Those who know the first pregnancy

As an old -age leftover woman in the north and late marriage, I have also experienced a little confusion and anxiety. Life is almost filled with work. However, in the workplace, it is just a small screw that can be replaced at any time.The more you come, especially about pregnancy, I know that 35 years old is an imminent watershed. Because of the work of work, people who are pregnant are generally 27+, and they have become a group of mysterious groups after pregnancy. II don’t know what they experienced in the workplace with pregnancy. It wasn’t until I joined them that I knew something that I needed to know for the first pregnancy.Now sort out as follows:

Check two ways to get pregnant:

1. Use the pregnancy inspection stick at home

2. Go to the hospital to get a blood check. Generally, you can go to the hospital for checking the menstrual cycle. The first check is mainly to check the progesterone and HCG value.Generally speaking, as the number of days of pregnancy increases, HCG gradually doubles, and progesterone is also a high level.If HCG doubles better, when progesterone is doubled, the development of the embryo is usually relatively good.If the two are separated, there will be problems. Specific hospital doctors will give suggestions.

Early pregnancy progesterone and HCG value:

Modernone is also known as progesterone hormone, which is progesterone;

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta.

You can ask Du Niang.

Generally, it is confirmed that the pregnancy and HCG value is a necessary examination item for early pregnancy. The control table of progesterone and HCG and pregnancy weeks is given below.The first day of the last menstrual period starts, the total number of days is divided into 7 is the number of pregnancy. For example, the last time is 10.11 today is 12.20 and the pregnancy week is 5 weeks. To be precise, it is 5 weeks of pregnancy+4 days).About 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, HCG will reach its peak, and 10 weeks will start to decline after 10 weeks. At about 18 ~ 20 weeks, the index is in a stable state, and this state may be maintained before childbirth.

Generally, there are fetal hearts, fetal buds, or placenta. There is no need to observe HCG and progesterone value at any time. The fetal heart and fetal buds are generally detected between 6 weeks and 8 weeks of pregnancy. Some menstruation may be incorrect.Proper delay for a week, the test of this fetal heart bud is more accurate through vaginal B -ultrasound.

Performatone (P)

Measurement time


Unit NG/ML

Unit nmol/l

Follicle period


0.2 ~ 0.6ng/ml

0.6 ~ 1.9nmol/L

Luteal period


6.5 ~ 32.2.2ng/ml

20.7 ~ 102.4nmol/L

4-6 weeks of pregnancy


19.4 ~ 25ng/ml

19.4 ~ 95.3nmol/L

7 weeks of pregnancy


24.5 ± 7.6ng/ml

76.4 ± 23.7nmol/L

8 weeks of pregnancy


28.6 ± 7.9ng/ml

76.4 ± 23.7nmol/L

9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy


38.0 ± 13.0ng/ml

118.6 ± 40.6nmol/L

13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy


45.5 ± 14.0ng/ml

142.0 ± 43.7nmol/L

17-20 weeks of pregnancy


63.3 ± 14.0ng/ml

197.5 ± 43.7nmol/L

21-24 weeks of pregnancy


110.9 ± 35.7ng/ml

346.0 ± 111.4nmol/L

25-34 weeks of pregnancy


165.3 ± 35.7ng/ml

514.8 ± 111.4nmol/L

35 weeks of pregnancy


202.0 ± 47.0ng/ml

630.2 ± 146.6nmol/L/L

β-chorionic gonadotropin (β-HCG)

Measurement time


Unit NG/ML

Unit U/L

Non -pregnancy



<3.1 μg/l

7-10 days pregnant


> 5.0mu/ml

> 5.0U/L

30 days of pregnancy


> 100mu/ml

> 100U/L

40 days of pregnancy


> 2000mu/ml

> 2000U/L

10 weeks of pregnancy


50 ~ 100u/ml

50 ~ 100ku/L

Construction file:

Generally, it is confirmed that the fetal heart buds are required, and it is necessary to set up a file. The requirements and processes of each hospital’s archives are different. However, most hospitals are required to check the fetal heart bud in this hospital.The time for the gear is generally an appointment for 4 weeks of pregnancy, and it must not exceed 12 weeks at the latest.

Materials that need to be prepared for archives:


(2. The mother and child health manual received in the community

(3. ID card, social security card, medical insurance card

NT inspection:

After the completion of the file, the most important first pregnancy test is NT examination. Generally, the best time for this inspection is 11-13 weeks+6 days of pregnancy.Checking a strict time limit and must be carried out within 11-14 weeks.NT examination is mainly to check the thickness of the fetal neck transparent band.It is normal than 2.5mm. If the abnormalities need to be further screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy or further screening of non -invasive DNA.

Non -invasive DNA inspection/Tang’s screening:

It ’s just one of non-invasive and Tang screening. Both of them are blood drawing, and no blood can be drawn once. Tang sieve twice. Non-invasiveness is slightly more expensive. Generally, it is possible to do non-invasive DNA during the 12-20 period of pregnancy.It is best to do non -invasive DNA.It does not require an empty stomach to do non-invasive. Non-invasive DNA is to check whether the fetal chromosome 13-trice body, 18-trice body and 21-trisomy are deformed.Generally, if the Tang S screen is done, it is necessary to further do non -invasive or amniotic fluid puncture.

Dragon deformed:

The large row is an ultrasonic examination. Generally, B-ultrasound is held at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy. It is normal to check whether each organ development of the fetus is normal.

Small rows:

Small rows are generally carried out at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. The examination content of small rows is the same as large rows. It is also to check whether the development of various organs of the fetus is normal.

Sugar resistance:

At 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, you can do sugar resistance. Precautions for sugar tolerance:

(1, 8 hours of fasting

(2, take blood on an empty stomach (as far as 8 o’clock, take time to the abdominal blood to avoid hunger for too long)

(3, 300ml of warm water dissolving 1 bag of glucose and sugar powder, full of drinking in 3-5 minutes

(4. Drink the first time to start the time, and take blood in the first hour and second hours (do not exercise too much during the period of time, ensure the accuracy of the results)

(5. Normal values on an empty stomach <5.1, 1 hour <10.0, 2 hours <8.5, a little blood sugar elevation requires doctors to intervene.

Increase in the third trimester:

From 28 weeks of pregnancy to 40 weeks of pregnancy is the third trimester. The main examination of the third trimester is the growth and development of the fetus and the condition of amniotic fluid. The urine routine examination and several fetal movements.Once for the birth of 36 weeks (the number of high-risk pregnant women) every 2-4 weeks, once on a week after 36 weeks.Starting to start fetal heart monitoring at 36 weeks.

How to correctly count the fetal movement:

The number of fetal movements in the morning, middle, and evening for 1 hour, and the sum of the fetal movement of 3 hours should be greater than 30 times; <30 times/12 hours, or 2 hours in a row <3 times/hour, or decrease day by day> 50%Or excessive frequent abnormalities.You can use the pregnancy app for several fetal movements (Meiyou/ ’s birth/pro -baby).

Example of examination process during pregnancy:

Healthcare flowchart during pregnancy

What health products to eat during pregnancy:

What health products to eat during pregnancy

Standards for weight growth during pregnancy:

Standards for weight growth during pregnancy

In the end, I hope that every pregnancy can be smoothly, all the examinations will be passed to welcome the arrival of new life.

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