These five "pain" only appear only when pregnant women. After reading it

Many mothers will find some changes in their bodies after pregnancy, and as the pregnancy age continues to increase, sometimes she will be uncomfortable and inexplicable.At this time, expectant mothers will be particularly worried. I wonder if there is abnormalities in her body, or an abnormality in the fetus?

So what pain will occur during pregnancy?

Generally, many pregnant mothers will feel a little pain near their chest ribs in the middle and later stages of pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers say that it hurts on the left. Some pregnant mothers say that they hurt on the right.When I was particularly painful, I couldn’t breathe very uncomfortable. In fact, this is the pain of the pregnant mother’s chest.

There are many causes of pain in the human chest diaphragm muscle.However, for pregnant mothers, most of the pain of chest diaphragm is because the weight of the fetus is increasing, and the mother’s uterus continues to increase.Causes pain, pulling pain.

Suggestions for expectant mothers:

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should take a walk often after meals, control their weight reasonably, and make reasonable calcium supplementation.

Some mothers often reflect their pubic pain in the pain. In fact, the normal distance between the two pubic bones of women before pregnancy is 4 to 5 mm.When the two hormones of the physical secretion of body secretion after pregnancy help female ligaments to relax, the distance between female pubic bone bone will increase at least 2 to 3 mm.At this time, the contraction of the pelvis will become larger. On the one hand, it is conducive to the fetal growth space, and it is also conducive to the fetus through the pelvis during childbirth.

Suggestions for expectant mothers:

When walking, you must step a little bit when walking, and do not mention heavy items, pay attention to drinking, do not stand for a long time during pregnancy or walk.

Women who are pregnant have back pain. The common causes of ligaments are relaxed, which reduces the support of the body, or because the center of gravity of the person in the abdomen moves forward, the back pain caused by the excessive forward convexness of the spine, or because the cut is cut to the festival,The nerve layer, so it causes symptoms of back pain.

Suggestions for expectant mothers:

Pregnant mothers can try to choose back when they are sitting in a chair. Do not sit on the sofa for a long time. When the back pain, you can gently massage.

The main cause of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy may increase the uterus, which compresses women’s sciatic nerves.And the small belly is not large, and women sometimes bend the waist spine that may cause sciatica.

Suggestions for expectant mothers:

Apply your own sciatic nerve with a hot water bottle to alleviate the pain.

Don’t keep a posture for too long, and change your position frequently.

In the late pregnancy, many expectant mothers said that they had vulvar pain.Of course, this is because the uterus compresses the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the mother’s lower limbs, which causes pain in the blood flow of the lower limbs, which occurs.

Suggestions for expectant mothers:

Take the left side position during pregnancy, which helps blood circulation.

Pregnant mothers should wear loose underwear and underwear, but also mainly personal hygiene to prevent bacterial infections.

When you sit, you can raise your lower limbs and promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Taboo stands for a long time, or walks, just exercise appropriately every day.

So, you, do you know that the above pain may occur during pregnancy?In fact, these pains during pregnancy are very common. After the baby is born, Baoma will not have these pains.You also know that Baoma should pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet during pregnancy to ensure daily nutritional intake, so as to have a healthy body and give birth to a healthy baby.

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