These two are the food that can not be eaten during pregnancy, and the pregnant mother must hold back if you want to eat it again.

Since the pregnancy, the mother -in -law is wronged. This cannot be eaten, that the hot pot and instant noodles you want to eat must be far away.I’m afraid that the fetus in the stomach is not good.

Search on the Internet to search for things that you can’t eat during pregnancy, from crab longan to rabbit meat, mutton, etc., anyway, you can’t eat it.I really have so delicate pregnancy. I ca n’t eat these things?

Of course, it is not. The food that can be eaten before pregnancy can basically be eaten as usual after pregnancy.What I really ca n’t eat after pregnancy is the following food:

1. Summer or half -life -old food

Don’t eat food like sashimi, because there is risk of parasitic infection, if the pregnant mother eats these foods and infects parasites, it will definitely affect the fetal development.

The same is true of the meat in the hot pot. Eat as little as possible. If you eat it, you must be hot. Do not fish for it twice.

Second, tobacco and alcohol

Pregnant mothers must be avoided by alcohol and cigarette boxes. If the pregnant mother drinks or smokes for a long time, the harmful substances inside will cause serious damage to the fetus, leading to fetal malformations, abortion, intrauterine hypoxia, etc.A healthy baby, the smoke is the same as the mothers of the alcohol.

In addition to pregnant mothers who cannot touch the tobacco and alcohol, the prospective dad is also best to quit. At least they cannot smoke in front of the pregnant mother, so as not to allow the pregnant mother to inhale second -hand smoke and affect fetal development.

Other foods, such as crabs, longan, hawthorn, can eat it if you want to eat, but you must pay attention to the amount. Eating too much food is harmful to the body.

The most important thing for diet during pregnancy is not eating too much, but a balanced eating, just to be comprehensive nutrition.Pregnant mothers should not think that they should eat more if they are pregnant. They are too fat in a short time.

Therefore, there is no need to blindly pursue "one person to eat two people" during pregnancy. You can eat a lot of supplements because you want to increase nutrition for the fetus. The balanced and reasonable diet is the best.

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