This taste appears in black tea, it is recommended to throw it away directly, don’t hurt your body because of drinking tea

After the winter, friends who pay attention to health have replaced the glass with the insulation cup, and the green tea drinking daily is also replaced with black tea.Black tea is sweet and warm, good at yang, and hot abdomen, which can enhance the human body’s ability to resist cold, which is more suitable for winter drinking than other tea.In addition, people’s appetite is enhanced, and they will eat more greasy foods unconsciously. Drinking black tea can remove greasy, appetizing, and helping, so they are even more sought after.

Many friends who do not know black tea often step on the pits in the purchase, storage, and drinking of black tea. As a producer of black tea and green tea, Asu will share with you a few commonly related to "acid" in black tea.question.

Friends who drink tea can pay attention to Asu. When the spring tea is made in the next year, it will be broadcast live in the factory area. This is our agreement!

If black tea appears "sour", it is recommended that you throw it away to avoid the bad belly.

The following links are likely to make black tea sour. Only one of them is normal acid, but many people are still difficult to accept.

black tea

There are three possibilities for acidity to produce acidity.

First, due to the impact of the fermentation environmental conditions during the production process, the tea green appears sour, just like the leftovers stored in summer.

The second is black tea acid. As we all know, black tea is a severe fermentation tea, and the degree of fermentation directly affects the taste of black tea. The fermentation process of black tea is generally distributed. Different batch density varies.For fermentation, there will be insufficient fermentation, some fermentation, and excessive fermentation black tea, and the dry tea after drying will have a trace of acid, but this acidity is in normal category, not a bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad, but only bad.However, the market’s recognition of this taste is not high, which is one of the reasons why the degree of fermentation in black tea process adjustment in recent years.You can drink.

black tea

The third is to add sugar illegally during the processing of black tea. I mentioned the problem of adding sugar during the twisting process. I mentioned in the previous chat. Friends who are interested can go to archeology.Black tea that has been added with sugar, the first or two tea is abnormal, and then the sweetness will fall into a cliff -like decline, and then drinking will produce a feeling that you have eaten sugar before eating.Such black tea needs to be paid attention.

Besides the storage link, moisture -proof is a major point of storage of black tea. Once the black tea is moisture, the deterioration speed is very fast. If it is sour, it is recommended not to drink such black tea.

black tea

The four kinds of black tea produced the cause of acidity above. In fact, friends who encountered a sour tea may not be able to accurately determine the cause of its acidity, so finally give a simple and rude suggestion: if the acidity makes people feel people, people make people feel people.Disdish, some discomfort, then throw it away, because people’s most intuitive feelings are generally not wrong. Normal acids, such as sour plum soup and vinegar, will not cause people to dislike.

The A Su family also made a few black tea this year. Some friends who like it can leave a message in the comment area

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