These skin care products are best not used during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great mission to give girls a great mission to girls. It takes ten months from the beginning to the end.For girls who love beauty, pregnancy is simply a kind of suffering.It is not just as simple as going to bed early during pregnancy. You can paint on your face. You can use the blood to affect the fetus through the blood, so do you really know what component can cause potential threats to your baby?

1. The first is vitamin A acid category

The vitamin A -acids contained in skin care products have the effects of reducing wrinkles, acne and improving skin tone, but high -dose A acid may cause physiological defects for babies, so this type of skin care products that mothers have not used up on hand are temporarily collected.Get up.

2. Salmonic acid ingredients

Cleaning products, toner and moisturizing creams often contain salicylic acid, which have the effects of penetrating the skin, removing oil, and gently exfoliating, but they may cause pregnancy complications during pregnancy, so expectant mothers avoid such skin care products.

3. Various plant essential oils

The molecules of plant essential oils are small and can easily absorb the blood, so expectant mothers should try not to use it during pregnancy.

4. Peribopyzhamine.The main role of peroxide is also acne, so it mainly appears in acne products, so it is emphasized again that pregnant mothers should not use acne skin care products.

Many expectant mothers will have a lot of acne on their faces during pregnancy, but please do not use some dedicated acne products. The safest way is to do cleaning and moisturizing. The simpler the skin care products, the better.

You can use some acne stickers instead of acne products. The cause of acne is that the hormone secretion during pregnancy, so expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much, so what else should be paid attention to during pregnancy during pregnancy.Woolen cloth?

1. Do not use functional cosmetics, such as anti -wrinkle, acne, whitening …. Use some natural skin care products that do not contain the basic moisturizing effect of preservatives.

2. Because hair removal products only stay on the surface, they will not affect the fetus, but some expectant mothers are susceptible to allergies during pregnancy, so try to measure as much as possible before using it.

3. Regarding the problem of hair dyeing, although there is no scientific experiment to prove that hair dye does cause damage to the fetus, it is recommended not to dye hair during pregnancy. After all, it is chemical.

4. If you choose sunscreen products during pregnancy, try to choose pure physical sunscreen. As we all know, sun protection is divided into two types: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen will not penetrate the skin is safer than chemical sunscreen.

Whitening, freckle, acne skin care products usually contain lead, mercury and hormone ingredients.If the human body is exposed to mercury for a long time, it is easy to cause chronic poisoning and even severely damage the nerve, digestion and endocrine system.Therefore, pregnant women must avoid using these skin care products.Think about everything for the baby, so we do n’t need to do it!

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