These symptoms have these symptoms, congratulations, you may be pregnant

Now there are many expectant mothers who are pregnant without knowing themselves, and have not carried out special attention and maintenance, causing abortion and other sad situations.Because I know too little about pregnancy, many people are not very sensitive to these things.In fact, from some reactions in the body, you can see if you are pregnant, so what signs can you judge based on?

Every woman is different. Due to the different physical fitness, some people’s reactions are also different. Women do not have the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next pregnancy.In addition, because the early symptoms of pregnancy are often similar to the symptoms that may be encountered before and during menstruation, many mothers may not realize that they are pregnant.

Here are some of the most common descriptions of early pregnancy symptoms, but you need to know that these symptoms may be caused by other causes other than pregnancy, so it is not necessarily that these symptoms do not necessarily mean pregnancy. The only way that can be determined is to do it.Pregnant test.

1. Bleeding and cramps

After conception, the fertilized eggs are attached to the uterine wall. The earliest sign of pregnancy is abdominal pain.

The abdominal pain is a bit similar to the abdominal pain during menstruation, so some women mistakenly believe that abdominal pain and bleeding are considered to be the beginning of menstruation, but bleeding and cramps are mild.In addition to bleeding, women may also notice that the lower body has white milk secretions, which is related to the thickening of the Y road wall. The thickening of the Y road wall starts immediately after conception.

But if there is a unpleasant smell related to the secretion, or there is a burning sensation and itching, go to the hospital to check it to check whether you have bacterial infections.

2. Changes in the chest

The chest change is another early sign of pregnancy. Women’s hormonal levels change rapidly after conception, because these changes may become swollen, sore or tingling after one or two weeks.Or they may feel heavy or full, or feel soft, and the area of areola may also darker.

3. Feel fatigue

It is normal to feel tired during pregnancy. Women will start to feel abnormally fatigue after a week of pregnancy.It is usually related to a high level of hormones called progesterone. If fatigue is related to pregnancy, it is important to rest full rest. Eating foods rich in protein and iron can help offset it.

4. Morning vomiting

Morning vomiting is a typical symptom of pregnancy, but not every pregnant woman will have this reaction.The exact cause of morning vomiting is unclear, but pregnancy hormones may be the cause of this symptom.Nausea during pregnancy may happen at any time, but the most common is in the morning.

In addition, some women are eager or unbearable during pregnancy, which is also related to the changes in hormones. This effect will be very strong. Even when I think of the previous favorite food, pregnant women will nausea.

Nausea, desire, and anorexia may continue the entire pregnancy period. Fortunately, many women have reduced their symptoms at 13 or 14 weeks of pregnancy.At the same time, we must ensure a healthy diet so that the mother and the baby in development can get the necessary nutrition.

The most obvious early symptoms of pregnancy are also a symptom that prompted most women to receive pregnancy tests, that is, a cycle is missed by menstruation, but not all menstruation that misses or delay is caused by pregnancy.

In addition to pregnancy, there is also a reason to miss menstruation. It may be that the weight gain or too much is too much, hormonal problems, fatigue, or pressure are other possibilities. Some women miss menstruation when they stop taking contraceptives.But if the menstrual period is late, it may be pregnant.

Pregnancy will disturb your hormonal balance, which may lead to other symptoms, including frequent urination. For many women, this starts in the sixth or eighth week after pregnancy.Although this may also be caused by urinary tract infection, diabetes, or diuretics, if you are pregnant, it is likely to be due to hormone levels.

Other people will be constipated. During pregnancy, higher progesterone levels will cause pregnant women to constipate constipation. Luteone will slow down food through the intestinal speed. In order to alleviate this problem, drink plenty of water, exercise more, eat more high -fiber foods, and eat more high -fiber foods.Essence

The most situation is emotional fluctuations, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, these are also related to the changes in hormones.There are also some physical pain. Many pregnant women often have mild headaches, and some people have back pain, and some even dizziness and fainting. These may be related to dilation of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and reducing blood sugar.

If the expectant mother finds some changes in her body, don’t be nervous and worried at this time.You can buy tools such as pregnancy test sticks to test whether you are pregnant, or you can go to the hospital for some simple examinations.If you have a pregnancy, relax your mentality to welcome your baby’s arrival!

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