These "fetal dreams" during pregnancy may indicate the sex of the baby. Have you been a trick?

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.Since ancient times, it has paid attention to fetal dreams regardless of oriental countries or western countries.Parents who are looking forward to and looking forward to their children are of great significance.

Fetal dreams are generally in the early stages of pregnancy, in the middle or last period.But sometimes occasionally do it before pregnancy.But there is almost no such dream after delivery.

Many pregnant mothers are very mysterious about things like "fetal dreams", and the appearance of fetal dreams can see the gender of the fetus.Although many people say that this is superstitious, the pregnant mothers who believe it are also very good. What are the hells of these dreams during pregnancy?Can these forecasts be believed?

@: When I was a child, I dreamed of a little girl calling my mother. I said you are really my daughter?She said yes.I was so happy at the time, because this daughter was so beautiful.Six months later, I really gave birth to a daughter!

@: I am pregnant with Dabao for a month. I fell asleep every night and started to dream. There are big pythons everywhere. It is particularly accurate.Dabao is 11 years old tomorrow!Xiao Baohuai only dreamed of the same dream for two months.

@怀: Two months of pregnancy, dreaming of a big black bear, didn’t wait to tell her husband, my husband told me that he felt the boy and grew up in the future.Then I said that I dreamed of the big black bear. When he went to the Internet to check, some people said that it was a big black bear as a boy, and I felt that this kind of thing was amazing.

@我: My wife has entered the delivery room for a long time.Because it was in the middle of the night, I was waiting outside to fall asleep. I had a dream. In the dream, a golden light was flying in the flying phoenix and a very heavy dragon.Then there was a voice asking me, do you like that?I slept confused at the time, and said intuitively: Of course, I chose the golden phoenix.It didn’t take long for the nurse MM to hold my baby to wake me up.Haha, it is really a little phoenix.personal experience.

@小 Baby: I had a baby dream before I was pregnant. I dreamed that a particularly white, beautiful little pig, a powder face, was eating, and I was born with a very beautiful, very white daughter.My daughter happened to be a pig.The baby dream is quite accurate.

Dreams are both a physiological phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon. What kind of dreams are related to the desire, emotional state of the dreamer, and the recent irritating events that have occurred.The gender of the fetus is not determined by the desire of the parents.

But the fetal dream of pregnant mommy is not just a coincidence, because the dream of fetal dream has been available since ancient times and has been confirmed by many people.Like traditional Chinese medicine, it is impossible to explain scientifically, but it does exist.

In fact, some of the fetal dreams are accurate but some are inaccurate. Moms do not feel that dreaming is what is. Keep a good mentality. Do n’t think too much.Bao will be our little angel.

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