There will be 4 cases of bleeding during pregnancy. Can expectant mothers distinguish?

In the eyes of most mothers, in addition to the increase in weight, bigger, and bulky her body, it also means that the good friend of menstruation and menstruation "do not come and go" for 10 months.Therefore, when he found that he had bleeding symptoms during pregnancy, the first reaction of many expectant mothers was panic and was at a loss; once thought that the baby was going to sneak away.

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is what we call red.During the period of pregnancy, in different periods of time, different red symptoms have different sees of redness, which not only represents different physiological characteristics reactions, but also indicate different results reactions.Generally speaking, there are 4 cases of bleeding during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy

There will be about 1/4 of the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy. During this period, the bleeding color of this period may show brown, red or pink.Pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous. It does not mean that bleeding means that bad things happen. If bleeding in a few weeks after successful conception, this is likely to be a small amount of bleeding caused by fertilized eggs.Of course, it is best to check for the prem of insurance. It is better to do a test to determine that the bed is in the uterus instead of fallopian tubes or other places, such as ectopic pregnancy.

In addition to implantation of bleeding, bleeding after the same room will occur often. If the amount of bleeding is small, there is only a little pink or red, and there is no tissue fragment, then it does not matter.However, if a large amount of bleeding, the color is dark brown and accompanied by blood clots, and symptoms such as dizziness and weakness, then it is best to go to the hospital for examination to exclude bad phenomena.

Mid -pregnancy

There are many reasons for medium -term bleeding, including excessive pressure of pregnant mothers, excessive fatigue, etc., you must pay attention to rest, keep your mood and relax your body.If you have abdominal pain while bleeding, you need to be vigilant if you are a pre -placental placenta or ahead abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

Of course, it is not that every bleeding during pregnancy is a bad phenomenon.For example, bleeding in the third trimester.The physiological redness of the third trimester is the sign of the property, which indicates that the baby is finally born.

The fetus matures in the third trimester, the uterine contraction, and the fetal head began to fall into the pot. In this process, bleeding will be caused.Generally, this kind of bleeding will occur within 24 hours before childbirth. Of course, there are a small amount of bleeding one after another in a week in advance. At this time, the pregnant mother should pay more attention to rest. Don’t be too fatigue.

However, if the amount of bleeding is too much, even exceeding the bleeding of the physiological period, or with the discomfort of abdominal pain, it is best to admit it to the hospital as soon as possible.

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