These seven symptoms during pregnancy are not worth your excessive nervousness, and everything is normal for the fetus

Pregnancy is composed of about 40 weeks of physiological changes and the pressure of every physical system that can be imagined.Despite great pressure, Dr. Doma, Harvard Medical College, said that although some pregnancy symptoms need to seek medical treatment immediately, there are many other pregnancy symptoms. You don’t need to rush to see a doctor.Dr. Doma said that there are seven symptoms during pregnancy. Although it will make you uncomfortable, you don’t need to waste time to worry about these symptoms.

1. I’m disgusting

"Morning Twita" is a commonly used term, but it is normal for nausea to feel nauseous all day during pregnancy.Three months before pregnancy, vomiting and weight loss are common phenomena.Many women have some relief after three months of pregnancy, but occasionally that a nausea is occasionally normally in the nine months of pregnancy.Keeping moisture and eating frequently is some ways to fight disgusting.If nausea does not fade or is accompanied by frequent vomiting, you need to see a doctor.

2. Abdominal pain

The most common alarm bell that does not need to ring is abdominal pain. Unless the pain becomes more serious, it cannot be relieved, or it is related to bleeding, it is likely that it is just normal uterine growth, round ligament stretching or rising belly.Pain is usually short, but it may also be severe.The stretching of round ligaments and uterus is painful, but it disappears with rest.

3. Fatigue

After pregnancy, many women find that they sleep more and exercise less.During pregnancy, it is important to listen to the body’s voice and rest when needed.Pregnant women do not need to do everything during pregnancy.Skip cooking, wear more clothes once, and after a long work, eat something you love to eat, watch a soap opera, relax, it is not a big deal.

4. Constipation

The fetal muscles of the fetus are compressed by the fetus and the slowdown of intestinal muscles caused by pregnancy hormones, making constipation a common symptom during pregnancy.The iron in prenatal vitamins or anemia iron supplements can also lead to constipation.There is no need to worry, because most women alleviate constipation by increasing fiber intake, drinking plenty of water and exercise.Some non -prescribed feces softeners are helpful and safe attempts, and can relieve constipation.

5. Dream

It is completely normal to make a very realistic and even terrible nightmare during pregnancy.Many pregnant women say that there are more and more realistic dreams.This is because it is difficult for hormones to distinguish reality and nightmares in the middle of the night.Although these dreams seem to increase in the late pregnancy, they are normal and usually fade back after pregnancy."

6. Pregnancy brain

The pregnancy brain does exist, and women are more forgetful, especially in the late pregnancy.Although sometimes forgetting words, dating or tasks is frustrating, this is part of pregnancy.Specific mothers may feel crazy, but you have to know that the pressure brought by pregnancy and future newborn will affect memory.

7. Emotional fluctuations

Women will experience changes in sleep patterns and dietary habits during pregnancy, and these changes will affect women’s emotional state.It is completely common to feel "scared, irritable or contradictory" during pregnancy.Pregnancy is a very emotional experience. In these nine months, a lot of things happen in women’s brains.Sometimes the feeling of pregnant women changes every hour, from happiness to sadness to tension.Women have a lot of insecurity about whether they can become a good mother.The most important thing is to realize that these problems and fear are part of the normal part of pregnancy, but if you think there is something serious, or if you have the idea of hurting yourself or others, you must seek help.


If you are pregnant, there are seven signs of the above. Don’t worry, enjoy this unforgettable journey of life.

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