This disease will affect the baby’s intellectual development. I give birth to a child while taking medicine.

Hello everyone, welcome to the 4th mother’s health story.The story of this issue comes from a mother with thyroid inflammation of Hashimoto. Five years ago, she was diagnosed and gave birth to her daughter while taking medicine.

His daughter is now 4 years old and grows healthy.

At first, the symptoms of the disease were not particularly serious. It was very similar to the gastrointestinal discomfort, poor mood, etc., so it was easy to be ignored.Share it today, I hope to remind everyone to pay attention to thyroid health.

Interviewee in this issue: Xinyi 32 -year -old daughter 4 years old

At that time, I knew nothing about this disease. If it wasn’t for a comprehensive examination, I didn’t realize that I was sick at all.

The most sad thing is that as soon as the doctor was checked, the doctor said that he would take medicine for life in the future.It took me a long time to accept this fact.

In May 2015, I was preparing for pregnancy. During pregnancy, I found that there was hypothyroidism.The doctor asked me to check further.

Because thyroid disease affects the development and intelligence of the fetus, I dare not neglect.

So, I immediately hung up the endocrinology department and did a full set of tests and B -ultrasound in thyroid.

After I review it, the results of B -ultrasound

After the results came out, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis of Hashimoto, also known as autoimmune thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytitis.

The principle of this disease is simpler, that is, my own immune system was originally eliminated foreign bacteria and viruses, but for some reason, it used my own paraganic cells as an enemy, destroyed a little, until the cells could not be normal until the cells could not be normalWork.

The doctor asked me if there were symptoms of hyperthyroidism before, such as fear of hot sweat, irritable mood, irregular menstrual period, eating more but decreased weight, etc. I recall it as if there is really, but the time is short.

The doctor said that most people became armored before they noticed.

The time to retrieve the development process, the development of this disease gradually becomes clear.

Because the thyroid cells are destroyed, a large amount of hormones are first released.I first appear symptoms of hyperthyroidism.Light weight, insomnia, anxiety, etc. For any office workers, these symptoms are not surprising at all.

In this way, I passed by with the best treatment period.

After a month, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism slowly disappeared because the damaged cells could no longer secrete hormones normally. After a short period of stability, I began to experience hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

Decreased appetite, weight gain

No tranquility, tired and drowsiness

Low emotional, do not love socialization

Slow reaction, poor memory, etc.

As a migrant earlier, there are high pressure, many problems, anxiety, insomnia, and poor memory … Who cares about it?

At that time, I was still preparing for a wedding. It is reasonable to say that this kind of thing may only be once a lifetime, and few girls do not pay attention.But at the time, I was like a machine without emotion. I couldn’t afford to get married. I could make up for it. The wedding scene was sleepy.It’s really difficult to think of it now!

Later, I went to travel with my bridesmaid. She took a picture of me, and her neck was a bit rough at the time, and she didn’t pay much attention.

It can already be seen in the photo that the neck is a bit thick

If it wasn’t for pregnancy, I wouldn’t know when it would be discovered.

It is really difficult to notice that this disease is not a little medical knowledge. Later, I realized that often paying attention to health -related content can help.

The doctor said that my situation needs to take "Outlet" for life (an artificial synthetic thyroxine drug, which is the same as the thyroxine that is naturally secreted by the thyroid gland to play the purpose of replacement treatment).

It also emphasizes that hypothyroidism will affect the fetal intelligence, so you must get pregnant after the hormone level is stable.

Some mothers only find out that there is a problem with thyroid function during pregnancy, so they must be treated with doctors and checked them regularly.This is very, very important.

At that time, I was particularly worried that the drug would affect the baby in the body.Fortunately, the doctor said that You Jiale can also eat it when you are pregnant.

Next, I have entered a period of adjustment for more than half a year.My husband accompanied me to take a blood review every month. The doctor adjusted the weight of the drug based on the results of the inspection. At the beginning, I had some side effects: insomnia, diarrhea, and fast heartbeat.Because the transition of hormone drugs is very slow, it is necessary to gradually adjust the amount of medication and not worry.

After taking the medicine, my symptoms slowly reduced, no longer drowsy, weak, and emotional.

Finally, the dosage gradually stabilizes 1 tablet daily.The doctor said that you can prepare for pregnancy.

At that time, the diagnostic letter of the paragar was tested before pregnancy

Soon, I became pregnant.

But after pregnancy, you can’t take it lightly.When the doctor asked me to pay special attention to the birth check, a thyroid examination was added to each pregnancy test.

The whole pregnancy was also daring. During the period, my indicators fell down, and the doctor also adjusted me in time.

For those who were pregnant, hormones would change.Some mothers have no thyroiditis of Hashimoto, but they have symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. These need to be treated in time to ensure safety during pregnancy.

Later, the baby was born smoothly and was healthy.Looking at her soft little face, everything is really worth it.

However, after giving birth, the hormone of the mother’s body also changed a lot.At this time, it cannot be relaxed.

In the following half a year, basically check thyroid hormones every month.

Time flies, and my little cotton jacket has changed from S code to M code, and all indicators are normal.Many mothers worry that the thyroid disease will affect the health of the baby. Moms can put their hearts into their stomachs.Don’t worry.

Most importantly, you must check before pregnancy, and you must wait for the hormone to reach the normal level before pregnancy.

At the beginning, it was difficult for me to accept the fact that I was sick. I felt that I was young, how could I take medicine for life?It feels like life is incomplete.

But after years of getting along with the disease, I have slowly accepted it. Except for a day of excellent Jiale, there is no need to taboo, and there are no side effects. I have nothing to do with normal people.

There are more and more people who get thyroid diseases now. I share my experience. On the one hand, I hope to remind everyone to pay attention to thyroid health.On the other hand, even if you get sick, relax your mind, and actively cooperate with treatment, medicine is now developed.

Finally, I hope that we and our children are healthy and happy.

Doctor’s words

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is very common in my country, and 6.9 people are sick every 1,000 people every year, of which they are more common in women.

The function of the thyroid gland plays an important role in the growth and development of fetal intelligence. If the thyroid dysfunction is low, the timely supplementation of thyroxine can improve the prognosis of the fetus.So pay special attention to mothers who are preparing to get pregnant.

If you want to prevent this disease more effective, you need to regularly check the medical examination.

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