These 5 changes in the body may be early pregnancy, many people don’t understand

When it comes to the reaction of early pregnancy, most people have to answer: "Tomitizing pregnancy, if a woman smells odor or meaty smell, she wants to vomit, most of them are pregnancy."Back pain, a little waist when you mop the floor, you feel that the whole person is not good, it is likely to be pregnant. "Yes, I am stunned at work, and I love to sleep when I am pregnant. "

Xiao Bian also provides a common early pregnancy response: "The amount of food is greatly increased, and they can eat that one more than her husband. One person represents two mouths, which is naturally the possibility of pregnancy."

In other words, these are tired of being stir -fried beans. Everyone knows it. Today I will say a few physical changes, or early pregnancy, but many people don’t know.Yo ~

1. Little abdominal pain

For women who are pregnant for the first time, it is estimated that it is a tide of menstruation, and she will never think of being pregnant.

In fact, this is that the embryo is already falling in your uterus. With the development of the embryo, the uterus will become bigger and bigger. At this time, your stomach may be a bit painful, a slight discomfort, or it feels like a aunt who came to a big aunt.The same pain.

2. Breast pain

After pregnancy, breasts will rise due to the increase in estrogen, accompanied by pain, and changes in slightly. Therefore, when the breast has such a pain, it is necessary to consider whether it is pregnant.

When some mothers get in the third trimester, it is possible to raise a cup on the chest.At this time, you need to choose a bra that suits you to protect your breasts.

3. Donests becomes more

There are more and more leucorrhea, and the urine has become very yellow. Even if you drink a lot of water, you can obviously not this!If you find this change in your body, you should also think about whether you are pregnant while doubting gynecological diseases.

It is not normal to go to the hospital for examination. If you are really pregnant, you will be happy.

4. Gingitis

Many pregnant mothers feel bloody in their mouths in the early pregnancy. This is the manifestation of gingivitis, which is common bleeding gums.

This is a good comparison. In the past, the teeth were brushed out of the blood, and the blood was always brushed out of the teeth, and there was always a bloody smell in the mouth, which could exclude the possibility of getting angry. It could consider whether it was pregnant.Because gingivitis is a normal phenomenon in early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will encounter it.

5. Skin is oily

Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the skin oil secretion increases, and it is easy to grow things on the face. The skin color is not as good as before. I feel that my face value has decreased, and it may be pregnant. You must not expect this?

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