These "injured" fruits cannot be eaten casually

In summer, all kinds of colorful fruits meet the taste buds of many people … However, most of the fruits in this season are very "delicate".It is a pity that the fruit is "rot", and it is a pity that it is a pity that cut off the rotten places.

Can I eat frostbite and bumper fruits?

Crash damage is the most common damage of fruits. The collision caused the cell damage of the fruit. The cytoplasm overflow made the collision part softened. At the same time, the colorless polyphenols were converted into dark pyrine, making the wound obvious.This kind of simply bumper fruits can be eaten, but it is necessary to eat it as soon as possible. After a long time, these parts are prone to breed bacteria. Eating in a short period of time will not affect our health.

Under low temperature conditions, on the one hand, the alpine enzyme activity of superal oxidized enzymes in fruits has decreased sharply, and the free radicals that destroy the cell structure cannot be cleared in time. On the other hand, pectinase activity is enhanced, thereby decomposing fructiles to soften the fruit, while at the same timeThe polystone oxidase in the peel polyphenols in fruits are polyphenols. This polyphenol is similar to melanin of human skin, which will turn the peel black.

Frozen frozen fruits and bumper fruits are tissue damage. If there is no bacteria breeding, this kind of fruit is relatively safe, but due to the damage of the cell structure, sugars, amino acids and inorganic salts flow out of the cells.In particular, the growth of fungi provides good conditions, leading to mold breeding and producing fungal toxins. This fruit is not recommended to continue to eat even after cutting the mold.

During the storage of fruits, rotten caused by pathogenic bacteria infection will produce and accumulate various fungal toxins.A fungal toxin is the secondary toxic metabolites produced by fungi. The main fungal toxins contaminated with fruits are the main fungal toxins, which are chain gogamoxin, ribinininin, galcoplasmin, and pyrium toxin., Seriously threatening human health.

Once the fruit is mildew and rotten, the fungus will continuously accelerate the reproduction in rotten fruits, and produce a large amount of toxic substances. These substances penetrate and spread to the non -rotten part through fruit juice. ThereforeThey are contaminated by fungal toxins.The results of the risk assessment laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry showed that the number of colonies detected by the rotten spots and the most toxins; the centered on the spots of rotten spots, the less the number of bacteria and toxins detected as far as possible.

How should fresh fruits be prevented from being polluted by fungal toxins in life?

Once fruits are contaminated by fungal toxins, it cannot be eliminated.How to prevent fresh fruits polluting fungal toxins?

Generally, foods with high water and high sugars are prone to mold. It is best to eat fruits for fruits as soon as possible. Do not put it for too long.Don’t buy too much at a time, it is more appropriate to supply the family for 1-2 days.Whether it is easy to rot or not, it is recommended to eat it as soon as possible. The longer the placement, the more nutritional loss.It is recommended to use a small amount of fruits as the principle of purchasing, so as to ingest multiple nutrients at the same time.

Properly preserving fruits can reduce the chance of deterioration and mold.You can use white paper to wrap the fruits one by one, and then put it in a plastic bag to refrigerate together. Do not completely seal it when knotting. It is best to leave a gap.Wash it when you eat.Fruits are easy to wash with water, so do not buy it once and wash it once.

Grapes can be cut off with scissors first, pay attention to keep the head head, and then use the fresh -keeping box to pack refrigerator. A box is a amount of eating at a time to avoid a moldy string of mold.The bottom of the banana is easy to rot at the bottom of the flat. It is recommended to hang up to extend the saving time, and the banana cannot be refrigerated, and it should be stored at room temperature.

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