Those expectant mothers who love makeup come in and see, can I use cosmetics to protect skin products during pregnancy?

Because I have been busy in the store recently, I have no time to update their works. Today I have time to update an article, because I read that many expectant mothers can use cosmetics, makeup and skin care products during pregnancy, and various beauty projects.

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During pregnancy, it is the happiest time for women, but it is also the most difficult time for women. No one can replace the experience. Only women who have given birth to children have perception.October in pregnancy is a happy journey, and it is also a baptism of suffering.On that day, the woman found that the little life quietly lived in her body, and she was mixed with the uneasiness of the surprise.In the body, the organ and system operate at high speed, creating a comfortable "small house" for the growth of small life.

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However, in the appearance of expectant mothers, beautiful skin ushered in a big test. 6 major problems such as dry and itching, vascular changes, stretch marks, pigment precipitation, skin fibroma, and acne will be ready.

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Therefore, whether pregnant women can make up have become a top -level problem of many expectant mothers. It is not accustomed to going out without makeup, and she is afraid that it will have an impact on the development of the baby. These are the difficulties of many expectant mothers.

In fact, after pregnancy, it is not necessary to facing the sky, but it is best not to use cosmetics. Even if you use basic skin care products, you must see the ingredients clearly. Choose pure natural plants, drugs, herbal essence and other skin care products. These products are safe and have not.Dependence.When choosing a product, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

1. Pregnant women are best not to use hair dye.According to relevant expert investigations, chemical components in hair dyes can directly cause skin cancer, breast cancer, and even cause fetal deformity, which seriously affects fetal development.

2. Do not perm for pregnant women.After women are pregnant, their hair will become extremely fragile, and even hair loss will occur. Such cold and perfection will cause allergic reactions of some women and affect the development of fetal children.

3. Do not apply lipstick for pregnant women.Lipstick contains various oils, wax, pigments and spices.Among them, oils usually use wool lipids. In addition to adsorbing various heavy metal micro -microex elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, they may also adsorb E. coli into the fetus, and there is a certain permeability.After pregnant women apply red, some harmful substances in the air are easily adsorbed on their lips, and saliva invades the body, causing the fetus in the pregnant woman’s abdomen.

4. Cosmetics contain elements that are harmful to the human body of lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. Many cosmetics such as black hair and hair dyeing water contain high lead, some also contain high amount of copper, and some cosmetics contain a considerable amountBacteria.Therefore, pregnant women should be cautious when choosing cosmetics!The skin of the pregnancy still needs to be protected. Therefore, high -quality moisturizing products and sunscreen products are still necessary to prevent and reduce the body’s moisturizer of the body. You must buy regular products and use cosmetics for designated pregnant women.

5. Remind you expectant mothers, it is best not to use any makeup during pregnancy to do various items in various items in the plastic surgery of freckle, spoil, whitening laser skin care tongue, especially lipstick and eye shadow are very harmful to the baby’s body.

Cosmetics contain complex chemical preparations. After being used by pregnant women, they can be absorbed by the skin and enters the blood circulation to cause the fetus to be adversely affected.So many pregnant mothers have given up the use of cosmetics and even skin care products.In fact, the concept of skin care products cannot be used during pregnancy, because it is more damage to the skin. Once the skin is severely dehydrated or if you want to continue your previous skin care products, you must pay attention.Ingredients and date.

If you have special circumstances, you have to make makeup, remember to pay attention to the following taboos.

1. The cleaning of each makeup must be thorough to prevent pigmentation;

2. Makeup should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation;

3. Use cosmetics to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. You should choose products with good quality, guarantee, simple ingredients, and natural raw materials.

4. The products used are clean and clean, and the expired products and other people’s cosmetics are determined;

5. During pregnancy, there is no eyeliner, eyebrows, red lips, no eyebrows, switch to eyebrow swords;

6. Do not use whitening products during pregnancy due to the occurrence of pregnancy spots (most whitening products have heavy metal additives);

7. Try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, you should erase it before you drink water to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth.

Well, this is the case today. I wrote so many hopes to be useful for everyone, and I wish you all the expectant mothers to spend pregnancy happily.

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