These symptoms appear during pregnancy, congratulations on your fertilized eggs!

Children are the crystallization of love, and his birth can construct a happy and complete family.But it is not easy to have children to have children. To give birth to a baby, we must first work hard to make people.When the eggs encounter sperm, a wonderful scene will happen, and the combination of sperm and eggs can be pregnant smoothly after complex process.Throughout the process, fertilized eggs in bed are a necessary step.

About 10-300 million sperm ejaculated by men’s sperm, this huge "team" went up against the female reproductive tract.Sperm swings by its tail, swimming at a speed of 2-3 mm per minute, and after a long "journey" -Chiro, cervix, and uterine cavity, reach the fallopian tube, here sperm and eggs (actually stay in the decompression of decompression.The secondary oval mother cells in the second split) "meet".The sperm’s head and body enters the egg cells, and the sperm cell membrane blends on the ovarian membrane. This egg is called fertilized eggs.There is often only one sperm that can enter the interior of the egg cells into the fertilized eggs. This kind of biological response to prevent multiple sperm from entering the egg cells is called a transparent band reaction.

Generally speaking, the basic temperature will decrease after the fertilized eggs, and some people will bleed in bed. Sensitive people will feel sore, and some people will have symptoms of colds.The more common changes are the following:

1. Cold in bed

2. The small abdomen has a little faint pain and sour feeling

After the combination of sperm and eggs, it becomes a fertilized egg. After the fertilization of the fertilized eggs, the complex process can be used to bed.How long does it take for fertilization to go to bed?

The whole process of eggs from fertilization to bed is quietly carried out. The fertilized eggs are in bed on the 6th-7th day, and the bed is already in the uterus, but at that time, it was still very small.It is only about 20-30 days after bed to see the small gestational sac by B-ultrasound.3-4 days after the fertilized eggs (that is, after the tenth day after ovulation), the weak positive can be measured with pregnancy test strips.

In order to ensure the success of conception, the fertilized eggs must pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Do not take any medicine arbitrarily.Taking a patent medicine during bed may cause fetal malformations.Therefore, if you have physical discomfort during the bed, you should go to the hospital immediately to find the cause.

2. Avoid moving heavy objects or intense exercise during the bed, and the number of household chores and going out is as reduced as much as possible.Do not overwork, rest more, sleep sufficient sleep, and control sexual life, so as not to cause accidents.

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