There will be 4 common performances when women ovulation. Once they seize the opportunity, they will be pregnant!

I believe that most pregnant sisters know their ovulation period more. They will go through every month. If you look closely, you can still find it, but some sisters with menstrual disorders have difficulty finding their own ovulation period because the menstrual cycleDisorders are caused, but we can also observe some common performance during ovulation. Once we seize the opportunity, we are pregnant.

1. Increased cervical mucus secretion

When women are close to ovulation, cervical mucus is affected by her estrogen, resulting in increased secretion.At the same time, cervical mucus will be sparse, elastic, transparent, water -like or egg white.This state is conducive to the smooth passage of sperm, and it will also increase the survival time of sperm and provide favorable conditions for successful conception.

2. Pain in ovulation day

According to relevant clinical data, some women have lower abdominal pain in the middle of the two menstrual period. More than 97%of the pain patients happen to be during ovulation.All women, related surveys show that only 15%of women have pain in ovulation day.

3. Bleeding during ovulation

After ovulation, when the mature follicles are ruptured, the level of estrogen in the body drops rapidly, and the endometrium growth cannot be maintained normally.However, the amount of bleeding is usually small. Most women only show that leucorrhea is slightly red and accompanied by lower abdominal pain. Generally, no treatment is required.

4. Rise body temperature

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of women will change cyclically with the menstrual cycle. After ovulation, women form luteum, accompanied by progesterone, which will affect the human body’s mound temperature and adjustment centerIt usually lasts until 1-2 days before menstruation, and then falls to normal.However, this phenomenon is lagging, and it is necessary to measure the body temperature before it can be found.

Method 1: Calculate the menstrual cycle

The ovulation cycle of general women is about 28 days.If her menstruation is regular, the ovulation period is about 14 days before the tide of menstruation.During this period, the husband and wife can appropriately increase the number of times in the same room.If the menstrual cycle is irregular, this method is not applicable.

Method 2: Observe the leucorrhea status

The leucorrhea is not static. It will change with the change of menstrual cycle. During the ovulation period, due to changes in estrogen levels in the ovulation period, the secretion of cervical mucus will increase.Long, if you dip it with your fingers, you can find a long silk.After the ovulation period, the level of estrogen in the body began to decrease, and the secretion of leucorrhea will slowly decrease.

Method 3: Measure the basic body temperature

Due to the stimulation and impact of sex hormones, the basic body temperature of women of childbearing age also changes with the ovulation cycle.After ovulation, the basic body temperature will rise by 0.3 ° C-0.5 ° C.When you find your base temperature rising, it indicates the chance of pregnancy.Both husband and wife can arrange a room.But remind everyone that using this method should be measured when you just wake up in the morning and do not do any activities, and recording continuously for a period of time. This can more accurately guess your ovulation date.

The above three methods can help you find your own ovulation period accurately. If you still can’t find it, you need to go to a regular hospital for ovulation monitoring. The doctor will tell you the time of ovulation and let you prepare for the same room.

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