These 5 major factors will endanger the health of the fetus. Do pregnant mothers still feel that diarrhea is a trivial matter?

Ms. Liu was weak and sick since she was a child.After pregnancy, it is a small illness, especially diarrhea, which makes Ms. Zhang very upset.So, what harm can frequent diarrhea cause to Ms. Liu and the fetus, and how should Ms. Liu cope?

1. The harm of diarrhea to the human body is manifested in many aspects. The main one is the absorption of human nutrition.In the critical period of fetal development in the middle of pregnancy, nutritional supplements are urgently needed. If there is insufficient supply, it is likely to cause insufficient nutrition and malformations.

2. Diarrhea can cause malnutrition of pregnant mothers, insufficient nutritional supply required by the human body, which leads to a decline in their own resistance of pregnant mothers and is susceptible to infection of other diseases.

3. If pregnant women frequently have toilet, they will cause uterine contraction, affect the baby, and cause the baby to die prematurely.In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should be cautious. Due to just conceived, the placenta is unstable, and accidents are prone to occur.

4. Diarrhea will not only cause the loss of water and nutritional factors in the human body, but also lose many trace elements such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, which can easily cause various discomfort symptoms such as limbs and arrhythmia.

5, diarrhea may be a precursor to abortion and premature birth, pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

1. Diarrhea is a common symptom of the human body. If it appears, the pregnant mother should not be too nervous, and the peaceful mindset can be coping.If the diarrhea symptoms are mild, the pregnant mother does not have to worry. It is completely used to use some simple remedial measures, such as adjusting diet, improving lifestyle, regulating mentality, and replenishment of water.

2. If diarrhea is frequent or severe, and there is no signs of relaxation, pregnant mothers are best to choose to seek medical treatment and receive more professional treatment.Frequent diarrhea is very harmful to people. It may not only cause malnutrition and deformities in the fetus, but also cause premature fetal birth and abortion.

What’s more, diarrhea may be a precursor to abortion and premature birth, and pregnant mothers must not be careless.

Good work and rest habits and eating habits are the key to avoiding and reducing diarrhea.Pregnant mothers should maintain a good habit of living. If you encounter diarrhea, you must not be panic. You must deal with it calmly. According to the actual situation, take reasonable response measures to reduce the harm of diarrhea to yourself and the fetus.

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