This time is the "best conception" time!Master these points in the same room and get pregnant

I believe many people have experienced it, and it is not easy to want to have a baby!Throughout the pregnancy, the more I want to have "good news", the more disappointing.In fact, conception is important to pay attention to people, and the right time is very important.Therefore, the young couples must master the "best time" of conception, so that they can hit it in one blow!

Studies have shown that women’s chances of conception of the day are different. Generally speaking, women at 5-7 in the afternoon are the most vulnerable time.And the sperm vitality of this time period is relatively strong. If at the same room at this time, the probability of pregnancy will be much greater.

Most people know that the chance of conception will increase the ovulation period, but after all, the ovulation period has 10 days and the range is relatively large.In fact, the easier to conceive is the day before the ovulation day, which is mainly related to the survival time of sperm and eggs.

It’s dead.

The same day before the ovulation day, at the latest time, the chance of meeting sperm and eggs is relatively high.Or if you don’t worry, the husband and wife can have the same room on the ovulation day.

I would rather let the sperm "stay in the rabbit", and don’t let the eggs "look at it"!After all, sperm is available every day, and eggs are not often available.

In the article of "China Practical Gynecology and Obstetrics Magazine", it is most favorable for China’s climate change in April.Because in the spring season in April, spermocytes are the most vibrant.

Some scientific research has shown that the best time for pregnancy is in the late summer and early autumn.If you are pregnant in the late summer and early autumn, and in the end of autumn and early winter, the pregnant woman has passed the pregnancy reaction period in the first three months, and the general appetite will increase significantly. At this time, it is when many fruits and vegetables are harvested.It is very beneficial to the fetal brain development.

By the end of the production period, it was in the late spring and early summer. At this time, the food supply was richer than winter, and the climate was pleasant, which was more conducive to the recovery of the maternal body.

The suggestions given in the article "China Practical Gynecological and Obstetrics Magazine" is that women are preparing for pregnancy during the age of 25-29, and men prepare for pregnancy between 27-35 years old.

This age is only the best time to conceive, and it does not mean that you cannot get pregnant at this stage.For older women over 35 years old, risks in all aspects will be a bit higher.

After the age of 40, men’s quality will decline, which will have a great impact on the development of the fetus’s intelligence and constitution. It will also increase the chance of women’s abortion. In order to bred a healthy and cute baby, men should not exceed 40 years of age.

If you want a baby, you must master the best time to conceive so that you can pay it faster.During pregnancy, the couple must have good living habits and pleasure.

If there is no result for more than one year for pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital to check the physical condition to avoid missing the best period of fertility.

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