Thirst, frequent urination, and often hungry, 5 common pregnancy performance, be careful of signs of blood sugar abnormalities

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

I remember that when I was pregnant, another colleague of pregnancy felt that she kept drinking water and eating every day, always feeling hungry, and always thirsty.At that time, we felt that she didn’t seem to be normal, and asked her to ask the doctor during the check -up. As a result, the doctor asked the blood glucose to measure blood, and the result was really abnormal blood sugar.

Since the detection of high blood glucose, I have been scared to eat. I bring a cucumber a tomato every day. I took a sip when I was hungry. As a result, when I went to the birth check for a month, the weight did not increase.For a meal, the doctor asked her to find a doctor of a nutrition department to formulate a recipe for pregnancy. Through dietary control, she finally boiled until her baby was born.

In fact, sometimes, expectant mothers have thirst, always feel hungry, frequent urination, fatigue, itchy skin, etc., and they will not take it seriously. They feel that it is normal during pregnancy. Indeed, there may be these obvious performance during different pregnancy, butIt may also be a "pathogenic signs" with abnormal blood sugar, and expectant mothers should pay more attention.

During pregnancy, after the early stages of pregnancy, the temperature of the expectant mother will be slightly higher than normal people. It is normal for thirst to have thirst, but if it is not hot, there is no sweating, and there is no other consumption of water.Thirsty, then be careful. It may be abnormal blood sugar. During the checkup, I have to tell the doctor that you do n’t need to check the blood sugar.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will have frequent urination, and the more severe the more severe pregnancy, the more serious because the bladder is gradually increasing the compression of the uterus. Most of them are normal pregnancy.Often thirsty, then it is best to check blood sugar.

After pregnancy, because "one person wants to eat two people’s food", the expectant mother just feels hungry after eating, and it is normal, especially in the early pregnancy and second trimester.But "hunger" may also be a sign of abnormal blood sugar. If the expectant mother feels that she is different from the hunger of other pregnant women, they can also tell the doctor to check the blood glucose level.

Many women have the manifestation of itching and even eczema after pregnancy, which is caused by the elevation of hormones.However, if the skin itching in the summer is particularly severe, it is not relieved how to do it. It is best to go to the hospital to check the blood sugar. It is likely that the symptoms of itching that causes water dehydration caused by excessive blood sugar.

5. Frequent weakness

Generally, early pregnancy, expectant mothers will show weakness and sleepy, which is a kind of early pregnancy reaction, but if there is still weakness and spiritual situation in the early pregnancy, it is clear that she has not done any work, and it cannot be relieved after rest.It should also be noted that it may be "blood sugar".

Controlling blood sugar is mainly through diet and exercise at the same time.

1. Do not eat high sugar -high fruits

In daily diet, when expectant mothers detect abnormal blood glucose, some sweets do not eat them naturally.Some less sweet fruits, such as kiwi, oranges, etc., and the vitamin content is still high.

2. Eat more coarse grains and control the intake of starch

Specific mothers with high blood sugar can eat more coarse grains, eat less fine rice noodles, and eat less food with high starch content, such as potatoes, staple foods can eat miscellaneous rice, miscellaneous bean porridge, etc.Vegetables, such as celery, fungus, etc.

3. Eat less

One important dietary principle during pregnancy during less meals, especially when blood sugar is also abnormal, you can increase the meals appropriately to reduce the intake of staple food. This is conducive to the control of blood sugar.fluctuation.

4. Moderate exercise

Specific mothers with high blood glucose can not be a lazy mother. Although there will be weakness and always feel that they don’t want to do anything, but the appropriate amount of exercise should still be done, which is good for controlling blood sugar.Such as walking, doing simple housework, pregnancy yoga, etc.

5. Choose insulin injection if necessary

The quasi -mothers with abnormal blood glucose should cooperate with the doctor’s advice to actively correct and treat them. If necessary, you can inject insulin in accordance with the doctor’s order, but you must use the doctor’s guidance.

Jingma said: If you are an older mother, if your family has a history of diabetes, if you have blood sugar before pregnancy, you should pay attention to "gestational diabetes" after pregnancy, do a good job of birth, control your diet, and insist on the right amount every day every day.Exercise is very important.

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