinical judgment whether it is pathological snoring. It is more than 48 hours of persistent or refractory snoring. Patients should seek medical treatment in time.

Hicccurning may be the disease in the police

When the snoring time lasts for a long time and is accompanied by some symptoms, be careful not to be a disease.

1. Stroke warning

Before the stroke, the patient’s intracranial transformation may have occurred, causing abnormal discharge of the vagus nerve, and the transverse partial muscles are constantly shrinking, which occurs.In addition, some patients will have acute ulcers due to stroke stimulation, resulting in bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract, stimulating gastric mucosa after bleeding, stimulating the diaphragm muscle, promoting diaphragmic spasm, and continuing hiccups.

Once someone has stubborn hiccups, and it is accompanied by physical activity, unclear words, unclear opinions, etc., at the same time suffer from basic diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc.Attack.

2. Stomach disease

Do not stop without eating, and cannot stop yourself. At the same time, it is also accompanied by the iconic stomach, chest, or throat. It may be stomach disease.Disagreement and other discomforts may exist repeatedly or for a long time.

3. Poor renal function

When the kidneys just start to do a problem, the human body usually does not feel. As the harmful waste in the body is more and more accumulated, it will cause the diaphragm and the vagus nerve to be uncomfortable, which will cause frequent snoring, which is also one of the signs of the variance of renal function.

If it is accompanied by muscle convulsions, extremely thirst, and the skin is becoming pale, it is more serious.

4. nerve injury

Diamond spasm is likely to be related to the vagus nerve injury, whether it is temporary or permanent, such as nerve injury caused by tumor or trauma.

Any factor causes the neck, throat, chest, and abdomen to wrap the nerves that cannot play normally, and the annoying stubborn snoring may occur.

5. Some cancers

Continuous hiccups may be a case of darts around the diaphragmis, such as liver cancer, and clinically have cases that have been detected by continuous snoring liver cancer.Tumors cause liver swelling, stimulating the diaphragm and causing spasm to keep snoring.

Patients with esophageal cancer, cardia cancer, and gastric cancer also have symptoms of continuous snoring.

Clinically, some women say that they know the initial signal of their pregnancy, that is, snoring becomes frequent.

▶ On the one hand, after women’s pregnancy, hormone levels and changes in the level of pressure in the body, causing snoring related to anxiety;

▶ On the other hand, many people’s early pregnancy performance often increases stomach anti -acid phenomenon, which will also lead to snoring.

6 methods to help you stop hiccups

If you are just a simple physiological snoring, you should try not to speak as much as possible if you want to avoid it. Don’t eat too fast, too cold, eat less radish, beans, onion and garlic and other gas -producing foods.

Many people also use the "frightening method" to stop snoring. Why do people who snoring are scared after being scared, they may stop snoring?

According to the principle of snoring, as long as the diaphragm reflection is interrupted, snoring can be stopped.A frightening, as a strong emotional stimulus, can be passed to the subcutaneous center through the cortex to inhibit diaphragmic spasm.

The "scare method" can indeed stop hutting, and suddenly jumps in front of the snoring person to yell, or it belongs to this method.

However, the scare method is only applicable to the one -sex hiccup, and the hiccups caused by germination, such as esophagitis and brain tumors are poor.

In addition, patients with hypertension and heart disease use this method to avoid serious consequences.

In addition to the commonly used scary method, the following small methods may help stop the snoring:

Hold your breath

Hold your nose, close your mouth, and hold your breath as long as possible.Or hold your mouth and nose with a paper bag, take a deep breath several times, increase the content of carbon dioxide in the blood, and let the body "forget" snoring.

Blocked your ears

Block your ears with your fingers, thereby inhibiting the activity of the fan’s nerve endings and stop snoring.

Bend over and drink water

Try to lean forward in the upper body, drink a few mouthfuls of warm water in this state, and do the movement of 90 degrees at 90 degrees. The stomach is close to the diaphragm muscle.Be careful not to be pinched when drinking water.

Pull the tongue outward

Proide the tongue with a clean finger and pull it out.At this time, you will feel that the abdomen has a gas rising, trying to pull to the next snoring disappearance.

According to Zhizhu

If you want to stop the snoring, the Chinese medicine is recommended to rub the Zhuzhu acupoint (the depression of the inner edge of the eyebrow).

Stand up the thumb of your hands, place your thumb’s fingertips in the depression of the inside of the eyebrow, press down to the soreness, and take a deep breath at the same time for about 1 minute.▲

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