These three kinds of seedlings, clearing heat and phlegm and laxative!Planting it at home, the whole family loves to eat ~

The yang is born in spring, and the fire in winter will also be born.If the fire does not fall, there will be a lot of discomfort, such as slow gastrointestinal motility, irregular bowel movements; annoying heat and thirst, itchy, dry cough …

Today, Xiao Er will teach you "eating seedlings, clearing fire"!


Pea seedlings, clear stomach heat

During the home home, he became hot because he ate more, moved less, and became heat in the food accumulation, causing stomach heat.

Symptoms: thirsty drinking, snoring snoring, sore tongue, smell in the mouth.

For stomach heat, it is recommended to eat pea seedlings to eliminate thirst and vomiting, urinate, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency and weak constitution.


Radish seedlings, heat intestinal heat

In winter, the human body is mainly collection and has been supplemented. Therefore, in the spring, the ability of the intestinal tract is decreased, the peristalsis slows down, the accumulation of solid heat and humidity, and intestinal heat occurs.

Symptoms: abdominal distension and abdominal pain; constipation, stool is relatively dry, such as sheep and feces; or golden, simple, not clean, stinky.

For intestinal heat, it is recommended to eat white radish seedlings.White radish seedlings are seedlings issued by white radish seeds (Lai Xunzi). Lai Xunzi is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. It mainly has the effect of ingot asthma, eliminating phlegm, and eating phlegm. It is suitable for cough, phlegm, asthma, stagnation, chest tightness, abdomen bloating, and diarrhea after diarrhea.Wait.

However, radish seeds are hot and are not suitable for clearing intestinal heat. After sending them into radish seedlings, it not only retains the effect of clearing heat and qi, but also to facilitate the intestinal tract.


Sunflower seedlings, clear lung heat

Under normal circumstances, wind heat and cold or dry seasonal weather may cause lung heat.In addition, people who love spicy and thick foods, coupled with irritable mood, can easily lead to hot lungs.

Symptoms: fever, cough, thirst, chest pain, sputum volume, smell smell, or pus and blood as the main symptoms.

Such people are suitable for eating sunflower seedlings -sunflower seedlings are seedlings hair seedlings. The seeds of melon seeds are mainly supplemented by tonic, helping heat and heat, and eating too much will get angry; while sunflower seedlings have very good medicinal valueHeat, fire, lower lung qi, but also relieve the liver and relieve depression.

For the three kinds of fires in spring, we all found the measures, but how did the healthy and delicious seedlings be sent out?Come and learn ~

Before, there were experts who shared how to plant seedlings with two pieces of paper on the show "Go Home Eating". The method is simple and convenient. You may wish to learn it ~

Paulted vegetables on paper, you only need to prepare:

Two pieces of paper, a tray with a hole, a nozzle, a seed!


① Place a piece of paper on the tray, and spray it with a watering pot completely;

② After 24 hours of seed bubbles, sprinkle in the pallet of the paper pad;

③ Cover a layer of paper on the seeds and spray water;

④ Spray water 2-3 times a day, and spray two pieces of paper completely every time!

⑤ Next is to wait patiently!

A batch of seeds can harvest 3-4 seedlings 3-4 times ~ When cutting seedlings, cut off the seedlings with the roots, leave seeds, and then continue to water. The seeds can rely on their own nutrients.Time can grow again!

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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